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Nicolas Cage Buys Pyramid-Shape Tomb

Wait, isn't he broke?

(Newser) - Oh, Nicolas Cage…when will you learn? Your castle-buying habit already got you in massive debt, so you go out and purchase a pyramid? The good news: It’s not an actual pyramid, just a 9-foot-tall tomb shaped like one…which he won’t use until he’s one day...

10 Celebs With Tax Problems
 10 Celebs With Tax Problems 

10 Celebs With Tax Problems

Making bundles of cash doesn't guarantee you won't evade

(Newser) - Not too many of us are celebrating Tax Day, but some celebrities are probably even less happy about it than you. The Frisky rounds up 10 who owe back taxes:
  • Pamela Anderson: Perhaps Dancing With the Stars will help her pay some of the $493,144 she owes California.
  • Wesley

No Takers at Nic Cage Foreclosure Auction

 No Takers 
 at Nic Cage 
mansion is 'frat house bordello'

No Takers at Nic Cage Foreclosure Auction

Even at a mere $10.4M, no one bit on 'bizarre' Bel-Air mansion

(Newser) - Nicolas Cage’s foreclosed Bel-Air mansion went up for auction yesterday, but apparently no one wanted a 6-bedroom, 9-bath compound with comic books covering the walls and a model train circling the ceilings. No one bid even the minimum $10.4 million, the Los Angeles Times reports, meaning that ownership...

Babymama Sues Nicolas Cage for $13M
 Sues Nicolas 
 Cage for $13M 

the broke get broker

Babymama Sues Nicolas Cage for $13M

Christina Fulton says broke actor caused her $1.2M in debt

(Newser) - Just when it seemed Nicolas Cage couldn’t possibly get more broke than he already is, his ex is suing him for fraud and breach of contract—and wants $13 million. Christina Fulton says Nicolas Cage “gave” her a Los Angeles home years ago in exchange for raising son...

Manager: I Warned Nic Not to Buy That Castle...

Broke Nicolas Cage countersued by business manager

(Newser) - The business manager Nicolas Cage is suing for fraud is suing the actor right back, claiming he warned Cage he would have to make $30 million a year to support his extravagant lifestyle. Samuel J. Levin’s suit also claims he cautioned the actor—who recently lost two New Orleans...

How Nicolas Cage Really Went Broke
How Nicolas Cage Really Went Broke

How Nicolas Cage Really Went Broke

Actor 'spent money like it was water,' friends say

(Newser) - Nicolas Cage’s money woes aren’t all his money manager’s fault. Cage “lived like a sheik,” a friend tells the Daily Beast . “Spent money like it was water.” Here’s a sample of what he spent it on:
  • More than a dozen homes, including

What Broke Celebs Can Teach Us

 What Broke 
 Celebs Can 
 Teach Us 

What Broke Celebs Can Teach Us

Don't make the same mistakes as Nicolas Cage and Annie Leibovitz

(Newser) - Celebrities really are just like us: During these financially stressful times, they’re suffering, too. On Huffington Post, Manisha Thakor points out the takeaway from four high-profile meltdowns.
  • NBA Player Antoine Walker: Squandered away his $110 million fortune by age 33. The lesson? If you have a variable income, don’

Nicolas Cage Selling Vegas Mansion to Cover Debt

Actor owes IRS $6.6M, is suing former manager

(Newser) - Nicolas Cage must sell his $10 million Las Vegas mansion to help cover the $6.6 million he owes to the IRS in back taxes and penalties. The Nevada estate is just the latest property Cage has been forced to put up for sale to cover his mounting debt, and...

Celebs Feel Pinch of Recession

Jacko, LiLo among high-profilers with tight finances

(Newser) - We already know the recession has hit celebs like Michael Jackson, forced to auction off his belongings and stage 50 concerts in London to earn cash. But what other stars are feeling the pinch? ABC News reports on a few:
  • Nicolas Cage sold one—yes, just one—of his castles

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