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Health Club Gunman Questioned, Freed by Cops

Shooter quizzed over grenade report

(Newser) - The Pennsylvania man who shot up a women's aerobics class, killing three people and then himself, was questioned a week earlier by police because he matched the description of a man seen pulling what appeared to be a grenade from a computer bag, authorities said today. Police let George Sodini...

US Ignores Rising Danger of Misogyny

(Newser) - The gunman in this week's Pittsburgh shooting hated women, but the nation seems not to care much about the rising number of such cases fueled by misogyny, Bob Herbert writes in the New York Times. He recalls the similarly motivated 2006 slayings in an Amish schoolhouse: “There would have...

Pa. Gym, Va. Tech Shooters Shopped on Same Website

Site rep: This proves people need to protect themselves

(Newser) - The Pennsylvania health club shooter and the Virginia Tech killer purchased gun equipment from the same website, WPXI Pittsburgh reports. George Sodini bought accessories from TGSCOM, which sold a gun to Seung-Hui Cho. “We deal with police and government agencies as customers,” said a rep for the firm,...

Pa. Gym Shooter Left Behind Video Diary

(Newser) - Suspected Pittsburgh shooter George Sodini left behind an unsettling video diary which includes a tour of his home and a discussion of his romantic plans, the New York Post reports. In one of two videos posted to the web, Sodini points out his furniture: “Couch and chair—they match....

Lonely Pa. Gym Shooter Blogged About Attack Plans

Sodoni motivated by lack of girlfriend, sex

(Newser) - George Sodini was apparently driven to murder by utter loneliness. The man suspected of killing three women in a suburban Pittsburgh gym appears to have left behind an online diary detailing his plans, CNN reports. “Why do this?? To young girls? Just read below,” it promises. In the...

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