Prince Michael Jackson

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Jackson Kids' Allowance: $8M a Year

And boy, do they spend it

(Newser) - As Michael Jackson's estate grows in value, the yearly allowance his children Prince, 17, Paris, 16, and Blanket, 12, share has increased from $5 million to $8 million—and it sounds like they take full advantage of it. Page Six talks to sources including former Jackson friend Marc Schaffel,...

I Was Kept Incommunicado at Spa: Katherine Jackson

People she 'trusted' didn't tell her kids were worried

(Newser) - Katherine Jackson now says she was kept incommunicado at an Arizona spa and was not told her grandchildren were frantic with worry. She made the surprising revelation in court documents filed before a judge returned guardianship of Michael Jackson's three children to her yesterday. She said she had planned...

Plan Seeks Co-Guardians for Jackson Kids

TJ, Katherine may share responsibility after family meltdown

(Newser) - It now looks as if matriarch Katherine won't fight for sole guardianship of Michael's children. The 82-year-old grandmom lost custody of the late singer's three kids when she took off for an Arizona spa—apparently to escape bickering over Michael's estate—and Prince, Paris, and Blanket...

50K Cheer Jacko's Kids at Tribute Show

Paris wears replica of dad's 'Thriller' jacket at Michael Forever

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's trio of offspring took to a glove-shaped stage last night to pay tribute to their late dad—with more than a passing nod to Jacko's sense of style, notes People . "We're very happy to be here on this special night to honor our father,...

Jackson Kids: Michael 'Just a Normal Dad'
 Kids: Michael 
 'Just a Normal Dad' 
oprah interview

Jackson Kids: Michael 'Just a Normal Dad'

Paris, Prince, and Blanket share memories with Oprah

(Newser) - Oprah Winfrey’s highly-anticipated interview with Michael Jackson’s children aired today, allowing Prince, Paris, and Blanket a chance to tell the world all about the “best dad ever.” Paris, 12, says “no one understood what a good father he was,” and says, “He was...

Paris, Prince Jackson May Testify at Doctor's Trial

Conrad Murray thinks they'll help his case

(Newser) - Things seemed to be going pretty well for Michael Jackson ’s children, but that may not last long. Dr. Conrad Murray , who will stand trial for manslaughter in Jackson’s death, plans to call Prince and Paris Jackson to the stand. “Prince and Paris knew their dad relied...

Jackson Kids Having a Blast at School

Prince Michael, Paris, plus bodyguards off to LA prep school

(Newser) - The elder two of Michael Jackson's children have started going to school with other kids for the first time in their lives, and are thriving. Prince Michael Jackson, 13, and Paris, 12, ended homeschooling at their own request, and are enjoying attending Los Angeles' exclusive Buckley School, their famous pop's...

Jacko's Son May Have Dad's Skin Condition

White patch may be vitiligo

(Newser) - Photos of Michael Jackson's children vacationing in Hawaii have revealed a strange patch of white skin under the right arm of oldest son Prince Michael, indicating that the boy may be suffering from the same skin-lightening condition as his father. Michael Jackson, who was often accused of bleaching his skin...

Jacko Leaves Kids $33M Each
 Jacko Leaves Kids $33M Each 
dad, siblings get zero

Jacko Leaves Kids $33M Each

Family shocked at who is left out of will

(Newser) - Michael Jackson left his brothers, sisters, and father zip in his will…but gave his three children $33 million each. Prince, Paris, and Blanket (ages 13, 12, and 8) will have some access to the trust fund money starting at 21. By the time they can freely access a third...

Michael Jackson's Kids Thank His Fans
 Michael Jackson's 
 Kids Thank His Fans 
grammy awards

Michael Jackson's Kids Thank His Fans

Prince Michael and Paris Michael accept lifetime achievement Grammy

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's two older children brought the house down at tonight's Grammy Awards, taking the stage to accept their late father's lifetime achievement honor and thank his fans. "His message was simple: Love," said Prince Michael, 12. We will continue to spread his message and help the world....

