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Clinton Announces Very Sanders-like Health Care Plan

It's believed to be another step toward a Sanders endorsement next week

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton proposed making a public option insurance plan available to residents in every state and doubling funding for community health centers in an announcement Saturday, USA Today reports. Reuters calls the move evidence as to how much influence the campaign of Bernie Sanders has had on her positions. Clinton...

House Progressives Release Their Own Budget

Ends Bush tax cuts, adds public health care option

(Newser) - As the budget debate continues, the House Progressive Caucus has released a plan of its own—and it's all about taxes. Their proposal would end the Bush tax cuts, add new tax brackets for millionaires, and raise corporate taxes. It would also add a public option to health care...

Obama Unveils $950B Health Care Bill

Merged proposal mostly follows Senate outline

(Newser) - Barack Obama today revealed the health care proposal he’ll be taking into bipartisan meetings this week, a $950 billion bill that hews closer to the Senate’s model than the House’s. The plan seeks to resolve some of the contentious issues between the two bills, cutting, for example,...

How to Combine the 2 Bills and Improve on Both
How to Combine the 2 Bills and Improve on Both
health care

How to Combine the 2 Bills and Improve on Both

Sacrifices in store for Pelosi and Co.—and maybe for the industry

(Newser) - The House will need to make a lot of last-minute sacrifices when combining its health care bill with the Senate’s, but if legislators play their cards right, the final bill could be a stronger beast. The Senate must stand by its strong cost control mechanisms, writes David Leonhardt of...

Obama Rejects Critics on Health Care Bill

President rejects notion that legislation has been neutered

(Newser) - President Obama hit back today at critics who say he's compromised too much on health care legislation, charging that "every single criteria for reform I put forward is in this bill." In an interview with the Washington Post , he bemoaned how much the public option in particular had...

Even Obama Couldn't Have Sold the Public Option

But he could and should have prepared liberals better for defeat

(Newser) - Russ Feingold blamed the death of the public option in part on a “lack of support” from the White House, which made passing the option “an uphill struggle.” But Nate Silver isn’t sure there’s much Obama could have done. “I think the defeat of...

The 3 Final Health Care Sticking Points

Abortion, taxes, and the public option continue to plague both sides

(Newser) - With the Senate and House health care bills expected to come together later this week, McClatchy Newspapers takes a look at the three biggest issues that have yet to be resolved:
  • Abortion: Both bills have placed limits on abortion, but neither side is happy, with abortion rights supporters feeling women

Dean and Landrieu Have Health Care Shouting Match

Dean says bill does 'more bad things than good things'

(Newser) - Howard Dean took the gloves off on Hardball yesterday, mixing it up with first Chris Matthews and then Mary Landrieu over the health care bill. Dean defended his desire to kill the bill, declaring that the bill was an insurance industry handout. Matthews vehemently disagreed, accusing Dean of “demagoguery....

Sanders on Health Bill: 'Not Voting for It'

Independent senator wanted public options since excised

(Newser) - Senate Democrats might’ve secured Joe Lieberman’s vote for the health-reform bill by killing various government-funded options, but they look to have lost another independent in the process. “I’m struggling with this,” Vermont’s Bernie Sanders told Fox News tonight. “As of this point, I’...

Take It Easy, Liberals, This Bill Is Still Worthy
Take It Easy, Liberals,
This Bill Is Still Worthy

Take It Easy, Liberals, This Bill Is Still Worthy

Kevin Drum: Even without the public option, it will make a difference

(Newser) - Kevin Drum wants his fellow liberals to "wake up and smell the decaf" on health care reform. Stop whining about the fading public option and keep things in perspective. "The bill in front of us—messy, incomplete, and replete with bribes to every interest group imaginable—is still...

