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Some Parents Pay Thousands for Sorority Rush Consultants

Mentorship includes practical guidance as well as advice about complex social interactions

(Newser) - Kids enter college thinking they've begun their adult lives—but they often still need help from mom and dad. The Wall Street Journal reports that for some parents, helping means spending thousands on consultants who can guide their daughters through the increasingly competitive process of getting into a sorority....

Macy's Takes Heat Over 'Diverse Dance Group'

Social media posts criticize 'reductive description' of 100-year-old Black sorority

(Newser) - There was a problem with a cheery Macy's tweet introducing an entry in its Thanksgiving Day Parade. "What's that sound, you ask? Why it's the diverse dance group, Zeta Phi Beta Steppers!" the Thursday post said. "Performing a special routine they put together to...

Sorority Apologizes for Triggering Shooter Alert

They popped balloons during vigil for NZ victims

(Newser) - A University of Michigan sorority whose members popped balloons as part of a team-building event has apologized for triggering an "active shooter" alert on campus. The balloon popping occurred March 16, at the same time a vigil was being held nearby for victims of the New Zealand mosque attacks...

After Student Hospitalized, Duke Gets Tough on Sororities

All sorority activity was initially suspended

(Newser) - An "alcohol-related incident" Tuesday night left a Duke University student hospitalized in critical condition, prompting the school to clamp down on more than half the sorority chapters on the campus, USA Today College reports. The unnamed student, described only as a "new member," is expected to fully...

Rutgers: No More Frat Parties
 Rutgers: No More Frat Parties 

Rutgers: No More Frat Parties

Party ban follows series of booze-related incidents

(Newser) - For this semester, the party's already over for all 86 fraternities and sororities at Rutgers University. After a series of alcohol-related incidents at the New Jersey university—and fraternity scandals across the country—officials say they have "placed a moratorium through the end of the semester on parties...

UVa Sororities Fume Over Ban from Key Fraternities Event

National chapters' action prompts petition

(Newser) - Sorority members at the University of Virginia are taking a stand over a rule they argue is rooted in discrimination. This Saturday is bid night at UVa campus fraternities, an event in which the sorority sisters normally take part—but this year, national chapters are requiring many of them to...

It Costs a Heck of a Lot to Be in a Sorority

'New York Times' looks at what girls pay after they pledge

(Newser) - You've made the cut—now cut a check. The New York Times today dives into just how much it costs to be in a sorority. The upshot: a lot, and it's a total that frequently isn't conveyed to women swept up in the excitement of rush. The...

Now UConn Boots Frat in 'Bacon' Hazing

SAE gets kicked out for 5 years over sorority hazing incident

(Newser) - It's not every day a fraternity gets itself kicked out over sorority hazing, but UConn has unceremoniously dumped Sigma Alpha Epsilon on the heels of giving Kappa Kappa Gamma the boot last week—both over hazing allegations by a former member of the sorority who said she was forced...

U of Ala. Sororities Blocked Blacks: Campus Report

Sorority members are speaking out, pointing fingers at alumni

(Newser) - At least two black women were barred from pledging University of Alabama's 16 sororities—a member of the university's board says the number of women is actually higher—and one of the bigger twists to the story is that sorority members, not the pledges themselves, were the ones...

Cops Fired Bullet That Killed Hofstra Student

Police say Dalton Smith was using Andrea Rebello as human shield

(Newser) - The Hofstra University junior who died early Friday in a home invasion was killed by a bullet fired by police, reports the New York Daily News in a sad coda in the death of Andrea Rebello. Police say the fatal bullet was one of eight fired by a veteran cop...

New Fraternity Cuisine: Kegs and Creme Brulee

Top chefs are choosing the quad over restaurant row

(Newser) - Ken Cobb has given up locales like the Playboy Mansion for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat at Southern Methodist University. Part of a growing number of highly trained chefs leaving upscale restaurants, country clubs, and even the high table of Hugh Hefner to cook for the college set, Cobb has...

Third Miami U Sorority Suspended After Raging Formal

Turns out sisters can be just as gross as frat bros

(Newser) - Miami University appears to be having a bit of a problem with its sororities: For the third time in a month, a spring formal turned truly disgusting, resulting in probation. This time it was the Zeta Tau Alphas who filled a bus with trash and vomit and harassed the driver,...

Texas Frat Boy Branded by 'Brothers'

Kappa Sigma member says he only gave consent for 1 butt cheek

(Newser) - A Texan fraternity is being investigated after members had too many beers and treated a fraternity brother like a steer—by branding him with Greek letters. Texas Christian University student Amos Carter IV suffered second- and third-degree burns when his Kappa Sigma brothers used a red-hot coat hanger on his...

Critics Slash Sorority Row
 Critics Slash Sorority Row 
moviE review

Critics Slash Sorority Row

Horror comedy fails to frighten or amuse

(Newser) - The scantily clad sisters of Theta Pi dish out catty quips and grisly murders in Sorority Row, a retread of '80s horror hit The House on Sorority Row. Neither the comedy nor the horror adds up to much, say critics:
  • With its stars "looking more like whores than coeds,

Anthrax Suspect Was Obsessed With Sorority

Link to Kappa Kappa Gamma helps explain some puzzling details

(Newser) - The top suspect in the 2001 anthrax attacks was fixated on a sorority that has a chapter within 100 yards of the New Jersey mailbox from which the toxin-laced letters were sent, the AP reports. Federal officials say scientist Bruce Ivins had been obsessed with Kappa Kappa Gamma since his...

College Uses Facebook to Police Student Parties

Seattle U cites warns students who break the rules

(Newser) - A Seattle school is tracking student parties through Facebook and threatening students who break the rules, the Seattle Times reports. Seattle University recently scrapped a party where men were to wear flipped-up collars, and women Victoria's Secret or Abercrombie and Fitch. "You will be held responsible" for hosting a...

Pretty Faces Make Profitable Sororities

DePauw Delta Zeta purge of non-white members was a business decision

(Newser) - An Indiana sorority that elicited national outrage for kicking out 23 overweight or non-white members did so not just for "Aryan uniformity" but for the sake of the almighty dollar, writes the New Republic's Alexandra Robbins. The DePauw University's flagging Delta Zeta chapter believed that a prettier sisterhood would...

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