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Casey Anthony Breaks Silence on Daughter's Death
Casey Anthony Breaks Silence 

Casey Anthony Breaks Silence

She talks to the AP about Caylee's death

(Newser) - Almost nine years after her 2-year-old daughter Caylee's death—and six years after she was controversially acquitted of murder and child abuse —Casey Anthony has broken her silence about the girl's death in an interview with the AP . "I'm still not even certain as I...

Lawyer: Casey Anthony Lives Like a Hermit

3 years after acquittal, she 'wants to speak out'

(Newser) - It has been almost exactly three years since Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, but she is still essentially a prisoner, one of her lawyers says. Anthony, now 28, lives in an unnamed location in Florida and remains afraid to go out in public...

Casey Anthony Files for Bankruptcy

26-year-old owes about $800K, has $1K in the bank

(Newser) - Casey Anthony is broke: As the Orlando Sentinel reports, the 26-year-old has filed for bankruptcy protection, saying that she owes nearly $800,000 and has $1,084 in the bank. She's also facing three civil lawsuits, including one from Zenaida Gonzalez on grounds of defamation related to the 2008...

Casey Anthony Prosecutors Missed Bombshell: Report
Casey Anthony Prosecutors Missed Bombshell: Report
overlooked evidence

Casey Anthony Prosecutors Missed Bombshell: Report

WKMG reports on overlooked evidence

(Newser) - Prosecutors overlooked a bombshell piece of evidence in the Casey Anthony case, Orlando's WKMG claims. On the day of daughter Caylee's death, someone did a computer search for "fool-proof suffication [sic]" and accessed an article that recommended using poison. Anthony lawyer Jose Baez was aware of the...

Lawyer: Casey Anthony Had Mental Health Issues
Lawyer: Casey Anthony
Had Mental Health Issues

Lawyer: Casey Anthony Had Mental Health Issues

Father's abuse contributed to habitual lying, he claims in new book

(Newser) - Casey Anthony's lawyer criticizes cops, prosecutors, reporters, and "groupies" in his new book, Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story. Jose Baez says his client had "serious mental health issues," reports the AP in a look at an advance copy, and detectives should have realized that...

Florida Releases Names of Casey Anthony Jurors

Judge waited three months for tempers to settle

(Newser) - The jurors who cleared Casey Anthony of murder now might have to explain the verdict to their neighbors. Florida today released the jurors' identities, reports the Orlando Sentinel . Normally, the names are made public immediately after a trial, but the judge ordered a three-month delay given the public outrage over...

Casey Anthony Owes Cops $97K: Judge

Figure less than a fifth of prosecutors' goal

(Newser) - Casey Anthony will have to shell out more than $97,000 to help cover the investigation into her daughter’s disappearance, the judge in her trial ruled today. The money is due largely to local police agencies, though the tab weirdly includes $50 for the Florida State Attorney’s Office,...

Dr. Phil Interview on Casey Anthony Trial: Cindy and George Open Up

 Open Up 
dr. phil interview

Casey Anthony's Parents Open Up

Dr. Phil interviews Cindy, George on Caylee case

(Newser) - Casey Anthony’s parents are finally speaking out about their daughter’s case in an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw set to air tomorrow and Wednesday, and tidbits are trickling out, People reports. In a clip aired this morning on Today , McGraw asks Cindy Anthony about a post she wrote...

Casey Anthony Probation Appeal Rejected
 Court Rejects Anthony Appeal  

Court Rejects Anthony Appeal

Casey Anthony ordered to report to Florida probation office by Friday

(Newser) - Casey Anthony was not serving probation while she was in jail awaiting her murder trial and she must report to a probation office in Florida by noon Friday, an appeals court has decided. The court ruled that the 25-year-old cannot "take advantage" of an administrative error to dodge the...

Caylee Anthony's Grandparents Mark 6th Birthday

100 gather where Caylee's remains were found

(Newser) - Caylee Anthony's grandparents gathered with more than 100 members of the public yesterday to commemorate what would have been the child's sixth birthday. The crowd met in George and Cindy Anthony's Orlando-area neighborhood, near a wooded area where the little girl's remains were found in December...