Barbara Walters: Michelle Obama Is Most Fascinating

Barbara's top picks for 2009 also include Glenn Beck, Jenny Sanford

(Newser) - Barack Obama, Barbara Walters’ most fascinating person of 2008, was succeeded this year by…his wife, Michelle. Walters named the first lady her top pick during last night’s ABC special, which also included interviews with the rest of the top 10. Obama discussed the “amazing whirlwind” of life...

Jackson Kids Save a Puppy
 Jackson Kids Save a Puppy 

Jackson Kids Save a Puppy

Paris, Prince, Blanket help Scooby Roo—but spies call them 'weird'

(Newser) - Thanks in part to Michael Jackson’s three children, a two-legged dog got a set of wheels this weekend. TMZ reported last month that the Jacksons were trying to raise $2,000 to pay for the custom cart—no word on how much they contributed. Adorable, yes—but that cuteness...

Jackson Laid to Rest
 Jackson Laid to Rest 

Jackson Laid to Rest

Elizabeth Taylor, ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley among invitees

(Newser) - Paris Jackson wept as she stepped into the Forest Lawn mausoleum where her father, Michael, was to be entombed. Katherine Jackson, overcome by sorrow, turned back when she was faced with her son's final resting place. On a sultry evening, amid a sea of white flowers and with a bejeweled...

MJ's Credit Score: Pretty Crappy
 MJ's Credit Score: 
 Pretty Crappy 

MJ's Credit Score: Pretty Crappy

Plus: DNA tests and sperm samples and paternity questions, oh my!

(Newser) - If Michael Jackson hadn’t been the King of Pop, he probably would have had trouble getting a loan. His average credit score was a “very low” 563.67, TMZ reports—the average Californian’s is 672. Collections and delinquent accounts contributed to the score, and Barneys even shut...

Jacko Kids Take Vegas
 Jacko Kids Take Vegas 

Jacko Kids Take Vegas

Kids getting back to normal at hotel that used to be home

(Newser) - Michael Jackson’s three children spent the weekend at their old home—the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, where they lived with the King of Pop briefly last year, People reports. This time around, Prince, Paris, and Blanket were joined by grandma Katherine and three friends, and spent a few...

Jacko Autopsy Results Under Wraps, Kids Get Biz Guardian

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's autopsy has been completed, but authorities won't release the results until after their investigation into his death has been completed, reports CNN. Detectives are investigating what role the anesthetic propofol—administered by Dr. Conrad Murphy—played in the singer's death, according to sources. Meanwhile, Jackson's three children are...

Katherine Jackson Gets Custody

(Newser) - A judge signed off today on last week’s unofficial custody arrangement for Michael Jackson’s children, appointing Katherine Jackson as the permanent guardian of all three, the AP reports. Jackson’s mother, 79, was the first choice given in his will to raise the children, and is the only...

Anderson to Bachelorette : How Much Sex?
 to Bachelorette
 How Much Sex? 

Anderson to Bachelorette: How Much Sex?

Plus, yes, more Jon and Kate news

(Newser) - Anderson Cooper got a little personal yesterday when, as Regis Philbin’s stand-in, he asked Bachelorette Jillian Harris how many of the bachelors on her reality show she slept with. But he was only asking “the question everybody wants to know,” said Erica Hill when he recapped the...

Michael's Mom Gets Custody of Jackson Kids

Rowe will have visitation, sources say

(Newser) - The custody battle between Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe is over, sources tell CBS News. The Jackson matriarch has been awarded full custody of Michael Jackson’s three children, and Rowe will have visitation rights—but receive no money. “It’s an agreement for the best interests of the...

Jacko Estate Worth Millions After All

Recovered cash can put food on family's table: executors

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's estate is $5.5 million richer than previously thought and may remain solvent despite $400 million in debt, E! Online reports. Recovered from Jacko's former advisers, the cash and "tangible personal property"—along with new deals worth "tens of millions of dollars"—can pay...

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