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Melania Shrugs Off Trump Affair Rumors

First lady tells ABC News reporter she has better things to think about these days

(Newser) - "No question is off limits" is how ABC's 20/20 is promoting its interview with Melania Trump, airing Friday night at 10pm EDT. That apparently included queries about her marriage from Tom Llamas, who chatted with the first lady during her recent trip to Africa , ABC News reports. "...

Jay-Z on Dealing With Infidelity: Get to the 'Middle of the Pain'

'NYT' interview dives into his relationship with Kanye, how he and Beyonce dealt with discord

(Newser) - Whispers have long abounded about what exactly went on in Jay-Z and Beyonce's marriage to spur some of the lyrics in the former's 4:44 album, and his in-depth interview with Dean Baquet for T Magazine finally offers some confirmation. After the New York Times executive editor tells...

Study: Who's More Likely to Cheat in a Relationship
Study: Who's More Likely
to Cheat in a Relationship
in case you missed it

Study: Who's More Likely to Cheat in a Relationship

Breadwinners are less likely to cheat than those who are economically dependent

(Newser) - What's the likelihood your spouse will cheat on you? University of Connecticut professor Christin Munsch attempts to answer that question through an economic lens in a study published today in American Sociological Review . Munsch looks at how likely it is a breadwinner will cheat—as well as how likely...

Gingrich Pledges Not to Cheat on 3rd Wife

Republican candidate tackles adultery issue

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich is following in the footsteps of other conservative candidates by making a pledge against infidelity—sort of. The GOP hopeful, who has taken heat for cheating on his second wife, didn't actually sign a candidate pledge from the conservative group The Family Leader, the Atlantic reports. But...

Mother of Terminator's Love Child ID'd

Mildred Baena lives outside LA with Arnold Schwarzenegger's son

(Newser) - The mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child has been identified as long-time family housekeeper Mildred "Patty" Baena. Baena, now 50, had the former California governor's son some 10 years ago and lives as a single mom divorcée with the boy and her three other children outside...

Princess Di Lover Eyed Suicide After Their Affair

Perturbed James Hewitt also denies he's Harry dad

(Newser) - The handsome British calvary officer who had an affair with Princess Diana contemplated suicide when their five-year relationship became public, he revealed . "I got in my car to go to France—to shoot myself," James Hewitt told Inside Edition . But his mother insisted on accompanying him. If she...

Dead Mom May Have Shot Kids After Web Rants

Katelynn Bennett warned her husband he would lose kids

(Newser) - A troubled mother may have shot her three children and herself after posting complaints about her marital troubles online, according to investigators. The bodies of Katelynn Bennett, 30, and her two daughters and son, ages 4 to 14, were found in their partially burned Indiana home, reports CNN . An Internet...

Marriage Annulled After Wife Thinks of Other Men

Judge denies her alimony, too

(Newser) - An Italian couple has been awarded the legal right to annul their marriage for adultery; not because the wife slept with other men, but simply because she thought about it—then discussed it with her husband. Following a lower court decision and a ruling by the Catholic Church's Ecclesiastical Court,...

'Negotiated Infidelity:' a Very Bad Idea

 'Negotiated Infidelity:' 
 a Very Bad Idea 

'Negotiated Infidelity:' a Very Bad Idea

New book offers bad—and sexist—advice

(Newser) - One way to make your marriage last: Let your hubby cheat. That’s mistress-for-hire (and now author) Holly Hill’s theory, at least. The Sugarbabe author says “it's better to walk the dog on a leash than let it escape through an unseen hole in the back fence,”...

David Boreanaz's Galpal: Tiger Woods Mistress No. 1?

He allegedly cheated with her, but was she the blackmailer?

(Newser) - David Boreanaz admits he cheated on his wife , but what he didn't confess was that he cheated with none other than the original Tiger Woods mistress, Rachel Uchitel. If you were paying very close attention when the Tiger scandal broke, you might have already guessed—reports noted that Uchitel had...

