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Ohio 911 Call: 'His Arm Had Been Bitten Off by a Zebra'

Ronald Clifton, 72, likely won't lose his right arm after all

(Newser) - The 911 call was worse than the reality, but the reality wasn't great: A Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office report quotes the Sunday call as requesting help for an Ohio man who had "his arm ... bitten off by a zebra." Deputies who arrived at the Circleville home...

Farm Owner Hit With Animal Cruelty Charges Over Md. Zebras
Found in

Runaway Zebras Found in Maryland

They're back with their herd

(Newser) - Update: The two zebras that had been on the loose in Maryland since August have been located and reunited with their herd, WJLA reports. Authorities say they returned to the herd last week after having been corralled in an undisclosed location. A third zebra that originally escaped with them died...

2 Zebras Escaped the Circus, With 2 Different Fates

One animal was captured; the other was shot dead on a German highway

(Newser) - Two zebras busted out of a German circus Tuesday night, but only one of them was brought back alive. Rostock police say the runaway that didn't make it back ended up on a local highway Wednesday, wreaking havoc in traffic, damaging vehicles, and even spurring a car accident when...

After Pet Zebra Escapes, Owner Fatally Shoots It

Florida ranch owner wasn't licensed to keep the animal

(Newser) - Authorities say a pet zebra escaped from a Florida ranch and was shot and killed by its owner, who wasn't licensed to own the animal. The Nassau County Sheriff's Office says the zebra, named Shadow, injured itself somehow while escaping Wednesday in the town of Callahan, per the...

They Looked Like Zebras, But Were Braying

Egyptian zoo accused of painting donkeys

(Newser) - Either an Egyptian zoo director is lying about the animals he keeps or he doesn't know much about zebras. That's what animal experts are saying after a visitor to Cairo's International Garden park snapped photos of what appeared to be donkeys painted like zebras, per the BBC...

Zebras Flee Philly Circus
 Zebras Flee Philly Circus 

Zebras Flee Philly Circus

Cops recapture them after chase through city streets

(Newser) - When you hear hoofbeats, the saying goes, you should think horses, not zebras. In Philadelphia on Sunday, you would have been wrong. A pair of zebras escaped from a circus and went running through the streets of west Philly before they were recaptured, police say. The two animals somehow fled...

Arkansas Judge Attacked by Dad's Zebra

He suffered eye, arm injuries in exotic-pet attack

(Newser) - A judge is in a hospital intensive care unit after what is almost certainly the first judicial zebra attack in the history of Arkansas. White County District Judge Mark Derrick was hospitalized in serious condition Sunday night after suffering eye and arm injuries from being attacked by the zebra, which...

Temperature Might Explain Zebras' Stripes

Researchers investigate continuing mystery

(Newser) - There are all kinds of explanations out there for why zebras have stripes, ranging from tricking lions to putting off bugs . A new study helps clarify the situation: Zebras' stripes appear to be linked to temperature, National Geographic reports. Zebras living in warmer temperatures have more stripes than their cousins...

Zebra Stripe Mystery Solved, Researchers Say

Stripes help deter biting flies, not lions

(Newser) - The centuries-old puzzle of why zebras have stripes has been solved, and they're not there to confuse lions or for decoration, researchers say. A new study backs up the theory that stripes evolved as a way to deter biting flies , Real Clear Science reports. Researchers gathered stripe pattern data...

Meet the Zonkey: Half Zebra, Half Donkey

Ippo, a zebra-donkey hybrid, born in Italy

(Newser) - His dad is a zebra. His mom is a donkey. That makes Ippo, a foal born this week in Florence, Italy, an extremely rare hybrid called the zonkey. Ippo was conceived after her father jumped a fence that separated him from an endangered species of donkey at the nature reserve...

A Zebra and Pony Running Wild in Staten Island? Yep

They escaped from a petting zoo

(Newser) - A Staten Island business owner shot video today of a decidedly weird scene: A Shetland pony and a zebra were galloping through a strip mall parking lot, reports the Staten Island Advance . Turns out Razzi (the zebra) and Casper (the pony) escaped from a nearby petting zoo, and both are...

A Zebra, Macaw, Iowa Guy Walk Into a Bar ...

Human later busted for drunk driving

(Newser) - An Iowa animal lover says he was just enjoying the wild life with his pets. But police say he was drunk and shouldn't have been tooling around with his zebra and a macaw. Jerald Reiter, 55, walked into a Dubuque bar to refuel with his unusual buddies, but the...

Rare Zebra-Donkey Hybrid Born in China

Half-zebra, half-donkey ... is it a 'zebrass'?

(Newser) - Whether you call it a "zonkey" or a "donkra," one thing is sure: The creature born Sunday at a zoo in Southeast China is certainly rare. So far the foal—a cross between a female zebra and a male donkey who freely occupied the same enclosure—looks...

Two Zebras Run Through Streets Of Sacramento
Two Zebras Run Amok
Near Sacramento

Two Zebras Run Amok Near Sacramento

(Newser) - It's not uncommon for a dog or even a horse to break loose and run through a neighborhood, but residents of one Sacramento suburb were caught completely off-guard when they saw not one, but two zebras running through the streets of their neighborhood yesterday. The zebras, who are owned by...

Half Zebra, Half Donkey, All Adorable

Baby 'zedonk' scores off the charts on the cute scale

(Newser) - Zebras and donkeys and zedonks, oh my! A wildlife reserve in Georgia is home to the United States' first known zedonk, the offspring of a female donkey and a male zebra. The preserve’s general manager said, “The animals have been running together for more than 40 years, but...

UK Pizza Joint's New Topping: Zebra
 UK Pizza Joint's 
 New Topping: Zebra 
in case you missed it

UK Pizza Joint's New Topping: Zebra

It's legit, says owner, but animal-rights types dislike

(Newser) - A pizza joint in northwest Britain is the country’s first to offer zebra meat as a topping—and not only is it legit, it’s on menu that also includes buffalo, kangaroo, and crocodile. “The main thing I get from customers now is that they don’t believe...

Loose Zebra Causes Havoc in Atlanta

Ringling Bros. circus animal apprehended on congested highway

(Newser) - An escaped Ringling Brothers circus zebra led police on a mile-long high-speed chase yesterday in Atlanta, interfering with traffic on the city’s already congested Interstate. The episode lasted about 40 minutes, the AP reports. “All of a sudden a freaking zebra comes running down the street like a...

Kenya Feeds Zebras to Hungry Lions

Carnivores in Amboseli National Park have been attacking local livestock

(Newser) - In a sort of zoological sacrifice, the Kenyan government is rounding up thousands of zebras and wildebeest to feed to starving lions and hyenas in the country's drought-ridden south. Some 80% of herbivores in Amboseli National Park were felled by the dry conditions, leading the hungry carnivores to attack neighboring...

Zebrula Kills at German Zoo
Zebrula Kills at German Zoo

Zebrula Kills at German Zoo

Offspring of horse and zebra is a crossover hit

(Newser) - Perplexed onlookers are flocking to a to a zoo in Germany to see a zebrula—the rare but not unprecedented offspring of a male zebra and a female horse, AFP reports. The animal, named Eclyse, has the head of a zebra, the body of a horse, and a coat split...

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