Kobe Bryant

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Lakers Sign Kobe to 3-Year, $90M Extension

Star says he 'knew I was going to be here'

(Newser) - Kobe Bryant signed a three-year contract extension yesterday worth nearly $90 million that will keep him with the Los Angeles Lakers through the 2013-14 season. The deal will begin after next season. Bryant is making $23 million this season and is due to earn $24.8 million next season. "... More »

9 Best Celebrity Mea Culpas

Tiger Woods joins David Letterman, Mel Gibson, more

(Newser) - Tiger Woods’ public apology today joins the ranks of other famous—and extremely public—celebrity mea culpas. E! rounds up the top nine:
  • Mel Gibson: After his DUI arrest, he tried to explain his sexist and anti-Semitic tirade to Diane Sawyer.
  • Michael Richards: Used the N-word during a standup bit,
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Kanye West Is the Next Maya Angelou

He's back in studio, comparing himself to legends

(Newser) - Famously egotistical rapper Kanye West is back in the studio—and comparing himself to Kobe Bryant and Maya Angelou in a typical-for-him, all-caps blog post . Unlike many rappers, he promises he won’t get worse with age, because “true poets get better,” he writes. There’s just one... More »

Worst Sports Excesses of the Decade

Pacman Jones' strip club behavior typifies the sad new culture

(Newser) - American sports culture descended into sheer decadence this decade, and no single incident sums it better than Pacman Jones' "making it rain" with cash in a Vegas strip club in 2007, writes Clay Travis for Fanhouse. The chaos that ensued after he tossed around the money—reportedly about $100,... More »

Eastwood Is Top 'Badass'

Kobe Bryant, Chris Pine, Barack Obama make 2009's elite list

(Newser) - GQ has broken this year's Man of the Year honors into several categories. That's why Clint Eastwood is Badass of the Year, Barack Obama is Leader of the Year, and Tom Brady the Comeback of the Year. Click the source link for the full list, and see the photo... More »

Becks to Shaq: Pick On Someone Your Own Size

Plus, Jessica Biel sings!

(Newser) - David Beckham is afraid of Shaquille O’Neal—at least according to Shaquille O’Neal. Becks refused to compete against Shaq on the soccer field for the NBA star's upcoming TV show, Shaq Vs., the New York Post reports. That prompted the challenger to declare on Twitter, “he should... More »

In Obama's Eyes, Jordan Tops Kobe

Prez: 'I haven't seen anybody match up with Michael'

(Newser) - President and Basketballer-in-Chief Obama wasn’t coy when asked whether he preferred Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan: “Oh, Michael,” he told the AP. “I mean, Kobe’s terrific. Don’t get me wrong,” he said. “But I haven’t seen anybody match up with Michael.... More »

Kobe's Next Title: '1-Man State Department' to China

Lakers star makes inroads with new Chinese foundation

(Newser) - Yao Ming may be an NBA star, but the most popular basketball player in China is Kobe Bryant—he's plastered on billboards and even once had his own reality show on Chinese TV. The Lakers guard has made a deliberate push in the world's largest nation, and he's now establishing... More »

LA Flocks to Lakers Parade

Cops vow to jail miscreants as coliseum fills

(Newser) - An estimated 150,000 clogged streets in downtown Los Angeles today as the NBA-champion Lakers took a victory lap around downtown, the Times reports. Some 80,000 more jammed the Coliseum for a rally at parade’s end. Police, hoping to avoid the looting and chaos that followed Sunday’s... More »

MVP Kobe Leads Lakers to Title No. 15

(Newser) - The Lakers captured their 15th NBA title tonight in Orlando, polishing off the Magic with a 99-86 victory that gave coach Phil Jackson his record 10th title, the Los Angeles Times reports. Last season's runners-up, the Lakers saw five players score in double figures, led by Finals MVP Kobe Bryant... More »

Fisher Nets Game 4 for Lakers

(Newser) - Kobe Bryant is one win from an NBA title to call his own, and Derek Fisher got him there. Fisher forced overtime with a 3-pointer with 4.6 seconds left in regulation and then drilled another one with 31.3 seconds to go in overtime as the Los Angeles Lakers... More »

Orlando Takes Game 3

(Newser) - Orlando finally regained its Magic touch. Making easy shots and tough ones from everywhere, the Magic won their first game in two visits to the NBA finals as Dwight Howard and Rashard Lewis scored 21 points apiece in a 108-104 victory over Los Angeles. The Lakers still lead the series,... More »

Turnovers Ding Magic in OT

Lakers gain 2-0 lead in finals

(Newser) - The Lakers defeated the Orlando Magic 101-96 in Los Angeles yesterday, taking a 2-0 lead in the NBA Finals. Orlando flubbed a last-second shot at a fourth-quarter win, then let the Lakers dominate overtime with a 7-0 run, the Los Angeles Times reports. Kobe Bryant nailed just 29 points, 11... More »

Bully Shaq Needs to Lay Off Dwight Howard

Unlike Jordan, O'Neal too insecure to embrace his legacy

(Newser) - What is Shaq’s problem? He towers over his colleagues, both physically and statistically, yet he stoops to petty behavior with his continued derision of Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard—a man who idolizes O'Neal. “Howard is 23 years old, and Shaq owes it to the league, to common... More »

Lakers Crush Magic in NBA Finals Opener

Bryant dominates as Lakers overpower misfiring Magic

(Newser) - An unstoppable Kobe Bryant powered the Los Angeles Lakers to a 100-75 win over the Orlando Magic in Game 1 of the NBA Finals last night, the Houston Chronicle reports. Bryant started slow but turned a 5-point deficit into a 26-point lead after taking control, finishing the game with a... More »

Kobe Fights Unfamiliar Foe: Age

(Newser) - Kobe Bryant has logged a lot of miles on his 30-year-old legs, which might just add a dollop of extra pressure as the NBA finals start tonight, writes Mike Bresnahan in the Los Angeles Times. It's finally legit to ask, how many more chances will he get? Since turning pro... More »

Jolie Tops Oprah as Most Powerful Celeb

(Newser) - Angelina Jolie has dethroned Oprah as the world's most powerful celebrity, says Forbes in its annual top 100 list. Oprah may make more money, but Jolie's constant media buzz and string of blockbusters give her the edge. Here's the top 10:
  1. Angelina Jolie
  2. Oprah
  3. Madonna
  4. Beyoncé
  5. Tiger Woods
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Lakers Crack Nuggets 119-92, Return to Finals

(Newser) - Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers are heading back to the NBA finals after dispatching the pesky Denver Nuggets with a 119-92 victory in Game 6 tonight. Bryant got plenty of scoring help from Trevor Ariza, Pau Gasol, and Lamar Odom as the Lakers shot 57.3% from the... More »

Housekeeper Sues Kobe Over Dog Poop

Wrongful termination suit alleges his wife made her handle it

(Newser) - A former housekeeper for Kobe Bryant is suing the NBA star and his wife for wrongful termination, the Orange County Register reports, alleging that Vanessa Bryant “badgered, harassed, and humiliated” her and, as punishment for a laundry mistake, made her pick up dog droppings with bare hands. Maria Jimenez,... More »

NBA Pros Deserve Oscars for Crying Foul

Players turn on the acting and sound effects to convince refs to give the call

(Newser) - The grunts and bellows of pro basketball players approaching the hoop has become as much a part of the game as the dribbling, the New York Times reports. Players shout to alert—or, as often, persuade—the ref that they are being fouled before they take a basket. LeBron James,... More »

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