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McNair-Kazemi Texts Released
 McNair-Kazemi Texts Released 

McNair-Kazemi Texts Released

As CBS questions investigation, police paint Sahel Kazemi as unstable

(Newser) - Nashville police released 50 text messages between Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi, the woman they believe killed him before killing herself, last night—on the heels of a CBS Early Show report claiming the investigation was flawed, the AP reports. The text messages show McNair transferred $2,000 into Kazemi's...

McNair Was Drunk At Time of Death: Medical Examiner

Shooter had some marijuana in her system

(Newser) - Steve McNair was legally drunk the day he was killed by his 20-year-old lover, the Tennessean reports. The former NFL quarterback had a blood-alcohol content of 0.16, the state medical examiner said today—twice the amount at which it is illegal to drive. Sahel Kazemi had a small amount...

Feds Nab Man Who Sold Gun to McNair Killer

Convicted murderer faces charges after parking lot transaction

(Newser) - ATF agents have arrested the man who sold the gun that killed Steve McNair, the AP reports. The suspect, Adrian J. Gilliam Jr., has prior convictions for murder and attempted robbery. He admits he sold a fully loaded 9mm pistol to McNair’s girlfriend in a mall parking lot 2...

Why Lover Killed McNair

 Why Lover 
 Killed McNair 

Why Lover Killed McNair

Friends, family tell of course of doomed affair

(Newser) - Within six months of meeting Steve McNair, Sahel Kazemi had fallen hard—and soon after came to the harder realization that the former NFL star wasn't actually planning to leave his wife and family for her, the New York Post reports in an extensive look at the chain of events...

McNair Ditched Lover in DUI Bust Days Before Murder

(Newser) - Former NFL star Steve McNair apparently ditched his lover during a DUI bust just two days before she killed him in a murder-suicide, according to a police video. On the video, McNair's girlfriend, Sahel Kazemi, fails a field sobriety test in Nashville, and McNair takes off in a cab. "...

McNair's Girlfriend Shot Him While He Slept

(Newser) - Steve McNair's girlfriend shot and killed him while he slept on the couch before turning the gun on herself, the Tennessean reports. Sahel Kazemi, 20, believed McNair was seeing yet another woman and was worried about paying her rent and car loans, say police. “We do believe there was...

McNair's Girlfriend Fired Gun: Medical Examiner

Gunshot residue tests show Kazemi fired the weapon found at the scene

(Newser) - Sahel Kazemi fired the gun that killed her and Steve McNair, TMZ reports, citing Tennessee's assistant medical examiner. Dr. Feng Li says preliminary lab tests show that gunshot residue from the gun that killed both individuals was found on Kazemi's hand—evidence supported by the crime scene and police interviews....

McNair Autopsy: 3 Distant Shots, 1 Close-Up

Kazemi shot with gun touching head

(Newser) - Three of the four gunshots that killed Steve McNair came from more than 3 feet away, while the fourth was close-range, the football star's autopsy concludes. His girlfriend’s wound came from a contact shot, meaning the gun was touching Sahel Kazemi’s head, the Tennessean reports. But that doesn’...

Girlfriend Owned Gun at McNair Crime Scene

Weapon sold less than 48 hours before shooting deaths: cops

(Newser) - Steve McNair's girlfriend bought a gun on Thursday, less than 2 days before she and the retired NFL quarterback were shot to death with the weapon, Nashville police say. A spokesman refused to say who sold Sahel Kazemi the gun but did say it fired five shots, the Tennessean reports....

Kazemi Didn't Kill McNair: Angry Sis

Quarterback lied to 20-year-old lover about getting a divorce

(Newser) - Sahel Kazemi was a gentle young woman who couldn’t have murdered boyfriend Steve McNair, Kazemi’s sister Sepideh Salmani tells the Tennessean. "She was one young girl who had so many dreams that they never came true," Salmani said. "She would never kill anyone, ever. Or...

McNair Death Was Murder; No Ruling on Murder-Suicide

(Newser) - Nashville police ruled Steve McNair's death a homicide today but kept mum on rumors of murder-suicide, the Tennessean reports. An autopsy revealed that two bullets to the head and two to the chest killed the former NFL star; 20-year-old girlfriend Sahel Kazemi, found dead alongside him, died of one to...

McNair Likely a Victim of Murder-Suicide
McNair Likely
a Victim of Murder-Suicide

McNair Likely a Victim of Murder-Suicide

Evidence suggests his girlfriend killed him, then herself

(Newser) - Details in the shooting death of NFL great Steve McNair are beginning to emerge. It now appears that McNair's 20-year-old girlfriend shot him several times before killing herself, the Tennessean reports. Both were found in McNair's rented Nashville condo, the girlfriend with a single gunshot wound to her head and...

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