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Fans of Vermont Nude Beach Afraid Officials Will Ruin It

But officials say redevelopment is needed

(Newser) - For decades, the tiny, out-of-sight beach at the south end of Vermont's fjord-like Lake Willoughby has been known as much for its nudity as its views of the clear, cold lake. Now, regulars fear its charm could be the area's undoing. Concerned about the cars that park along...

Wisconsin to Close Nude Beach, on Weekdays Only

It's one of the nation's most popular

(Newser) - Wisconsin is shutting down one of nation's most popular nude beaches, state authorities announced yesterday—but on weekdays only. Nudists from around the country have been traveling to the public beach on the Wisconsin River near Mazomanie, about 25 miles northwest of Madison, for decades as word spread that...

Need a Vacation? World's Top 5 Nude Events

Nude Recreation Week is celebrated this month

(Newser) - To mark the 32nd year of Nude Recreation Week, TripAdvisor has put together a list of the top five nude events worldwide, Reuters reports:
  1. World Naked Bike Ride, worldwide, June and July: Riders, advocating cycling over driving, often paint messages on their bodies.
  2. World Record Skinny Dip, across North America,

Key West Ogles Nude Beach
 Key West Ogles Nude Beach 

Key West Ogles Nude Beach

Law banning 'naturist' beaches may be shot down

(Newser) - Uninhibited Key West may loosen up even more if naturists gets their way, reports the Miami Herald. A city commissioner plans to introduce a referendum in October to amend an ordinance barring public nudity—much to the delight of nude sunbathing advocates who want a small strip of rarely used...

4 Stories
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