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Deep South Braces for 'Paralyzing' Winter Storm

Schools closed; hundreds of flights canceled

(Newser) - The next big winter storm is reportedly on its way, and this time, it's the Deep South that will be feeling its effects. The Weather Channel sees 40 million people in the path of Winter Storm Leon, which an expert says could bring once-in-a-generation weather; another calls the storm...

Army: Stopping Asian Carp Could Take 25 Years

Great Lakes solution will cost up to $18B

(Newser) - The fight to keep Asian carp from colonizing the Great Lakes could take longer than any war America has ever fought, the Army Corps of Engineers warns in a report commissioned by Congress. The report offered eight strategies to keep the invasive species from overwhelming the ecosystem and ruining a...

Treatment Plants May Miss Half the Drugs in Sewage

Antibiotics, herbicide among chemicals found in Great Lakes study

(Newser) - Treatment plants may only be getting rid of about half the drugs and other "chemicals of emerging concern" that turn up in our sewage, a study finds. Officials in a joint US-Canadian study of the Great Lakes assessed 42 of these chemicals using a decade's worth of data,...

A 300-Year-Old Mystery Sits Below Lake Michigan

There's something buried in the lake—is it a 17th century ship?

(Newser) - There's a 40-foot long, 18-foot wide object buried below Lake Michigan, and Steve Libert really hopes it's a 17th-century ship. Libert has been searching for a ship called the Griffin for three decades now. In 2001, he discovered a blackened timber slab near Poverty Island which may have...

Famed 1913 Shipwreck Unearthed in Lake Superior
Famed 1913 Shipwreck Unearthed in Lake Superior
in case you missed it

Famed 1913 Shipwreck Unearthed in Lake Superior

Henry B. Smith went down almost exactly a century ago

(Newser) - Jerry Eliason describes it as "the most satisfying find of my shipwreck-hunting career"—but the sunken ship he speaks of slumbers not in the depths of the Atlantic or Pacific, but off the shores of Marquette, Michigan. The Duluth News Tribune reports on the fascinating coda to the...

Great Lakes' Plan: Water- Based 'Blue Economy'

New businesses to include resorts, labs, manufacturing

(Newser) - Cities surrounding the Great Lakes have had it tough since their manufacturing industries dwindled—but now, they're hoping for a comeback based on an enormous resource: the Lakes themselves. "We all recognize that water has become more and more of a precious commodity," says Milwaukee mayor Tom...

The Lonely Tale of a Shipwreck's Sole Survivor

Dennis Hale survived 1966 wreck in Great Lakes during brutal blizzard

(Newser) - The SS Daniel J. Morrell was the second-to-last shipwreck on the Great Lakes, torn apart by a fierce blizzard on Nov. 28, 1966. Dennis Hale was the sole survivor of that wreck, and his harrowing tale is detailed in the Morning News . Hale had been sleeping when, around midnight, the...

Lake Erie's Garbage Patch May Be Worst of All

Scientists find concentrations of plastic denser than those in ocean

(Newser) - Huge swaths of plastic floating in the ocean get all the attention as emblems of nasty pollution, but rival patches closer to home in Lake Erie are in some ways worse, reports the Atlantic Cities blog. A new study finds that the lake has dense patches of tiny bits of...

2 Great Lakes Hit Record Lows on Water Level

Lakes Huron and Michigan continue to drop

(Newser) - Two of the Great Lakes have hit their lowest water levels ever recorded, the US Army Corps of Engineers said today, capping more than a decade of below-normal rain and snowfall and higher temperatures that boost evaporation. Measurements taken last month show Lake Huron and Lake Michigan have reached their...

Midwest Blizzard Kills 7
 Midwest Blizzard Kills 7 

Midwest Blizzard Kills 7

1K flights canceled as storm begins to pass

(Newser) - Seven people died across four states as a winter storm continued to tear through the Midwest, dumping more than a foot of snow on sections of Iowa and Wisconsin. A 25-car pileup in Iowa killed two people, and nearly 100 accidents were reported in the state by late last night....

Erie, Ontario Fare Worst in Study of Great Lakes

Lake Superior relatively clean in comparison

(Newser) - A three-year environmental study has produced a color-coded map of the Great Lakes, with Ontario and Erie clearly under the most stress from a hodgepodge of factors, reports the Detroit Free Press . (See the map here .) One big culprit with those two lakes, however, is fertilizer runoff from farms,...

Yum? Great Lakes Provide Lampreys for Queen's Pie

England needs them for Elizabeth's jubilee dessert

(Newser) - The slimy eel-like creature known as a sea lamprey happens to be the special ingredient in a traditional English pie that will be cooked up for Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate the 60th anniversary of her reign in June, reports the Detroit Free Press . But the animals are endangered and...

Prozac Killing Great Lakes' Bacteria

Scientists fear for ecosystems

(Newser) - E. coli and other microbes in the Great Lakes are dying off thanks to traces of Prozac in the water, scientists find—and that’s not necessarily good news. “Your immediate thought is, 'Well, that's good, because they're not supposed to be there anyways,” a...

Wacky Winter Seen As Sign of Climate Change

Less ice means more moisture in air and more precipitation, study says

(Newser) - The severe winter weather affecting the United States is just another symptom of climate change and global warming, says a new report. The National Wildlife Federation study surmises that the unusual volume of precipitation this year is the result of more atmospheric moisture because the Great Lakes are “less...

Crazy Carp Spark Great Lakes Brouhaha

Mich. sues Ill. in latest move to block voracious fish

(Newser) - Michigan sued neighboring Illinois last week, a most un-neighborly move aimed at blocking the invasive Asian carp from the Great Lakes—and re-reversing the flow of the Chicago River. The case is likely to end up in the Supreme Court, notes the Washington Post , and resurrects another from 1922 over...

Gray Wolf Back on Endangered List

Court overrules Bush administration's move to cross it off

(Newser) - A federal court restored gray wolves to the endangered species list in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin yesterday, again making it not OK to kill wolves that attack livestock or pets, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. In answer to a lawsuit by environmental groups, a judge said the wolves couldn’t...

Great Lakes Study Mired in Politics: Author

Scientist says feds didn't like pollution report, reassigned him

(Newser) - A report suggesting industrial contamination in the Great Lakes poses health threats to residents is being suppressed by the feds, says study author Chris De Rosa, who also claims he was demoted because of his findings. The study found 230,000 "vulnerable" people are living in polluted areas, but...

Blizzard Death Toll Hits 22
Blizzard Death Toll Hits 22

Blizzard Death Toll Hits 22

Snow and howling winds wreak havoc in nation's heartland

(Newser) - The death toll from a winter storm that pummeled the upper Midwest rose to 22 today, the AP reports. The worst of the storm is over for the region, but it left behind icy highways and downed power lines, especially in Wisconsin, Illinois, and upper Michigan. Remnants of the storm...

Great Lake Getting Less Superior
Great Lake Getting Less Superior

Great Lake Getting Less Superior

(Newser) - Water levels in Lake Superior are down a whole foot this year, and scientists say man is to blame. The world's largest body of fresh water by surface area has suffered an on-and-off drought for four years, but levels may reach an all-time low this summer. Climate change is partially...

Polluted Fish Swamp Great Lakes
Fish Swamp Great Lakes

Polluted Fish Swamp Great Lakes

Industrial chemicals raise contaminant levels into range unsafe for eating

(Newser) - Industrial chemicals contaminate many species of fish that populate the Great Lakes, making them too hazardous for safe human consumption, says a Canadian conservation group. "The lakes continue to be polluted to such an extent that human health is threatened," says a report released yesterday that lists industrial...

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