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Howard Kurtz: 'I'm Truly Sorry'

CNN host apologizes for erroneous Jason Collins post

(Newser) - Howard Kurtz took to his own show today to face the music over his Jason Collins flub , turning to the camera and apologizing, reports Politico . “This time the media mistake was mine—a big mistake, more than one in fact," said Kurtz, who denied that he lost his... More »

Howard Kurtz Will Get Grilled on His Own Show

Over his misfire on Jason Collins item

(Newser) - It's been a rough week for media critic Howard Kurtz, who took a barrage of criticism when he inaccurately accused gay basketball player Jason Collins of not coming clean about his previous engagement to a woman. Kurtz "parted ways" with the Daily Beast after the gaffe, though he... More »

Kurtz Out at Daily Beast After Post on Jason Collins

Piece on gay NBA player was inaccurate

(Newser) - A media firestorm over a blog post by media critic Howard Kurtz has culminated in this short-and-sweet line from editor Tina Brown to Politico : “The Daily Beast and Howard Kurtz have parted company." If you missed it, Kurtz accused gay NBA player Jason Collins of failing to mention... More »

Goodbye Flip-Flopping, Hello 'Evolving'

Howard Kurtz: It's too late for John Kerry, but now all the cool kids are doing it

(Newser) - John Kerry once got nailed for saying he voted for a measure "before I voted against it"—he was called a flip-flopper. But that was the old days. Now, politicians have a "linguistic escape hatch" to avoid such accusations, writes Howard Kurtz at the Daily Beast : They... More »

It's Ridiculous to Complain About Fox News

Howard Kurtz: Obama, in particular, needs to stop whining

(Newser) - President Obama and Al Gore have been whining about Fox News lately, and Howard Kurtz has had enough. Dislike the network all you want, but it's successful where Gore's Current TV wasn't. "Isn't that the free market at work?" writes Kurtz for CNN . But the... More »

Paula Broadwell May Go Public, Too

Howard Kurtz says Petraeus mistress hopes to resume media career

(Newser) - Now that Jill Kelley has broken her silence , Paula Broadwell is strongly considering doing the same, sources close to David Petraeus' former mistress tell Howard Kurtz at the Daily Beast . Broadwell is eager to resume her media career, and because that career involves being in the public eye, she's... More »

Jill Kelley on Those Emails From Broadwell: 'Threats'

She speaks, for first time, to Daily Beast

(Newser) - Today's buzziest interview is with Jill Kelley , the Florida socialite who factored into the David Petraeus-Paula Broadwell scandal in a big way. She talks, for the first time, to Howard Kurtz of the Daily Beast , in a two-hour interview peppered with words like "terrified" and "blackmail."... More »

Even Washington Bored by Fiscal Cliff

Ultimately, stakes aren't that high: Howard Kurtz

(Newser) - Last year's debt-ceiling debate had Beltway insiders on the edge of their seats—but just like the rest of the US, Howard Kurtz thinks that even those in Washington have little passion for fiscal-cliff negotiations. The fact is that "the country won’t plunge into a recession on... More »

Gumbel: I Was Embarrassed by Today 'Co-Host' Palin

What happened to 'gravitas,' he wants to know

(Newser) - Former Today show anchor Bryant Gumbel was "embarrassed" when NBC named Sarah Palin co-host for a day last week. Hosts “used to be judged not just on their popularity, but the extent to which they were capable of interviewing someone or reporting on a situation, or able to... More »

Television Sick of 2012 Campaign

Howard Kurtz sees thinning coverage amid poor ratings

(Newser) - Even as voters hit the polls in Illinois Tuesday , Fox and MSNBC hosts focused on other matters. The next day, neither Today nor Good Morning America included the 2012 election in their top three stories. There's a reason for that, writes Howard Kurtz at the Daily Beast : Cable news... More »

Media Nightmare: GOP Zaniness Bound to Fade

Ho hum as crazies exit, writes Howard Kurtz

(Newser) - Mitt Romney's back-to-back victories have left the media facing their worst nightmare: A boring White House race, writes Howard Kurtz. It looks like the colorful characters are on their way out, few make-or-break primaries lie ahead, and reporters may soon have nothing to cover but a long eight months... More »

Pelosi: Inept Obama Team 'Anticipates Nothing'

Harry Reid meanwhile reportedly upset about Obama's jobs bill

(Newser) - Is President Obama facing a revolt from his Democratic generals? Nancy Pelosi certainly doesn’t seem happy. She offered a surprisingly blunt critique of the president and his team recently, buried within this Howard Kurtz Newsweek piece on Obama’s newfound populist punch. “I think you need to talk... More »

Roger Ailes: Beck, Palin Were 'Branding Issue'

Fox News shifts towards center, plays up GOP's 2012 conflict

(Newser) - Is Fox News going moderate? Not exactly, but Roger Ailes has consciously made a “course correction” from hyper-partisanship back toward the center, sensing that the public has grown weary of the Tea Party, he tells Howard Kurtz of Newsweek . Glenn Beck’s inflammatory rhetoric in particular “became a... More »

Note to Presidents: Words Matter

Obama, Bush must recognize that demeanor isn't trivial

(Newser) - In office, George W. Bush seemed laid back no matter what, while Barack Obama “has not been a happy warrior.” Both men have been true to form in major interviews over the past week, writes Howard Kurtz in the Daily Beast . Obama acknowledged discouragement—a fair point, but... More »

Why the White House Struggles to Be Heard

Administration bemoans death of bully pulpit

(Newser) - Even if it seems like the president is constantly on TV and in the press, the White House says it’s struggling to get its message out: the “bully pulpit” is no more, writes Howard Kurtz for the Daily Beast . “There’s an alternative story here that we’... More »

White House Bashes Forbes for 'Kenyan' Article

'Did they not fact-check this at all?'

(Newser) - The White House lashed out at Forbes yesterday over a recent cover story accusing Obama of inheriting the "cause of anti-colonialism" from his Kenyan father. Most critics have attacked writer Dinesh D'Souza or Newt Gingrich, who parroted the ideas in a recent interview. But Robert Gibbs took aim at... More »

Thomas Ruins Her Legacy

Antisemitic comments put cloud over crabby glory days

(Newser) - If only Helen Thomas had retired just a couple weeks earlier, then we could remember her for her legendarily combative presidential interrogations, muses Howard Kurtz. But after her “get the hell out of Israel” rant, we’re left instead with today’s column in the Washington Post titled “... More »

Wolff to Waxman: 'Sue Us, Anytime'

Unrepentant founder insists Newser sources properly

(Newser) - Newser founder Michael Wolff and Sharon Waxman of The Wrap took their feud from cyberspace to the airwaves today, facing off on CNN's Reliable Sources over Newser's sourcing practices. She slammed Newser for "scant linkage" and said, "Just give us proper credit." "Bull," retorted Wolff.... More »

Huckabee's Fox Gig Perfect for a Presidential Run

...If he were running, which he's totally not. Really. Maybe.

(Newser) - Listen to Mike Huckabee unload on Obama ("he's never run even a Sno-Cone stand") on his Fox News show and you'd probably conclude he's running for president in 2012, writes Howard Kurtz. Huckabee insists that he’s unconcerned with his political career, that he’s really not sure... More »

Leakers Have Agendas—That Journos Hide

From gossip to war, the press is too kind to its sources

(Newser) - In the past few days the New York Times and Washington Post broke three major stories with the help of leaks: John Edwards' readiness to declare paternity, Stanley McChrystal's blunt assessment of the Afghanistan war, and Barack Obama's intervention in the New York governor's race. For Post media columnist... More »

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