Damon Weaver

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Kid Reporter Who Interviewed Obama at 11 Dies at 23

Damon Weaver was on his way to a journalism career

(Newser) - Getting to tell the president what you want in your school lunch is a dream come true for a kid. And landing an interview with a sitting president is a dream come true for a young reporter. Damon Weaver did both at the same time in 2009 , when he was...

11-Year-Old Finally Snags His Obama Interview

(Newser) - Damon Weaver, not yet out of elementary school, made his name on the Internet when he interviewed Joe Biden during the 2008 campaign for his school's TV station. Yesterday, the grizzled journalistic veteran bagged his biggest sit-down yet following 8 months of requests—a 10-minute grilling of Barack Obama at...

2 Stories
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