Great Lakes

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Missing on the Great Lakes This Winter: Ice

Coverage is at a 50-year low

(Newser) - This is not the winter for ice-fishing on the Great Lakes, at least so far. Researchers say ice coverage on the five lakes on Jan. 1 was a measly 0.35%, the lowest since measurements began 50 years ago, reports CNN . Typically, total coverage on the first of the year...

They Tracked Giant Goldfish for Years to Learn How to Kill Them
Massive Goldfish Wreaking
Havoc in the Great Lakes

Massive Goldfish Wreaking Havoc in the Great Lakes

Researchers propose culling invasive fish numbering in the millions

(Newser) - Communities have for years urged pet owners to stop dumping their goldfish . But the problem of the invasive fish has only ballooned along with their bodies—at least in the Great Lakes. "There are literally millions of goldfish in the Great Lakes, if not tens of millions," Nicholas...

For the Great Lakes, It's a Historic First
For the Great Lakes,
It's a Historic First
in case you missed it

For the Great Lakes, It's a Historic First

Waukesha, Wisconsin, becomes first community outside Great Lakes basin to receive lake water

(Newser) - For the first time, water from the Great Lakes is flowing to a community outside the Great Lakes basin. Waukesha, Wisconsin, a Milwaukee suburb of about 70,000 on the shores of the Fox River, has been working for decades to transition its water supply as the river, its previous...

Team Researching Mussels Finds Shipwreck From 1895

Lake Huron wreck was covered in invasive mussels

(Newser) - A husband-and-wife team filming a documentary on invasive mussels in the Great Lakes found a shipwreck from 1895—covered in mussels. Yvonne Drebert and Zach Melnick searched the Lake Huron lakebed after fisheries scientists notified them of an "unusual bump" in a flat area, CBS News reports. They say...

Ship That Met Tragic End in Lake Huron Is Found

Ironton's captain, some crew got into a lifeboat that was pulled to bottom

(Newser) - Though it went down in a perilous swath of northern Lake Huron that has devoured many a ship, the Ironton's fate seems particularly cruel. The 191-foot cargo vessel collided with a grain hauler on a blustery night in September 1894, sinking both. The Ironton's captain and six sailors...

'Paralyzing' Snowstorm Forecast for Buffalo Area

'Prolonged lake-effect snow event' could dump up to 4 feet of snow on region

(Newser) - Residents of the Buffalo area have been told to brace for a potentially "historic" early-season snowstorm that could dump up to 4 feet of snow on the region by Saturday morning. The National Weather Service says a "prolonged lake-effect snow event" is developing in western New York state,...

'Winter Grab' Seeks to Solve a Great Lakes 'Puzzle'

Scientists from US, Canada try to figure out what happens under surface of lakes when frozen

(Newser) - More than a dozen scientific crews from US and Canadian universities and government agencies are venturing onto the frozen Great Lakes to help unravel the lakes' winter secrets. The field studies over the past few weeks—a collective effort known as the "Winter Grab"—are intended to boost...

Army Is Creating a 'Zone of Chaos' for Invasive Carp

They hope acoustic, bubble, and electric barriers will keep them out of Lake Michigan

(Newser) - The US Army Corps of Engineers wants to send a message to invasive carp trying to enter the Great Lakes through Chicago-area waterways: Welcome to Hell. The Biden administration has released funding for a project that will create a "zone of chaos" for the unwanted fish, reports....

His Last Act: Saving 2 Kids From Drowning

Missouri's Thomas J. Walker failed to emerge from Lake Michigan on Sunday

(Newser) - A Missouri man jumped into Lake Michigan to save two children from drowning, but was unable to save himself. Thomas J. Walker, 40, died Sunday after rescuing the two boys, who were his relatives, at the lakefront in Racine, Wisc., per CNN and TMJ4 . He'd entered the water near...

Major Waves Form on Great Lakes Ahead of Storm

Northeast is in for heavy snow and winds

(Newser) - A mass of cold air sent a north wind over the Great Lakes region, causing large waves to form in the lakes and prompting lakeshore flood warnings and wind advisories. Lake Ontario could have 20-foot waves, CNN reports, and similar swells have been spotted in southern Lake Michigan. The waves...

