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The Organ Whose Name We Are Loathe to Speak Is a Marvel

And a much debated one at that

(Newser) - "The moment you say 'anus,' you can hear a pin drop in the room." So a jellyfish biologist at the University of North Carolina at Asheville tells Katherine Wu, who has written a fascinating piece for the Atlantic about this "evolutionary marvel" that also happens...

Paleontologists Gain Insight Into a Dinosaur's Butt
Paleontologists Gain Insight
Into a Dinosaur's Butt
new study

Paleontologists Gain Insight Into a Dinosaur's Butt

They're able to re-create in 3D a cloacal opening

(Newser) - It's a first for paleontology, and one that might produce a giggle. For the first time, scientists have been able to describe in fine detail a dinosaur's cloaca. If you're not familiar with that body part, CNET translates: It's essentially "a jack-of-all-trades butthole." The...

What Happened in This Wawa Did Not Stay in This Wawa

Video of bare-butted fight in South Florida goes viral

(Newser) - We can say don't make a Florida joke, but it may be impossible when it comes to the tale of a fight the Sun Sentinel says "nobody wanted to see, but millions have watched." A video of the scuffle, which took place in the early morning hours...

Queen Guitarist Suffers Unfortunate Garden Injury

'I managed to rip my Gluteus Maximus to shreds,' says Brian May

(Newser) - Queen guitarist Brian May has been hospitalized, but this has nothing to do with the coronavirus. The British rocker took to Instagram Thursday to announce he'd ripped a butt muscle. "I managed to rip my Gluteus Maximus to shreds in a moment of over-enthusiastic gardening," wrote the...

After BMJ Shares Cheeky Photos, Embarrassed Couple Butts In
They Were Treated
for a Parasite.
Then Their Butts
Were Everywhere

They Were Treated for a Parasite. Then Their Butts Were Everywhere

'BMJ' withdraws journal article after embarrassed patients complain about the exposure

(Newser) - After suffering painful red rashes on their backsides, a husband and wife were left red in the face—so much so that a case study of their ordeal has now been pulled from the prestigious British Medical Journal. As BMJ tells the Washington Post , the British pair whose bottoms became...

Say Goodbye to the Hospital Butt-Hang

New hospital gown promises easy access for medical staff but coverage for patients

(Newser) - "Embarrassing backside exposure" may soon be a thing of the past—at least when it comes to hospital gowns. "The current patient gown, with the ties in the back, reinforces a power imbalance between patients and caregivers," Dr. Mark Smith, head of the MedStar Institute for Innovation,...

Restorers Surprised by What They Found in Jesus' Butt

Statue's posterior contains 240-year-old time capsule

(Newser) - It turns out Jesus' butt has a lot to teach us about life in 18th century Spain. A wooden statue of Jesus on the cross hanging in the Church of Santa Agueda in Sotillo de la Ribera, Spain, was old and in need of fixing up, Science Alert reports. According...

Swift: DJ 'Stayed Attached to My Bare Ass-Cheek'

Singer testifies in groping lawsuit

(Newser) - Taylor Swift testified Thursday that a former radio DJ reached under her skirt and intentionally grabbed her backside underneath her skirt during a meet-and-greet photo session before a 2013 concert in Denver, the AP reports. "He stayed attached to my bare ass-cheek as I lurched away from him,"...

Florida City Under Siege by 'Butt Graffiti'

'It's not very creative'

(Newser) - "It is clearly an image of a butt," a coffee shop employee tells Fox 13 regarding a piece of graffiti that recently appeared in their bathroom. But police have a different view. "What it looks like to us is vandalism," Assistant Police Chief Jim Previterra says....

Stoned Man Calls Cops on Dog That 'Shot' Him in Butt

The tale of the phantom gunshot

(Newser) - We suppose many different kinds of injuries inflicted upon one's fleshy backside can feel like a gunshot—especially if that someone is stoned out of his mind and possibly suffering from pot-induced paranoia. That's apparently what happened to a man Thursday in Groesbeck, Texas, who called the cops...

Preteen Girl Arrested for Pinching Boy's Butt
 Preteen Girl Arrested 
 After Pinching Boy's Butt 

Preteen Girl Arrested After Pinching Boy's Butt

'It's just stupid, just a stupid charge'

(Newser) - A 12-year-old girl in Florida is facing misdemeanor battery charges for—of all things—pinching a boy's butt in between classes, WKMG reports. According to WFTV , Breana Evans and her friends "were just pinching random people" at Milwee Middle School to see their reactions. She says it's...

Soccer Players Suspended Over 'Ugly' Butt Squeeze

Two Iranian players fined $37K as well

(Newser) - Some rear action has landed cheeky soccer players in trouble with Iranian officials. Two players are being fined $37,000 each and suspended from their Persepolis team for a celebratory "butt squeeze" following a goal against Damash Gilan in a televised game. The "shameless act upset, angered, and...

Serial Butt-Slasher Stalking Malls

Slicer won't stop until he's caught, police warn

(Newser) - Young women shopping in northern Virginia malls should watch their butts, police warn. A serial slasher is believed to be responsible for at least five attacks in the region, and cops believe he won't stop slashing until he's caught, the New York Daily News reports. An 18-year-old woman...

Pippa Loses 'Rear of the Year' Award

Apparently, it is a 'coveted' honor

(Newser) - SCANDAL: Pippa Middleton, whose butt became famous after the royal wedding, failed to snag the UK’s Rear of the Year Award—and she lost to a 50-year-old. TV presenter Carol Vorderman took home the top booty title after receiving a “deluge” of votes, organizers tell the Daily Express...

Forget Push-Up Bras: These Panties Plump Up Your Butt

What's with the newfound love of cushy derrieres?

(Newser) - First the “ butt bra ,” now padded panties: Obviously big booties are the latest trend. Amy Keyishian discovered Booty Pop panties, which are basically “fake butt cheeks,” she writes on Café Mom , “so you can get the Beyoncé effect without all the tasty food.” Yours...

Your Butt Crack Needs Some Bling: Entrepreneur

Backtacular Gluteal Cleft Shield covers the gap low-rise pants leave

(Newser) - Low-rise pants fans, rejoice: The Backtacular Gluteal Cleft Shield is here to preserve what's left of your modesty. Kimberlily, which makes the bedazzled denim decals, is looking for a publicist, and the company's pitch made its way to the Fashionista blog. The source, clearly uninterested in adding a client, writes,...

Meet the Biniki: The Bra for Your Butt

This 'bumkini' can help you achieve J Lo-like perkiness

(Newser) - Wishing you had a butt like JLo’s? Look no further: The Biniki (or “bumkini,” as the Daily Mail nicknames it) can give you a boost. Developed by a psychologist who was depressed with her butt’s sagginess after she lost weight, the Biniki utilizes a belt around...

American Apparel Wants Your Butt

Clothing chain launches disturbing search for derriere model

(Newser) - American Apparel’s latest disturbing bid for publicity is ... the search for America’s Next Bottom Model. The clothing chain is asking ladies to submit photos of their booties—clad in, what else, American Apparel products—which will then be rated by, well, everyone who clicks here . Your votes won’...

Teacher Fired for Butt Art Paints Colbert for Charity

Stan Murmur's auctioning portrait to benefit Va. public schools

(Newser) - A Virginia teacher fired after a YouTube clip surfaced of him using his posterior to paint is turning the other cheek—and auctioning off a portrait of comedian Stephen Colbert to benefit public schools. Stan Murmur uses what WTVR-TV calls “the anthropometric monotype method of painting. That means he...

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