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Thousands March Against Keystone Oil Pipeline

Greens also call for standards on current power plants

(Newser) - A crowd that organizers tallied at 35,000 marched on the White House today to pressure President Obama into nixing the Keystone XL oil pipeline, reports The Hill . The environmental activists came together in the National Mall and heard speeches before heading to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. "They’ve got...

Van Jones Is Back With New Lefty Group

Former 'green energy' czar has founded progressive movement

(Newser) - Once vilified as a 9/11 conspiracy theorist who called Republicans "***holes," Van Jones is back with a new grass-roots movement, Politico reports. Ousted from his White House post as "green energy" czar 2 years ago, Jones has helped found the American Dream Movement, a coalition of hundreds...

Van Jones Challenges Beck to Debate, Threatens Fox Suit

Beck dismisses challenge from former White House official

(Newser) - "I’ve had all I can stand, Fox TV, and I can’t stand no more," former White House "green jobs" czar Van Jones said in recent tirade against the Glenn Beck and his soon-to-be-ex-employer. Jones, who resigned in 2009 after being targeted by Beck, has challenged...

GOP Pushes to Outlaw Presidential 'Czars'

Republicans have slammed paid advisers' role in Washington

(Newser) - House Republicans hope a new bill will drive out President Obama’s “czars,” the 39 paid advisers he’s hired throughout his term. The GOP has pushed similar bills in the past, but with Republican control of the House, this one stands a better chance of advancing, the...

'Still a Lot to Learn' on 9/11: GOP Rep.
 'Still a Lot to Learn' 
 on 9/11: GOP Rep.  

'Still a Lot to Learn' on 9/11: GOP Rep.

Will pal Glenn Beck now call for Jason Chaffetz's head?

(Newser) - We don’t know the real truth behind the 9/11 attacks, Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz said at a town-hall meeting yesterday. Asked by a group that believes “it was a false flag terrorist attack, that the buildings came down with internally placed demolition,” the Republican said, “there’...

This Year's Top Liberal Turkeys
 This Year's Top Liberal Turkeys 

This Year's Top Liberal Turkeys

Stimulus, President O-bow-ma get top billing

(Newser) - As we await tomorrow’s feast, conservative pundit Michelle Malkin gives us something to gnaw on, running down the year’s top turkeys:
  • The stimulus: The “Generational Theft Act” isn’t even a turkey, but a “Turbaconducken—the heart attack-inducing dish of roasted chicken stuffed inside a duck

White House-Fox Spat Now Involves ... Mao

In old video, communications director Anita Dunn calls Chinese leader a favorite

(Newser) - That was quick. The White House sent communications director Anita Dunn after Fox over the weekend, and now an old video has surfaced—much to the delight of Glenn Beck and others—in which she calls Mao one of her "favorite political philosophers." In a speech to high...

Right's New Quarry: Gay Ed. Appointee
Right's New Quarry: Gay
Ed. Appointee

Right's New Quarry: Gay Ed. Appointee

Fox et al. say Kevin Jennings didn't act on 1980s statutory rape

(Newser) - One of President Obama’s appointees to the Department of Education has become the latest target for conservatives emboldened by the departures of green-jobs adviser Van Jones and others. Assistant deputy secretary Kevin Jennings is accused of neglecting to report a statutory rape case when he was a teacher in...

Beck Didn't Need Mainstream Help to Oust Van Jones

Damage was done by the time the New York Times, USA Today, others, even noticed

(Newser) - Traditionally the script goes like this: Pundit attacks someone, the mainstream media notices, and the sap is quickly shown the door. The Van Jones affair was a lot like that, only without that mainstream middleman, writes Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post. Glenn Beck’s assault took out Jones before...

Obama Skirts Accountability With Policy Czars: Hutchison

Rules are being bent to expand executive power, senator writes

(Newser) - The Obama administration is using its many policy “czars” to skirt the accountability and transparency established by the founding fathers, writes Kay Bailey Hutchison in the Washington Post. The administration has an “unprecedented” 32 czar positions, and “unfortunately,” the senator from Texas writes, “virtually no...

Van Jones Resignation Rattles the White House

Van Jones linked to controversial groups and statements

(Newser) - The resignation of White House environmental adviser Van Jones, which handed President Obama an unwelcome distraction at a tough time, again showed a lapse in the administration's vetting, reports the Washington Post. Support for Jones, considered a highly skilled advocate for the green energy revolution, eroded over the weekend as...

Thank Beck, Internet for Van Jones Uproar

Strategy deflected attention from Jones' Beck boycott

(Newser) - The mainstream media entirely ignored the controversy over now-former Obama adviser Van Jones, who was slyly forced out by Glenn Beck and his online fans, Politico reports. Beck whipped up a fury over Jones—who once signed a 9/11 conspiracy petition—without mentioning that the green jobs czar was also...

Newt: Obama School Speech 'Good for America'
 Newt: Obama 
 School Speech 
 'Good for America' 


Newt: Obama School Speech 'Good for America'

Dean: green jobs czar 'brought down'; CDC chief warns of swine flu challenges

(Newser) - Who says bipartisanship in Washington is dead? Today, top Republicans sided with President Obama on both his planned speech to schoolchildren and his strategy in Afghanistan, Politico reports. On Fox News Sunday, Newt Gingrich called Obama’s Tuesday speech “good for America.” On Afghanistan, Tim Pawlenty rejected calls...

Obama Adviser Van Jones Resigns Amid Controversy

(Newser) - Obama environmental adviser Van Jones is resigning amid controversy over past inflammatory statements. The so-called green jobs czar got into hot water this week when two things surfaced: He called Republicans "assholes" in a video made before he joined the administration, and he signed a petition supporting the "...

GOP Uses Van Jones to Rebel Against Czars

Republicans say czars are an end-run around congressional vetting

(Newser) - Republicans have groused for months that Barack Obama has too many “czars,” high-ranking, specialized advisers that, they complain, skirt congressional approval. Now they have a poster boy for their objections, Politico reports: Van Jones. This week an old lecture video surfaced in which he called Republicans “assholes,...

Obama Official Regrets Signing 9/11 Conspiracy Petition

Jones also sorry for crude reference to GOP

(Newser) - Lately, Van Jones has had a lot of apologizing to do. Obama’s green jobs czar issued a statement yesterday renouncing a statement he signed on, which demanded an “immediate inquiry into evidence that suggests high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks to...

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