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The 'Naughty Way' to Eat Caviar: in 'Bumps'
Foodies Go Crazy
for Caviar 'Bumps'

Foodies Go Crazy for Caviar 'Bumps'

It's the traditional way to sample roe, but with an illicit-sounding name

(Newser) - You don't need some fancy cheese board or crudite to enjoy a spoonful of caviar, also known as roe from sturgeon fish. As Alyson Krueger writes at the New York Times , "caviar bumps"—in which a spoonful of caviar is licked off of one's fist between...

Restaurant Fined for Pretending Tilapia Was Much Fancier Fish

It has now been fined, must make restitution

(Newser) - For a year and a half, customers at a high-end Bay Area restaurant were duped into thinking they were eating fancy fish when they were actually eating tilapia. A suspicious customer finally complained to the Santa Clara County District Attorney's office in early 2016, accusing the restaurant of using...

5 Best US Cities for Foodies

You'll want to wear your stretchy pants in New Orleans

(Newser) - Who's up for a foodie road trip? Travel and Leisure knows just where you should stop for gumbo and crawfish: New Orleans is the ultimate destination, according to the magazine's ranking of the 10 best US cities for food, based on readers' votes. The top five:

Food Network Can Survive as a 'Zone-Out Destination'

Don't aspire for greatness, think 'meh' instead: Opinion

(Newser) - At age 20, the Food Network is in the midst of a sharp drop in viewership. Time to think big, maybe venture back to shows about quality cooking rather than comfort food? Nope, writes Jesse David Fox at Vulture . He, for one, has returned to the network as a regular...

Happy Birthday, Julia: You Changed Our World

Julia Child would have been 100 tomorrow

(Newser) - Julia Child would have turned 100 tomorrow, and New York Times food writer Julia Moskin pays her respects. "It was Child—not single-handedly, but close—who started the public conversation about cooking in America that has shaped our cuisine and culture ever since," she writes. When Child's...

Forget Kibble: Today's Pets Eat Gourmet

Lobster consommé, salmon soufflé: dogs, cats are the new foodies

(Newser) - At least one demographic isn't feeling the burn of a tough economy: pets. Instead of cutting back, dogs and cats are living large—at least when it comes to fine dining. Pet food companies are offering meals fit for a king, such as egg soufflé for cats; a lobster...

Eric Schlosser: Critics of Foodies Who Call Them Elitist Have Things Backward
 Foodies Are Not 'Elitist'  
eric schlosser

Foodies Are Not 'Elitist'

It's their industrial critics who are guilty of that: Eric Schlosser

(Newser) - Industrial agriculture honchos like to brand foodies pushing for healthier practices as elitist, but they've got things exactly backward, writes Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser in the Washington Post . "America’s current system of food production—overly centralized and industrialized, overly controlled by a handful of companies,...

Foodie Words That Leave Us Tongue-Tied
 Foodie Words That 
 Leave Us Tongue-Tied 

Foodie Words That Leave Us Tongue-Tied

From gnocchi to pho, commonly misprounced words

(Newser) - Reacting to news that the Olive Garden and its tough-to-say specialties might be opening up overseas, the Chicago Tribune presents its top 10 mispronounced foodie words:
  • Bruschetta: Say broo-SKEH-tah, get the grilled-bread appetizer.
  • Gnocchi: the dumpling-like noodles are pronounced NYOH-kee.
  • Gyro: YEER-oh is how the Greeks order the pita-enveloped sandwich.

No Hiatus: El Bulli Will Close for Good

World's best restaurant, yes, but losing $675K a year

(Newser) - The chef behind the Spanish restaurant many label the world’s best now says he’ll close El Bulli in 2012, rather than just shutter it for 2 years. Ferran Adrià tells the New York Times he and his partner are losing more than $675,000 a year on the...

Garden Yield Too Much? LA Eatery Will Take It
Garden Yield Too Much? LA Eatery Will Take It

Garden Yield Too Much? LA Eatery Will Take It

Forage won't let fruit and veggies go to waste

(Newser) - Ever felt guilty about not using all the bounty you’ve grown in your home garden? Well, if you’re in Los Angeles, now you don’t have to toss it. Just-opened (to say nothing of aptly named) Forage will take it, and use the fruits and vegetables on its...

Minister Skewers 'Stalinist' Journo Over McItaly Rip

Guardian 's Fort shops organic with 'heavy wallet and light conscience'

(Newser) - After a British writer ripped into the Italian government for not only allowing but wholeheartedly endorsing a new line of McDonald’s burgers linked to the Italy’s famous cuisine, the country’s agriculture minister fired right back, attacking the writer as “Stalinist” and for “baying at the...

Foodies Gag on McDonald's New McItaly Burgers

Why water down the country's diverse food culture?

(Newser) - It’s bad enough that McDonald’s would seek to water down Italy’s vaunted food culture by introducing a line of “McItaly” burgers, Matthew Fort snorts, but that the morally bankrupt government of Silvio Berlusconi would give a stamp of approval is a “monstrous act of national...

The Best of '00s Nostalgia

 The Best of 
 '00s Nostalgia 
Snuggies + Juicy couture

The Best of '00s Nostalgia

Hipsters and foodies and Snuggies, oh my!

(Newser) - What will be the ‘00s version of the 1970s' lava lamps, the 1980s' stonewashed jeans, the 1990s' flannel shirts? What will we, one day, look back on with embarrassed nostalgia and say, “That’s so aughties”? Heather Wagner lists 26 possibilities in Vanity Fair :
  1. Hipsters: Skinny jeans,

Nowadays, Everyone's a Foodie
 Nowadays, Everyone's a Foodie 

Nowadays, Everyone's a Foodie

What does the term 'food snob' mean anymore?

(Newser) - Trends being what they are, the definition of "foodie" has always been a moving target, and these days, the term seems broader than ever. “You used to be a food snob if you knew all the different kinds of truffles and foie gras,” one expert tells...

'Housemade' the Latest Word in Fine Dining

Artisanal flavor sets cuisine apart from mom's 'homemade'

(Newser) - A word that isn’t yet in the dictionary has been cropping up on menus across America: “housemade” is the new trend. Don’t confuse it with “homemade,” which has lost its buzz and now suggests an unprofessional cook or a hokey menu-writer. “Housemade has more...

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