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Saudi High Court Ends Flogging
to End

Flogging Sentences to End

Rights group calls Saudi Arabia's decision long overdue

(Newser) - Crimes in Saudi Arabia will no longer be punished by flogging. The decision came from the kingdom's supreme court, the Guardian reports. "This is a welcome change, but it should have happened years ago," said a spokesman for Human Rights Watch. Rights groups have said flogging has...

He Helped Introduce Flogging Laws, Gets Flogged Himself

Mukhlis bin Muhammad was reportedly caught having affair in Aceh, Indonesia

(Newser) - A religious leader and employee of an organization that helped draft strict religious laws in the Indonesian province of Aceh, including those in favor of public flogging, was himself flogged for adultery on Thursday. Aceh Ulema Council (MPU) member Mukhlis bin Muhammad was whipped 28 times after he was reportedly...

Flogging of Saudi Blogger Said to Be Resuming Soon

Wife says Raif Badawi could receive another 50 of his 1K lashes any day

(Newser) - Whippings could soon resume for a blogger in Saudi Arabia sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes for "insulting Islam," CNN reports. Raif Badawi, who advocated for secularism on his blog Saudi Arabian Liberals, has been in prison since 2012 and received the first 50...

Saudi Arabia Delays Blogger's Lashes Again

Raif Badawi's wife: He can't endure more

(Newser) - Amnesty International says authorities in Saudi Arabia have delayed the planned flogging of a blogger convicted of insulting Islam for a third straight week in the face of growing international pressure against the punishment. An AI rep says the London-based rights group confirmed today's planned flogging of 31-year-old Raif...

Blogger to Be Lashed 50 Times in Round 2—of 20
Blogger's Wounds Delay
2nd Round of 50 Lashes

Blogger's Wounds Delay 2nd Round of 50 Lashes

Raif Badawi sentenced to 1K in all, on top of 10 years in prison

(Newser) - A Saudi Arabian blogger and rights activist was set to receive his second set of 50 lashes today, but the flogging has been delayed. Raif Badawi, whose crime was creating a blog perceived as a slight to Islam, got his first 50 lashes last Friday, and Saudi Arabia planned to...

Why We Must Bring Back Flogging
 Why We Must 
 Bring Back Flogging 

Why We Must Bring Back Flogging

It's more humane than prison, argues Peter Moskos

(Newser) - Prisons were invented to replace “barbaric” corporal punishment—but now, with our prison system failing, there’s only one thing to do: Bring back flogging. Yes, it sounds horrible, writes Peter Moskos in the Washington Post . But “America has a prison problem.” Namely, they cost too much...

14-Year-Old Beaten to Death for Adultery Was Raped
14-Year-Old Beaten to Death for Adultery Was Raped
says her family

14-Year-Old Beaten to Death for Adultery Was Raped

Doctor listed Hena Akhter’s death as a 'suicide'

(Newser) - The family of a 14-year-old girl who was beaten to death in Bangladesh says she didn’t commit adultery—she was raped. Hena Akhter’s family talked to CNN this week, and offered a heartbreaking story of the girl’s death. In their telling, Akhter’s much older cousin, Mahbub...

Bangladeshi Girl, 14, Dies After 100 Lash Punishment

She was spotted talking to married man

(Newser) - A 14-year-old Bangladeshi girl has died after a sentence of 100 cane lashings imposed when a village woman accused the teen of talking to her husband. "What sort of justice is this? My daughter has been beaten to death," sobbed the girl's father. Some media reports said the...

Sudanese Probing Flogged Woman Video

Authorities promise investigation after disturbing film goes viral

(Newser) - A video of a Sudanese woman being mercilessly flogged by policemen has gone viral and Sudan's government has promised to investigate whether she was flogged properly. The video shows an unidentified young woman being ordered to sit in a parking lot, where she is whipped by laughing policemen, AP reports....

Taliban Execute Pregnant Widow for Having Sex

First she's flogged 200 times

(Newser) - The Taliban publicly flogged a pregnant Afghan widow some 200 times before shooting her to death for having sex. Her lover escaped. Bibi Sanubar, 35, "was shot in the head in public while she was still pregnant," deputy provincial police chief Ghulam Mohammad Sayeedi told Agence France Presse...

Child Brides Flogged for Fleeing Illegal Marriages

Afghan girls expecting help beaten instead

(Newser) - When Khadija, 13, and Basgol, 14, escaped from the much older men they'd been forced to marry, they thought the police would help. Instead, the police officers who found the girls fleeing on a bus sent them back to their home village to be brutally flogged for running away from...

Malaysia Canes 3 Women for Adultery

Minister: 'It was carried out perfectly'

(Newser) - For the first time in Malaysia's history, three women have been caned under Islamic law for having extramarital sex. "It was carried out perfectly," the country's home minister tells Reuters . "Even though the caning did not injure them, they said it caused pain within them." Amnesty...

Sudan Woman Tried for Pants Gets Fined, Not Flogged

Lubna Hussein plans appeal to country's constitutional court

(Newser) - The Sudanese woman arrested in July for wearing pants has been fined around $200 but will not receive the 40 lashes once threatened, CNN reports. Lubna Hussein, an erstwhile UN worker who resigned in order to waive immunity and challenge her prosecution, says she will not pay the fine and...

Sudanese Cops Beat Pants Protesters

(Newser) - Supporters of a woman facing 40 lashes for wearing trousers were beaten and teargassed by police in Sudan yesterday, the Guardian reports. Some her female supporters wore pants in solidarity with Lubna Hussein, in defiance of the country's law against "indecent dressing." "We are here to protest...

UN Woman: 'Flogging Is Men Behaving Badly'

(Newser) - A former UN worker who faces possible lashing in Sudan for wearing pants blasted flogging as an "insult" to humans that has nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with "men mistreating women," she tells the Guardian. Lubna Ahmed Hussein and 12 other women were...

Female UN Worker in Sudan Wears Pants, Faces Flogging

(Newser) - A local woman working for the United Nations in Sudan has been charged with wearing “clothing causing harassment to the public sentiments” and could be flogged 40 times tomorrow for the crime, the Washington Post reports. Lubna Ahmed Hussein and 12 other women were rounded up earlier this month...

150 Maldive Women to Be Flogged for Affairs

(Newser) - A criminal court in the Maldives has ruled that 150 women will be flogged for having affairs in the Muslim country, reports the Independent. Some 50 men face the same punishment. Earlier this month an 18-year-old woman fainted after being flogged 100 times for having sex with two men, who...

Malaysian Woman Sentenced to Flogging for Drinking Beer

(Newser) - A Malaysian woman will be flogged for drinking a beer in a nightclub, reports the AP. A judge ordered the part-time model, 32, to be struck six times with a rattan cane and fined $1,400. She pleaded guilty in a religious court to consuming alcohol, but now plans to...

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