Around the Great Lakes, High Water Takes a Toll

“It’s never been like this, never,” says one homeowner on the shore of Lake Michigan

(Newser) - High water is wreaking havoc across the Great Lakes, which are bursting at the seams less than a decade after bottoming out, per the AP . The sharp turnabout is fueled by the region’s wettest period in more than a century, which scientists say is likely connected to the...

Great Mystery of the Great Lakes Is Solved
Great Mystery of the
Great Lakes Is Solved

Great Mystery of the Great Lakes Is Solved

SS Clifton found 100 miles south of last known location in Lake Huron

(Newser) - "Of the remaining shipwrecks left to find in the Great Lakes, the Clifton would easily be number one," says shipwreck hunter David Trotter. That's because the disappearance of the SS Clifton in 1924 is "one of the Great Lakes' greatest mysteries"—and one that Trotter...

Lake Huron Spits Out Not One, but 2 Century-Old Shipwrecks

Researchers say they've located the Ohio and the Choctaw off Michigan's Presque Isle

(Newser) - Two shipwrecks more than a century old have been found in the deep waters of Lake Huron, maritime archaeologists announced Friday. Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary officials say they recently confirmed the identities of the wooden freighter Ohio and steel-hulled steamer Choctaw, per the AP . Researchers from the federal sanctuary...

Faced With an Invader, Michigan Gets Creative

State turns to public to help block Asian carp

(Newser) - Faced with the threat that Asian carp could enter the Great Lakes, Michigan is turning to the public for new ideas and plans to offer a prize to whoever comes up with a way to stop the voracious fish, reports the AP . Michigan alone has a $38 billion tourism industry,...

The Great Lakes Are Under Invasion by Grass Carp

But there's still time to prevent an ecological disaster

(Newser) - Invasive grass carp have reached three of the Great Lakes and pose a significant environmental risk there, but time remains to prevent them from getting out of hand, according to a scientific analysis released Friday. The voracious grass carp is among four Asian carp species threatening to reach the world'...

Need an Extra $1M? Just Solve This Fishy Dilemma

The Great Lakes simply needs you to solve its invasive Asian carp problem, NBD

(Newser) - Everyone with a constant flow of "new and innovative solutions" churning around in their noggins might want to touch base with Michigan. The state is offering a $1 million purse to anyone who can come up with a way to keep interloping Asian carp out of the Great Lakes,...

This Is the Only Floating ZIP Code in the US

Meet the intrepid mail boat of Detroit's JW Westcott Company

(Newser) - No home or building in the US has the ZIP code 48222, and yet more packages are being delivered to it than ever before. The New York Times has a fascinating peek at life aboard the country's only floating ZIP code, assigned to a nearly 70-year-old boat that calls...

2nd-Oldest Shipwreck Found in Great Lakes

The Washington went down in 1803

(Newser) - The second-oldest confirmed shipwreck in the Great Lakes, an American-built, Canadian-owned sloop that sank in Lake Ontario more than 200 years ago, has been found, a team of underwater explorers says. The three-member Western New York-based team said it discovered the shipwreck this summer in deep water off Oswego, in...

Viking Ship on Epic Journey Hits $400K Snag

It's a good thing Leif Eriksson didn't run into the US Coast Guard

(Newser) - It was an epic journey that was to end with the world's largest Viking ship making a tour of the Great Lakes. Now the ship might have to make a U-turn. The Draken Harald Harfagre—which made stops in the Shetland Islands, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, and Newfoundland while...

Divers Say They've Found 'Holy Grail' of Shipwrecks
 Divers: We've 
 Got 'Holy Grail' 
 of Shipwrecks 

Divers: We've Got 'Holy Grail' of Shipwrecks

La Salle's Griffin was lost in Lake Michigan 335 years ago

(Newser) - There are thousands of shipwrecks at the bottom of the Great Lakes, but one of the very first full-sized ships to go down has been one of the hardest to find. The Griffin, built by French explorer Robert de la Salle, sank in Lake Michigan in 1679 and divers Kevin...

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