Casey Anthony, Probation Order is Dangerous: Jose Baez, Defense Attorney
Casey Anthony's Life Would Be in Danger in Florida
says lawyer

Casey Anthony's Life Would Be in Danger in Florida

Baez: Anthony needs county-appointed security to return to Florida

(Newser) - Casey Anthony would be in danger and require county-funded security if she has to come back to Florida from an undisclosed location to serve probation, as ordered by a judge in a check fraud case, Anthony's lawyer said today. Jose Baez told NBC's Today he hopes that Anthony...

Casey Anthony Ordered Back to Orlando

She faces one year of probation on check fraud charges

(Newser) - The worldwide media manhunt for Casey Anthony will soon be over—she'll be right back in Orlando within the next three days. The judge who sentenced Anthony on check fraud charges last year has amended documents so that she'll have to serve one year of supervised probation, reports...

State to Anthony: You Owe $700K

State agencies look to recoup some trial costs

(Newser) - Casey Anthony might want to take Larry Flint's $500,000 offer seriously: The taxpayer-funded tab in the investigation into daughter Caylee's disappearance and Anthony's subsequent murder trial has hit almost $700,000, according to new figures released yesterday, and various agencies are looking to Anthony to pony...

Lawsuit: Casey Anthony Must Reveal TV, Book Offers

Woman suing for defamation also wants psychological records

(Newser) - A woman suing Casey Anthony for defamation wants to get a sense of how much Anthony might be worth. Lawyers for Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez want Anthony to reveal all the TV, book, and other money-making offers she has received, reports the Orlando Sentinel . They also want Anthony to turn over the...

Prosecutors Hid Screw-Up in Anthony Trial: Witness

She only searched for chloroform once

(Newser) - The prosecution witness who testified that Casey Anthony ran online searches for “chloroform” 84 times says he screwed up—and that prosecutors ignored him when he let them know. The prosecution used John Bradley’s software to make its assertions about Anthony’s search habits. But Bradley tells the...

Casey Anthony Files Appeal
 Casey Anthony Files Appeal 

Casey Anthony Files Appeal

She will fight convictions of lying to law enforcement officers

(Newser) - Well, this probably won't win her any new fans: Casey Anthony, who is due to be released Sunday, filed an appeal today on her four convictions of lying to police officers. Anthony was found guilty of lying about topics including her job, her daughter Caylee's babysitter, and a...

Woman Mistaken for Casey Anthony, Attacked

Sammay Blackwell thinks she was targeted because they look alike

(Newser) - Looks like it may indeed be a good idea for Casey Anthony to disguise herself : In Chouteau, Oklahoma, a woman allegedly tried to kill an Anthony look-alike. Sammay Blackwell was working at her convenience store job last week when a suspicious-looking woman visited the store after 10pm. But after Blackwell...

Cindy Anthony Won't Face Perjury Charges

State says it has ruled out the possibility

(Newser) - Casey Anthony’s mother will not face perjury charges over her testimony, say prosecutors. Cindy Anthony raised eyebrows in court by saying that she, not Casey, looked up chloroform on the family computer. What's more, the search occurred on a day Cindy was apparently at work. But a spokeswoman...

Anthony Juror on Verdict: We Doubted Casey's Dad

Jury was suspicious of George Anthony, foreman says

(Newser) - The Casey Anthony jury foreman sheds more light on why she was found not guilty of killing her toddler daughter: The jury was suspicious of Anthony's father, George. The anonymous foreman, who says he's been trained to read people for his job, says he didn't believe defense...

'Inflammatory' Casey Anthony Video May Be Released

Tape shows Anthony's reaction to child's body being found

(Newser) - A 2008 jailhouse video of Casey Anthony considered by a court to be so inflammatory that it was sealed may see the light of day. A judge is considering a TV station's request to release the video, which shows Anthony reacting to the news that the remains of a...

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