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Japan Launches Dolphin Slaughter
Japan Finishes Dolphin Slaughter—Under Cover

Japan Finishes Dolphin Slaughter—Under Cover

Dozens slaughtered for meat amid protests

(Newser) - Japanese fishermen have wrapped up their annual dolphin hunt and slaughter in Taiji cove amid international protests . CNN reports that some 500 bottlenose dolphins were driven into the cove—a larger number than usual, though Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is sticking with its original claim that 250 or so dolphins...

Furor Erupts as Dolphins Set for Slaughter at Japan Cove

Annual hunt at Taiji again under fire as 200+ animals await slaughter

(Newser) - More than 200 bottlenose dolphins await their deaths in Japan's Taiji cove—made infamous in 2009 documentary The Cove —and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is doing its best to draw attention and outrage to the annual slaughter. As CNN reports, Japanese fishermen herded a pod of 250...

Japan's Dolphin Slaughter Town Is Opening a Marine Park...

And it will serve whale and dolphin meat

(Newser) - Taiji, the dolphin-slaughtering Japanese town documented in The Cove, has no plans to end its annual dolphin hunt ... but it is opening a super-fun-sounding amusement park, where you can swim with the dolphins and then stop by a food stand and chow down on them. "This is part of...

US Base in Japan Yanks Dolphin-Hunt Documentary

Cove's defiant director plans to hand out DVDs

(Newser) - US commanders wary of offending the Japanese have canceled screenings of Oscar-winning documentary The Cove, but that won't silence its message, its director tells the AP . Louie Psihoyos says he plans to hand out DVDs of the movie, which shows the gruesome annual dolphin hunt in a Japanese town, at...

Japanese Cove Town to Release Dolphins

(Newser) - The Japanese town that triggered a furor after a documentary highlighted its dolphin slaughter is granting a reprieve to 100 of the animals, reports AP. Some 50 dolphins will be sold to aquariums, and the remainder of the 100 trapped for yesterday's first hunt of the season will be released...

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