Stop Whining, Liberals: Senate Bill Is Fine
Stop Whining, Liberals: Senate Bill Is Fine
Nate Silver

Stop Whining, Liberals: Senate Bill Is Fine

Crunch the numbers, and you'll see it's way, way better than nothing

(Newser) - Progressives who oppose the Senate health care bill are “batshit crazy,” writes Nate Silver, because the bill is way, way better than nothing. Crunching the numbers over at , Silver estimates that a family of four in the individual market making $54,000 a year could expect...

Lieberman Wins: Dems to Drop Medicare Buy-In

Health bill takes another hit as leaders seek votes

(Newser) - Senate Democrats, in danger of losing the votes they need to pass health care reform, bowed to Joe Lieberman last night and acknowledged that they are ready to drop the plan to allow people over 55 to buy coverage under Medicare. That idea itself was a compromise intended to appeal...

Joe Lieberman Wants Liberals to Suffer
Joe Lieberman Wants
Liberals to Suffer
Nate Silver

Joe Lieberman Wants Liberals to Suffer

Nelson and Lieberman reject 'Br'er Rabbit compromise'

(Newser) - Joe Lieberman rejected the Democrats’ Medicare buy-in compromise mostly because “his objective really is to make liberals suffer,” writes Nate Silver of Lieberman knew that though they might have wailed and moaned, liberals would have been happy with the Medicare expansion. “It was a br’...

Health Bill Snags on Opposition to Medicare Buy-In

Snowe, Lieberman, Nelson skeptical

(Newser) - Three senators uneasy about the proposed Medicare expansion in the health care bill could derail Harry Reid's hopes of getting the bill wrapped up before Christmas. Olympia Snowe, Ben Nelson, and Joe Lieberman—a Republican, a Democrat, and an independent—have expressed varying degrees of misgivings about the proposal and...

Obama Praises Public-Option Compromise

President praises deal, says it will still provide more choice

(Newser) - President Obama applauded Senate Democrats for yielding on the public option in favor of a "creative framework" for health care reform that could attract wider support. "I support this effort, especially since it's aimed at increasing choice and competition and lowering cost," Obama said at a health...

Stupak: Ignore Lies About My Amendment
Stupak: Ignore Lies
About My Amendment

Stupak: Ignore Lies About My Amendment

Foes misrepresent it as sweeping anti-abortion measure

(Newser) - The Stupak amendment does nothing but maintain “current law” that prohibits federal financing of abortion, says someone who should know: Michigan Rep. Bart Stupak. The co-author of the House amendment complains of "misinformation" characterizing it as a draconian anti-abortion measure. “The amendment specifically states that even those...

Senate Deal Includes 'Triggered' Public Option

Option will be revived if insurers fail to provide nonprofit plans

(Newser) - The Senate compromise on health care reform means the public option is dormant but not dead, according to an aide party to negotiations. The tentative deal reached last night will give insurance companies the option of creating nonprofit insurance plans to be offered on exchanges, but a federal public option...

Dems Reach Deal to Ditch Public Health Option

Reid had pushed senators for agreement tonight

(Newser) - Democratic senators say they have a tentative deal to drop a government-run insurance option from health-care legislation. No further details were immediately available. But liberals and moderates have been discussing an alternative, including a private insurance arrangement to be supervised by the federal agency that oversees the system through which...

Medicare Buy-In May Replace Public Option

Reid tells Democrats to find compromise by tonight

(Newser) - Senate Democrats trying to hammer out a compromise on health care reform are considering ditching the bill's public option in favor of expanding the public options that already exist. People over 55 will be able to buy into the Medicare program and Medicaid will be expanded under the proposals being...

Many Health Care Naysayers Are Liberal
 Many Health Care 
 Naysayers Are 
Nate Silver

Many Health Care Naysayers Are Liberal

Surprisingly large number say bill doesn't go far enough

(Newser) - Polls show that the health care reform bill is pretty unpopular, but what they don't always show is how much of the opposition actually comes from the left. In a new Ipsos/McClatchy poll, 46% said they opposed “the health care reform proposals presently being discussed,” versus 34% in...

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