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West Point's Time Capsule Is a Bust
West Point's
Time Capsule
Wasn't a Total Bust

West Point's Time Capsule Wasn't a Total Bust

The lead box buried 200 years ago actually did hold more than mud

(Newser) - The nearly 200-year-old West Point time capsule that appeared to be a total dud when it was opened on Monday turned out to hold some treasure after all. As the AP puts it, "It was just more hidden than expected." West Point on Wednesday revealed that within the...

Lee Statue Is Gone, but Search for 'Piece of History' Continues
Search for Time Capsule
in Lee Statue Is a Bust

Search for Time Capsule in Lee Statue Is a Bust

Crews in Richmond found no sign of the items from 1887

(Newser) - Update: They couldn't find it. Workers who dismantled the giant Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond, Va., struck out Thursday in their search for a time capsule thought to have been tucked into the pedestal more than a century ago, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch . It's possible, though unlikely,...

They Opened Time Capsule, Found a Mystery
They Opened
Time Capsule
50 Years Later,
Got a Shock

They Opened Time Capsule 50 Years Later, Got a Shock

There was nothing in it

(Newser) - Officials in a New Hampshire town are trying to figure out how a recently opened time capsule from 50 years ago has nothing in it. Library director Cara Potter in Derry tells WMUR that since she started there five years ago, the safe has been sitting on a shelf. Before...

Classmates Reunite to Dig Up Time Capsule. One Problem

They can't find it

(Newser) - Former classmates reunited in Michigan to uncover a time capsule buried 30 years ago. The result? They couldn't find it. The seven classmates and two teachers spent two hours Sunday digging outside Coloma Junior High in southwestern Michigan, the AP reports. Tracy Gilmer said she remembers putting a Michael...

Restorers Surprised by What They Found in Jesus' Butt

Statue's posterior contains 240-year-old time capsule

(Newser) - It turns out Jesus' butt has a lot to teach us about life in 18th century Spain. A wooden statue of Jesus on the cross hanging in the Church of Santa Agueda in Sotillo de la Ribera, Spain, was old and in need of fixing up, Science Alert reports. According...

Nightclub's 1985 Time Capsule Causes Evacuation in NYC

Letters to the future were stored, buried in WWII practice bomb

(Newser) - Back in 1985, the staff of famous New York City nightclub Danceteria (which was featured in Madonna's Desperately Seeking Susan, per CBS New York ) buried a time capsule that looked like a WWII bomb. "I kind of mentioned it as a joke back then," the former...

Nazi Time Capsule Unearthed in Poland

Contents include more than one copy of Mein Kampf

(Newser) - A time capsule buried during the construction of a Nazi training center in Poland has been unearthed—82 years after it was buried, and 71 years after Adolf Hitler's "Thousand-Year Reich" was eradicated. The copper cylinder recovered from the foundation of the Ordensburg Krossinsee building in Zlocieniec contains...

Bomb Squad Hunts for Time Capsule in Astrodome

It's under all that concrete, somewhere

(Newser) - It may not have the cache of century-old time capsules i n Boston or New York , but the hunt is on for one buried somewhere beneath the vacant Astrodome in Houston. As the Houston Chronicle explains, workers buried it when they broke ground on what came to be known as...

Time Capsule From 1700s to Be Opened Next Month

Officials will reveal contents Jan. 6

(Newser) - The 1795 time capsule that was placed under the Massachusetts Statehouse by Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and others will be opened soon. Officials from the state as well as Boston's Museum of Fine Arts will reveal what the time capsule holds at 6pm on Jan. 6, 2015, USA Today...

Time Capsule Placed by Paul Revere Found

1795 capsule was in Mass. State House cornerstone

(Newser) - A time capsule placed by Paul Revere and Sam Adams, among others, when the US was just 19 years old was carefully removed from a cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House yesterday. The 1795 time capsule—rediscovered during building maintenance—is thought to contain objects such as coins from as...

Mystery of Time Capsule's Red Book Solved

Sadly, it's kind of boring

(Newser) - If you've been waiting a century to dig into Foreign Relations of the United States, 1896, this is your lucky day. For everyone else, it's kind of a letdown to learn that's the title of the mystery red book unlocked from a 1901 time capsule in Boston...

Boston Time Capsule Yields Mystery Red Book

Historians won't know its contents for a while longer

(Newser) - New York City opened an old time capsule today that turned out to be ... kind of boring . Boston, on the other hand, has itself a mysterious red book, reports WBUR . Historians today removed a copper box that was placed inside the lion atop the Old State House back in 1901...

NYC Cracks Open 1914 Time Capsule 40 Years Late

Contents turn out to be pretty dull

(Newser) - A time capsule sealed with great fanfare in 1914 was finally cracked open yesterday—just over 40 years after the Lower Wall Street Business Men's Association had intended for it to be opened. The bronze box was forgotten amid the New-York Historical Society's archives for decades, but it...

Century-Old Time Capsule Found Inside Boston Statue

Now the tricky part: getting it out

(Newser) - A lion statue perched atop the Old State House in Boston has been hiding a secret for 113 years: He's got a time capsule inside his head, reports WBZ-TV . When the lion came down for restoration, authorities with the Bostonian Society used a tiny camera to peer inside and...

Steve Jobs' 1983 Time Capsule Uncovered

With some pretty cool stuff inside

(Newser) - A massive time capsule put in the ground during 1983's Aspen International Design Conference earned the nickname the "Steve Jobs Time Capsule" after he dropped his own computer mouse into it. The pod was supposed to be unearthed in 2000, but construction in Aspen caused organizers to lose...

Why You Need to Take a Photo on May 15

Project aims to capture a day in the life of the world

(Newser) - Want to be in the same company as a Swedish pop singer, an anti-apartheid icon, a former Irish president, and thousands of people around the world? Then pick up your camera on May 15 and help capture a day in the life of the planet. The project— aday.org —...

In Warhol's Junk Pile: Cash, Soup ... Nude Jackie O

(Newser) - Andy Warhol was a prolific collector, but his accumulations defied categorization until 1973, when a colleague suggested he put his finds in boxes. That didn’t help much, the AP reports. “He really didn’t like organization and there would be several boxes going at a time,” says...

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