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Roommate Armed With Bacteria, Needles 'Essentially Went Mad'

Janie Lynn Ridd injected friend with E.coli, insulin

(Newser) - A Utah woman had so much faith in her roommate that she made her the beneficiary of a $500,000 life insurance policy. In turn, the roommate knocked out the woman with sedatives and injected her with insulin and E.coli, reports the Deseret News . "She essentially went mad,...

Someone Was Taking His Pills, So He Pulled a Switcheroo

Someone Was Stealing His Pills, So He Pulled a Switcheroo

(Newser) - Roommates can sometimes have trouble with food stolen from the fridge . For Jayme Ream of Pinellas Park, Fla., the issue was pills. He takes them for pain tied to a 2011 incident in which fellow football coaches went after him following a game. When he realized the pills were disappearing,...

He Thought He Won $10K on a Scratch-Off. It Was Much More

And then the ticket went missing—and his roommate has been arrested

(Newser) - A California man was recently hit with three surprises: one, that he'd won big bucks from a lottery ticket; two, that the prize was way more than he thought; and three, that his roommate swiped it and tried to claim it as his own. The San Francisco Chronicle reports...

Chemistry Major Accused of Poisoning Roommate

Lehigh student was hospitalized with thallium poisoning

(Newser) - Lehigh University student Juwal Royal thought he had a "cordial" relationship with Yukai Yang, his roommate of four years. But for months, prosecutors say, Yang was trying to kill him. Yang, a chemistry major from China, faces charges including attempted murder and aggravated assault for allegedly putting the chemical...

Roommate Ate Her $2 Yogurt. She Used DNA to Find Culprit

Definitely a reasonable reaction

(Newser) - You'll likely look more kindly upon even the most passive-aggressive roommate after reading this story out of Taiwan. A female student at Taipei's Chinese Culture University didn't resort to an angry fridge note after discovering one of her yogurt-drink containers empty in the trash of the home...

Student Arrested for Sickening Campaign Against Roommate

She licked utensils, smeared bodily fluids on backpack

(Newser) - A University of Hartford student has been expelled and is facing a hate crime charge after allegedly waging a disgusting campaign to force the black roommate she nicknamed "Jamaican Barbie" to move—and bragging about it online. "After one and a half months spitting in her coconut oil,...

Demands of College Roommate From Hell Go Viral

Demands of
College Roommate
From Hell
Go Viral

Demands of College Roommate From Hell Go Viral

Ashly seems like a sweetheart

(Newser) - There's no better way to start off college than by proving yourself to be a "ticking time bomb"—or being forced to live with one. The latter is UCLA freshman Winnie Chen's predicament. Less than 48 hours after Chen and her two future roommates, Guistinna and...

What It's Like to Get Justice From 'Judge Judy'

Show offered family some relief after a harrowing period: Leah Smith

(Newser) - After a woman facing money trouble clashed with her roommates, she found solace in an unlikely source: Judge Judy. The woman's daughter, Leah Smith, offers a firsthand account of the emotionally and financially draining experience at the Billfold , from her mother's move-in to her televised victory. Her mother,...

After 30 Years, Lawmakers Are No Longer Roomies

Schumer, Durbin, Miller say goodbye to 'Alpha House'

(Newser) - George, Rich, and Chuck have lived like typical roommates for the last 30 years, poking fun at Chuck for dropping crumbs, having heated battles over whether Cheerios or Frosted Mini-Wheats is best, and getting on each other for not picking up after themselves. But last week, they packed up and...

7 Pairs of Celeb Roommates
 7 Pairs of Celeb Roommates 

7 Pairs of Celeb Roommates

You may not have known these stars lived together

(Newser) - Want to live with a celebrity? Try being a celebrity yourself. The Stir rounds up celebrity pairs you probably didn't know lived together:
  • John Cusack and Jeremy Piven: They were childhood friends in Evanston, Illinois, and lived together in Chicago. But when asked later what happened when Cusack became

A Eulogy for the Random Freshman Year Roommate
A Eulogy for the Random Freshman Year Roommate
in case you missed it

A Eulogy for the Random Freshman Year Roommate

Stuck in small room with someone different helps young people grow

(Newser) - Random room assignments were once a rite of passage for university freshmen, pairing Democrats and Republicans, party animals and studious nerds. But they're becoming a relic of the past, eliminated by a host of social networking websites that allow today's 18-year-olds to track down like-minded potential roomies as...

Victim's Dad Furious at Knox Celebrity

John Kercher lashes parents for never expressing condolences

(Newser) - In all the hoopla surrounding killer Amanda Knox, one person is too often forgotten: her victim, complains the angry father of Meredith Kercher. ''Amanda Knox was found guilty of killing my daughter Meredith," fumes John Kercher in a letter to the Daily Mail . "Yet since that act of...

Let Fate Pick Your College Roomie
 Let Fate Pick 
 Your College Roomie 
maureen dowd

Let Fate Pick Your College Roomie

Matching services ruin a good life lesson

(Newser) - Maureen Dowd is saddened by this new trend of college students using matching services to pick their roommates. If college is supposed to broaden your horizons, what's the point in finding someone exactly like you to live with? As a primer for the real world, letting fate determine your dormmate...

College Bans Hookups When Roomie's Around

Tufts attempts 'to set clear boundaries' for students

(Newser) - A Massachusetts college has a message for oversexed undergrads: Get a room—just not with your roommate in it. Students whose roomies became indiscreet in the heat of passion "expressed concerns that they were experiencing uncomfortable situations," explains a Tufts University rep. The resulting policy bluntly advises: ...

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