James Byrd, Jr.

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His Death Shocked the World. Now, a 2nd Man Will Die for It

John William King to be executed in Texas Wednesday for the murder of James Byrd Jr.

(Newser) - A high-profile execution is scheduled to take place in Huntsville, Texas, Wednesday night. John William King, 44, is set to die for the gruesome 1998 murder of James Byrd Jr., a black man who was on June 7, 1998, offered a ride home in Jasper. The offer was a ruse:...

Aryan Brotherhood Kingpin Gets 50 'Very Hard Years'

Sentence keeps James Byrd out of federal prison

(Newser) - James Byrd is a sadistic, ruthless Aryan Brotherhood of Texas kingpin, and prosecutors have won a long fight to keep him out of federal prison. Instead, Tarrant County prosecutor Allenna Bangs tells the Houston Chronicle , the 45-year-old will serve a 50-year sentence in a Texas state prison, where his gang...

White Supremacist Executed in Texas Dragging Death

Lawrence Brewer put to death for murder of James Byrd Jr.

(Newser) - The Troy Davis case isn't the only big capital punishment story making headlines tonight. Texas authorities executed Lawrence Russell Brewer for his role in the brutal death of James Byrd Jr. in 1998, reports AP . Brewer and two other white men chained Byrd, a 49-year-old black man, to the...

Swastika Branders Guilty of Fed Hate Crime

Neo-nazi pair burned, shaved swastika into Navajo

(Newser) - The first men prosecuted under a federal hate crime law have pleaded guilty to carving a swastika into the arm of a Navajo Indian. New Mexican neo-Nazis Paul Beebe and Jesse Sanford admitted using a hot wire to brand the arm of their mentally challenged victim, 22. They also shaved...

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