2012 Presidential Candidates

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Green Party Candidate Arrested at Debate

Jill Stein, running mate held for hours after attempting entry

(Newser) - President Obama and Mitt Romney weren't the only candidates at Hofstra University yesterday. The Green Party's Jill Stein and running mate Cheri Honkala made an appearance, too—and got arrested for their trouble. The pair spent some 20 minutes trying to get into the debate hall, Politico reports,...

Paul Ryan Airing New Ads for ... House Campaign

He's likely to beat the Democratic underdog running against him in WI

(Newser) - Looks like Paul Ryan wants some insurance. The vice presidential nominee is putting out some new ads in his home state of Wisconsin, but they won't be touting his campaign with Mitt Romney. Instead, they'll be for his bid to keep his House seat, reports the Washington Post...

Obama Sets Campaign Spending Record

And that may not be a good thing

(Newser) - The Obama campaign shelled out around $400 million between the beginning of 2011 and June 30 of this year, more than any incumbent in recent history has spent in such a short span, shows a New York Times analysis of Federal Election Commission records. In June alone, Obama spent a...

Wages Flat Since Obama Took Office

It could be big topic tomorrow, as Romney declares 'talk is cheap'

(Newser) - Wages have stayed virtually frozen since President Obama took office, a fact that Politico notes is starting to get some traction on the campaign trail. When adjusted for inflation, the average hourly wage has crept up a meager 42 cents to $23.41 since 2008. High unemployment is a factor,...

Which GOP Losers Are Drowning in Debt?

Santorum, Gingrich deeply in red, Ron Paul is debt-free

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum may hate the US national debt, but for now they have a much more local spending fight on their hands—their personal campaign costs. As of the end of April, Santorum had $2.3 million in debt versus just $1.3 million in cash reserves,...

Gingrich: 'CNN Is Less Biased Than Fox'

Newt claims Fox News has been shilling for Romney all along

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich is not happy with his former employer , Fox News, which he accused yesterday of backing Mitt Romney since the beginning of the Republican nomination race. "Callista and I both believe CNN is less biased than Fox this year," he said at a private meeting of Delaware...

Romney Grabs Lead in Pennsylvania

 Grabs Lead 
 in Pennsylvania 
poll numbers

Romney Grabs Lead in Pennsylvania

Meanwhile, Santorum says 'damn right' we cling to guns, religion

(Newser) - Bad news for Rick Santorum: Mitt Romney has taken the lead in Santorum's own home state of Pennsylvania. Romney is at 42% support and Santorum at 37% in the latest Public Policy Poll , followed by Ron Paul with 9% and Newt Gingrich at 6%. That's a gain of...

What We Learned Last Night
 What We Learned Last Night 
primary takeaways

What We Learned Last Night

Mitt Romney sweeps primaries, but Rick Santorum not going anywhere

(Newser) - Mitt Romney scored a hat trick, winning all three of yesterday's primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. CNN and Politico each offer five takeaways:
  • Wisconsin rejected Rick Santorum: It was Santorum's last shot at winning a Midwestern state , and he ignored Maryland in order to

Romney Grabs 7-Point Lead in Wisconsin

But Obama leads Romney in general election polling

(Newser) - Mitt Romney leads Rick Santorum 40% to 33% in Wisconsin, according to a new NBC News-Marist poll . Ron Paul follows in third with 11% and Newt Gingrich is last with 8%. Romney leads the way with moderate and liberal Republicans, conservatives, and those earning more than $75,000 per year....

Adelson: Newt 'At the End of His Line'

Billionaire backer acknowledges Gingrich probably can't win

(Newser) - Looks like even Newt Gingrich's biggest financial backer knows it's all but over for the GOP presidential candidate, the Los Angeles Times reports. "It appears as though he’s at the end of his—at the end of his line," said billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson...

