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Nicholas Kristof Interviews Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

 My 'Bizarre'  
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Nicholas Kristof

My 'Bizarre' Chat With Ahmadinejad

Iran president: We 'love' Americans

(Newser) - In his only print interview during a visit to the UN, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appeared “complex, even bizarre,” writes Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times . The “firebrand” in public was “subdued and very soft-spoken” in person, offering repeated “olive branches” to his interviewer: "We...

Iran Bans Alchemist Author as Apparent Revenge

Paulo Coehlo supported the Green Revolution

(Newser) - The works of author Paulo Coehlo have been banned in Iran, in what appears to be a vendetta for his support of the Green Revolution a year ago, Newsweek reports. Without an official announcement, Coehlo's books, which include the popular The Achemist and Diary of a Magus, have been pulled...

Iran Tries to Jam Neda Documentary
 Iran Tries to Jam 
 Neda Documentary 
it's now on youtube

Iran Tries to Jam Neda Documentary

Persian network airs HBO film, and satellites go down

(Newser) - People throughout Iran sat down this week to watch HBO's new documentary about slain protester Neda Agha-Soltan—and lo and behold, satellites and electricity mysteriously went on the fritz. The Voice of America's Persian News Network aired the film Wednesday and got reports of jammed signals soon after it started,...

10 Who Died Too Young
 10 Who Died Too Young 

10 Who Died Too Young

From Aaliyah to Tillman to Russert, they had more to offer

(Newser) - In looking back at the '00s, the sad tales of luminaries who died too young stand out. Newsweek asked friends and admirers for their reflections:
  • Randy Pausch, d. 2008: "Despite it all," JJ Abrams writes, the "Last Lecture" professor "was radiant, kind, and good-humored."
  • Tim

Neda's Boyfriend: 'This Movement Will Never Die'
Neda's Boyfriend: 'This Movement Will Never Die'
Iran Protest

Neda's Boyfriend: 'This Movement Will Never Die'

In hiding after fleeing Iran, says the movement is still strong

(Newser) - "I still cannot believe it. I think I will see Neda again," the boyfriend of the iconic slain Iranian protester tells the Guardian in his first interview since fleeing the country. "Now I have left Iran, I can cry out," says Caspian Makan, who was tossed...

Logical, Ethical Lapses Beset Washington Post
Logical, Ethical Lapses Beset Washington Post
media rare

Logical, Ethical Lapses Beset Washington Post

Op-ed page woes spread to editorial on Nobel Peace Prize

(Newser) - The next-to-last straw was the Washington Post editorial saying Neda Agha Soltan should have won the Nobel Peace Prize, which isn't awarded posthumously. The last straw was today's op-ed raising—but not bothering to answer—the question of whether President Obama can even accept the honor without violating the Constitution....

Police Beat Neda Mourners, Turn Mousavi Away

(Newser) - Iranian police beat demonstrators gathered in a Tehran cemetery to mourn victims of post-election violence, including Neda Agha-Soltan—the 26-year-old whose killing was witnessed by hundreds of thousands on YouTube. A witness told Reuters that some mourners were arrested. Opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi defied threats from the Revolutionary Guards...

Twitter Deserves a Nobel Prize
 Twitter Deserves a Nobel Prize 

Twitter Deserves a Nobel Prize

(Newser) - Twitter’s been so instrumental in giving Iranians a voice that it, and its creators, deserve Nobel Prize consideration, writes Mark Pfeifle for the Christian Science Monitor. Scoff all you want at the 140-character “time waster.” “In the past month, 140 characters were enough to shine a...

Clinton Pushed Obama for Tougher Stance on Iran

President decided last-minute to use 'appalled and outraged' language

(Newser) - When President Obama recently toughened his language against the Iranian government, saying he was “appalled and outraged” at its violence against demonstrators, it came as a “happy surprise” to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, administration officials tell the Washington Times. Clinton had been pushing for a tougher stance...

Fleeing Doc Tells of Neda's End

Bullet seemed to explode in her chest

(Newser) - A doctor who has fled Iran said murdered protester Neda Agha-Soltan died less than a minute after she was shot on the streets of Tehran as a bullet seemed to "explode" in her chest, reports the BBC. "I saw blood gushing out of Neda's chest. She was in...

Iran Orders Neda's Family to Leave Tehran Home

(Newser) - Authorities in Iran have ordered the family of Neda Aghan Soltan—the woman whose videotaped death has galvanized protesters—from their Tehran home, reports the Guardian. "We just know that they were forced to leave their flat," a neighbor told the newspaper, which has been unable to contact...

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