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New Report Won't Help Trump on the Russia Narrative

'NYT' says he has repeatedly talked about leaving NATO, and Putin would love that

(Newser) - President Trump has made no secret of his disdain for NATO. Now, the New York Times reports that his displeasure has gone beyond making public criticisms. Quoting anonymous senior administration officials, the newspaper says Trump has repeatedly expressed his desire to withdraw from the alliance. Trump's national security team...

Sweden: We'll Force Mystery Sub to Surface

But finding it won't be easy, 'rusty' military admits

(Newser) - Sweden is continuing to scour its waters for a foreign vessel suspected to be a Russian submarine and says that if it has to, it will use weapons to force it to the surface. The main point of the operation, which is now in its sixth day, "is to...

US Finds Hints of al-Qaeda Among Libyan Rebels

But general stresses it's not the people in charge

(Newser) - US intelligence indicates “flickers” of evidence that there are fighters among the Libyan rebels with ties to al-Qaeda and Hezbollah, but neither group holds significant sway over the movement, Admiral James Stavridis told Congress today. “The intelligence that I'm receiving at this point makes me feel that the...

Top Choices for McChrystal's Job

Mattis, Rodriguez, Allen head candidate pack

(Newser) - With Gen. Stanley McChrystal looking like a goner, attention has turned to the Afghanistan commander's possible replacements. Marine Gen. James Mattis and Marine Lt. Gen. John Allen appear to be frontrunners, though Thomas Ricks notes in Foreign Policy that Mattis, ironically, "has a reputation... for speaking a little too...

Arctic Thaw May Lead to NATO-Russia Chill

New Euro chief warns of competition for resources

(Newser) - NATO’s new European commander is wary of Russian intentions in the Arctic, where climate change is opening up trade routes and access to billions of barrels of oil. James Stavridis looks “at the high north and I think it could either be a zone of conflict, I hope...

5 Stories