Salton Sea

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Theory Explains Why San Andreas Fault Is Quiet Near LA

The disappearance of an ancient lake plays a role in seismic silence, researchers say

(Newser) - Researchers may have discovered why California is overdue for a major earthquake along the southern section of the San Andreas fault. It's been 300 years since a quake of a magnitude of 7 or greater erupted from this section of fault stretching east of Los Angeles from the Salton...

Salton Sea Heads Toward Making Area Unlivable

With chemical stew in the air, one day care puts inhalers around the house

(Newser) - Face masks might be here to stay at the Salton Sea, where breathing was already dangerous. Imperial County lives with a haze over it that includes exhaust fumes, factory emissions, pesticide plumes, and vaporized dust that rises from California's largest lake. There's so much lithium in the water...

Risk of Big Calif. Quake Went Up This Week

Swarm of quakes hit in sensitive area

(Newser) - The possibility of the Big One hitting along the " locked, loaded, and ready to go " San Andreas fault is an ever-present risk in southern California—and lately, it has been more present than usual. A cluster of more than 200 earthquakes hit a seismic zone under the Salton...

Californians Wonder: What's That Stench?

Smell of fish die-off may have traveled 150 miles

(Newser) - Something is rotten in the state of California: A smell like rotten eggs spread across a huge area of Southern California yesterday, prompting hundreds of 911 calls and complaints to air quality authorities, reports the LA Times . Officials initially thought a toxic spill or sewage leak could be to blame,...

Loner Author Charts His Own Course
Loner Author Charts His
Own Course

Loner Author Charts His Own Course

Vollmann's new opus is typical—brilliant, but sometimes unreadable

(Newser) - Author William T. Vollmann is an odd bird—“a loner, a bit of a recluse,” Charles McGrath writes in the New York Times, “and a throwback: a wandering, try-anything writer-journalist in the tradition of Steinbeck or Jack London.” And his new book, Imperial, about Southern California,...

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