Why Is Gingrich Still In? He's Delusional
Why Is Gingrich Still In?
He's Delusional

Why Is Gingrich Still In? He's Delusional

Newt sees himself as historically significant: Steve Kornacki

(Newser) - Most GOP voters want him to drop out , he's woefully behind in the delegate count, and he's started charging for photo opportunities : Yes, "from a conventional standpoint," there's really no reason for Newt Gingrich to carry on with his presidential run, writes Steve Kornacki in...

Want a Pic With Newt? That'll Be $50

Gingrich starts charging for photos

(Newser) - A picture might be worth 1,000 words, but a picture with Newt Gingrich is now worth 50 clams: As of yesterday, the candidate is charging supporters $50 to take a picture with him. In the past, a campaign staffer had been taking pictures of Gingrich and attendees at his...

Advice to Romney: 'Suit Up and Get Serious'
Advice to Romney:
'Suit Up and Get Serious'

Advice to Romney: 'Suit Up and Get Serious'

Peggy Noonan says it's about time

(Newser) - Peggy Noonan has some advice for Mitt Romney in her latest Wall Street Journal column: He will be the nominee, so it's time to "suit up and get serious," she writes. "Get off the goofball express. Cheesy grits, jeans, singing, being compulsively pleasant, calling your opponents...

Ron Paul: Secret Service 'a Form of Welfare'

But candidate has chosen a code name, he tells Jay Leno

(Newser) - Ron Paul has a Secret Service code name all picked out, but he doesn't want to use it, Politico reports: The presidential candidate doesn't want Secret Service protection because "it's a form of welfare," he told Jay Leno last night. "You know, you’re...

'The Real Mitt Romney' Channels Eminem

 'The Real 
 Mitt Romney' 

'The Real Mitt Romney' Channels Eminem

'Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up?'

(Newser) - Flip-flopping Mitt Romney has been plagued by the question, "Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up?" In a new, brilliant mash-up by Hugh Atkin spotted by the Huffington Post , it's President Obama asking that question in a send-up of the Eminem classic "The Real Slim Shady....

Gingrich Lambastes De Niro for 'White First Lady' Joke

Comment at Obama fundraiser 'inexcusable,' says candidate

(Newser) - Watch out, Robert De Niro, you're on Newt Gingrich's bad side: Gingrich slammed the actor today after De Niro made a joke about first ladies last night at an Obama fundraiser. De Niro, speaking before Michelle Obama at the New York event, wondered, "Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum....

Santorum: I Don't Care About Unemployment

Well, yes he does, he explains after gaffe

(Newser) - Rick Santorum had a pretty big oops moment yesterday while campaigning in Illinois, when he boldly stated, "I don't care what the unemployment rate's going to be. Doesn't matter to me." His campaign "doesn't hinge on unemployment rates and growth rates," apparently....

It All Comes Down to Illinois Now
 It All Comes Down 
 to Illinois Now 

It All Comes Down to Illinois Now

Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum both need this

(Newser) - Having failed to seal up the nomination in yesterday's Southern primaries , it's all about Illinois now for Mitt Romney. That state's Tuesday primary is the next big one, though Missouri will hold caucuses Saturday and Puerto Rico holds its primary Sunday. Politico calls Illinois "the new...

What to Watch for in Today's Primaries
 What to Watch for 
 in Today's Primaries 

What to Watch for in Today's Primaries

Alabama, Mississippi primaries could seal the deal for Romney

(Newser) - Today's primaries in Mississippi and Alabama are playing an unexpectedly pivotal role in the GOP presidential race. What to keep an eye on, per NPR and Politico :
  • Will Mitt finally win in the South? He's failed to take any of the southern states so far, but he's

Gingrich: Romney Too Rich to Get Gas Prices

Mitt doesn't understand importance of lowering prices, Newt says

(Newser) - Mitt Romney recently panned Newt Gingrich's promise of $2.50-per-gallon gasoline if he's elected president, and Gingrich fired back today on Fox & Friends , claiming Romney just doesn't understand the importance of lowering the price. "If you’re Mitt Romney and you’re rich enough, maybe...

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