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Out of Options, Alpaca Owner Vows to 'Obstruct' Executioners
A Public Fight to Save
Alpaca Is Over

A Public Fight to Save Alpaca Is Over

UK health officials euthanize Geronimo even though Helen Macdonald insisted he was healthy

(Newser) - Update: Geronimo the alpaca is dead. UK health officials euthanized the animal on Tuesday over the objections of its owner and despite a public outcry. The Telegraph reports there were "ugly scenes at the farm" as supporters tussled with the police who arrived to remove him. Our original story...

Alpaca Set for Execution Gets a Human Shield

Male tested positive for bovine tuberculosis; supporters say the tests are flawed

(Newser) - If dogs are man's best friend, alpacas must not be far behind, given that more than 100,000 people are appealing to save an alpaca in England from execution. Geronimo, an 8-year-old who came to Gloucestershire from New Zealand four years ago, tested positive for bovine tuberculosis when his...

As Stocks Sink, New Cash Cows Emerge

Alpacas, coins, comic books; a stampede to alternative investments

(Newser) - With stocks tanking, 401(k)s plummeting, and the market’s usual safe haven—real estate—at the heart of the current crisis, investors are seeking refuge in unusual investments—everything from parking spaces to comic books to alpacas, the Wall Street Journal reports. A growing number of retirees are taking individual...

Tax Code Spurs Llamapalooza
Tax Code Spurs Llamapalooza

Tax Code Spurs Llamapalooza

The upper crust is using alpaca farming as a huge tax write-off

(Newser) - Some very ulikely agrarians—doctors, lawyers, computer programmers—have spurred a huge boom in alpaca farming in the last few years, not for the profits, of which there are rarely any, but for the huge tax write-offs. "What can't I write off?" Manhattanite Rob Bruce says. "I write...

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