Blackmailed Bones Star: I'm a Cheater

TV star David Boreanaz owns up to affair before mistress can blow whistle

(Newser) - Staying ahead of a former mistress he believes is trying to blackmail him, Bones star David Boreanaz admits he's cheated on his wife. "Our marriage has been tainted with my infidelities," the Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer star tells People . "I was irresponsible." He says...

Letterman Opens Up About Cheating Scandal

Late Show host calls infidelity 'stupid behavior'

(Newser) - David Letterman is dead set on repairing his marriage after the infidelity that led to an extortion attempt last year, People reports. Appearing on Live! With Regis and Kelly, Letterman likened the events of last year to "an explosion," saying, "You're looking at the shards and you...

Wedding Ring-Free Jesse James Out of Rehab

Another alleged mistress apologizes to Sandra Bullock

(Newser) - Jesse James took his kids to school today in full view of the paparazzi, who noted that he's out of rehab and not wearing a wedding ring—a sure sign that his marriage to Sandra Bullock is over, reports PopEater. "Jesse is finally admitting to himself that he blew...

Philanderers: Beware New 'Cheater Registry'

If only it existed before the Sandra Bullock debacle

(Newser) - Cheaters, beware: Your scorned lover can now list you on the Cheater Registry , and you may never date again. Of course, he or she will need to submit evidence before your profile will actually be listed, but if you sext as often as Tiger Woods does, that shouldn’t be...

Sheen's Mistress Moves In

 Sheen's Mistress 
 Moves In 
her career: escort

Sheen's Mistress Moves In

Not surprisingly, Brooke Mueller moves out

(Newser) - Well that was fast: Charlie Sheen’s wife is out—and the escort he’s reportedly been cheating with is in. His paid lady friend moved back home with Sheen, and Brooke Mueller sort of moved out—although she occasionally still sleeps at the marital home when Charlie’s not...

Snobs Doomed Enquirer's Pulitzer Bid

Edwards exposé a shoo-in for glory—but not for tabloid

(Newser) - By any sane measure, the unmasking of John Edwards as a philanderer who knocked up his mistress while his wife battled cancer was one of the all-time great scoops—except in determining the winners of yesterday's Pulitzer Prizes for journalism. "The media elite circled the wagons to exclude the...

10 Women Who Cheated
 10 Women Who Cheated 

10 Women Who Cheated

Did anyone see it coming from Whoopi?

(Newser) - Jesse James and Tiger Woods are getting a lot of heat for sleeping around while married, but men aren’t the only ones who cheat. The Frisky rounds up 10 famous female cheaters:
  • Whoopi Goldberg: Admitted Wednesday on The View, while discussing James, that she “screwed around” while married

Reporter Heads Roll After Bruni Affair Stories

Sarkozy wants those who 'spread fear to feel fear'

(Newser) - Two reporters have been axed with more likely to follow amid French President Nicolas Sarkozy's fury at being called a cuckold in the press. Seems the French aren't so sanguine about marital infidelity after all. Wide-spread media reports of an affair by wife Carla Bruni, reportedly followed by a retaliatory...

Oprah Lands Rielle Hunter Interview

John Edwards' baby mama schedules first TV interview

(Newser) - In scheduling her first TV interview, Rielle Hunter has gone right to the top: Oprah Winfrey. The Queen of All Media beat out Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer in the competition to debrief John Edwards' mistress and baby mama, RadarOnline reports. When she wanted to distance herself from photos that...

Nannies Turn Baby Boys Into Skirt Chasers: Shrink

They fall in love with the 'other woman'

(Newser) - Nannies introduce the idea of the "other woman" into the psyche of baby boys and make them more likely to be womanizers when they're grown, a psychiatrist claims. Even after marriage, he'll have "at the back of his mind the notion of this other woman, who knows and...

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