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Palin Releases Bus Tour Video

She uses clips from media coverage to narrate

(Newser) - So it’s not a presidential campaign, but the Sarah Palin bus tour has produced what looks a lot like a commercial. The three-minute piece from SarahPAC offers an account of the trip narrated with clips from the very “lamestream media” to whom Palin refused to give a tour...

Meet the Newest Palin Spitfire: Piper

Piper Palin has nailed mom's sass and 'stinkeye'

(Newser) - Look out, world. If you think Sarah Palin is a lot to handle, steel yourself for Piper Palin. The 10-year-old spitfire is turning out to be a staunch defender of her politician mom on the family's One Nation bus tour. Her super-sass and trademark "stinkeye" have stood down...

Thatcher Won't Meet 'Nuts' Palin

'That would belittle Margaret,' source tells Guardian

(Newser) - Margaret Thatcher won't meet with Sarah Palin during the ex-Alaska governor's upcoming trip to England because Palin is "nuts," a source tells the Guardian . Palin intends to stop in England—her first trip ever to Europe—on her way to Sudan next month and had hoped...

No, Palin's Wrong About Paul Revere: Experts

Author of book on revolutionary calls interpretation 'obvious blooper'

(Newser) - How can this be so complicated? Just as some historians are reluctantly backing up Sarah Palin's interpretation of revolutionary Paul Revere and his famous midnight ride, other historians are saying, no, she was wrong-o. "He didn't warn the British," as Palin said Revere did, according to...

Sarah Palin's Bus Tour: Politics for Profit, Writes Alyssa Battistoni
 Palin's Bus Tour: 
 Politics for Profit 

Palin's Bus Tour: Politics for Profit

She wins whether she's running or not: Alyssa Battistoni

(Newser) - Score one for Sarah Palin on her bus tour—whether she’s running for president or “just testing a new reality show format.” Palin’s post-gubernatorial moves don’t prove she’s seeking the White House, but they do show “an understanding that outrageous statements, calculated controversy,...

Fox Mixes Up Sarah Palin, Tina Fey

Boss uses wrong shot in story about possible run for presidency

(Newser) - How good is Tina Fey's impersonation of Sarah Palin? So good it even fooled Palin employer Fox News. Fox posted a photo of Tina Fey posing as Sarah Palin last week while reporting that Palin says she's still "50/50" about running for president, reports Sheya . Maybe Fox...

Howard Dean: Don't Dismiss Sarah Palin

High unemployment makes any GOP candidate dangerous, says Dean

(Newser) - Don't be so fast to write off Sarah Palin's chances at winning the presidency, warns former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean, who tut-tuts Washington insiders for dismissing her out of hand. “Any time you have a contest—particularly when unemployment is as high as it is...

Sarah Palin Using President Obama's Favored Gotham Font

 Palin Nabs Obama's ... Font 

Palin Nabs Obama's ... Font

Gotham typeface helped him win in 2008: experts

(Newser) - Sarah Palin seems to be in firm agreement with President Obama on at least one issue: effective campaign fonts. On her website , the former Alaska governor has taken to using the Gotham font that experts say helped propel Obama to victory in 2008, the Daily Telegraph reports. “I think...

Top GOP Hopefuls Prep for First Big Debate

First 2012 debate for Romney, Bachmann, Gingrich

(Newser) - Seven top Republican presidential hopefuls will gather this month for the first New Hampshire 2012 debate. Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum will meet at Saint Anselm College for the face-off, hosted by CNN ’s John King. It's the...

Palin Really Bugged by Questions About Bus Tour Cost

'You're not paying for it,' Sarah tells reporter of PAC-funded trip

(Newser) - Who's paying for Sarah Palin's American bus tour? She doesn't want to discuss it, and gets downright irritable when reporters ask. "I don't know why in the world you would ask a question like that," she snapped at an ABC News reporter. "I'...

Colbert Catches Palin in History Gaffe

George Washington had a little help keeping his farm going

(Newser) - A new, stubble-sporting Stephen Colbert turned his wit on Sarah Palin’s bus tour last night, getting in some barbs in a short segment, the Huffington Post reports. After running a clip of the media questions surrounding the trip, Colbert quipped, “That’s the power of Sarah Palin. No...

Coming Soon: 275 Pounds of Sarah Palin Emails

Alaska to release ex-governor's missives in coming days

(Newser) - Something to read on the bus : Alaska will release 24,000 pages of Sarah Palin emails from her days as governor, reports the Anchorage Daily News . News services actually requested them when she was running for vice president, and now they'll get them as she may or may not...

Sarah Palin to Greta Van Susteren: The Bus Tour Isn't 'About Me'

 Sarah Palin: 
 This Bus Tour Is 
 'Not About Me' 
on-the-bus interview

Sarah Palin: This Bus Tour Is 'Not About Me'

It's about our charters of liberty, she tells Greta Van Susteren

(Newser) - Greta Van Susteren, who gets to go along for the ride on Sarah Palin’s bus tour, sat down with the potential 2012 presidential contender last night . Highlights:
  • The bus tour was Todd’s idea: “He texted me … and said, You know, we need to remind America about

Jon Stewart on Palin: Duh! She's Running

Daily Show host mocks bus tour

(Newser) - If you believe Sarah Palin's One Nation bus tour is something other than a prelude to a White House run, Jon Stewart has a bridge in Brooklyn he'd like to sell you. The Daily Show host, returning from hiatus, mocks the media's response to the Palin tour....

Trump, Palin Share Slice in Lovefest

Sarah: You always gotta see Donald Trump when you're in NY

(Newser) - Sarah Palin and Donald Trump gorged on pepperoni pizza and mutual admiration last evening in a Manhattan stop on a Palin bus tour looking more and more like a presidential campaign. "She didn't ask me" to run with her, "but I'll tell you, she's a...

Sarah Palin, Donald Trump to Meet Tonight
 Palin, Trump to Meet 
unholy unions

Palin, Trump to Meet

The two will come together in New York tonight

(Newser) - We’d call it a sign of the apocalypse if the deadline for that hadn’t already come and gone : Sarah Palin and Donald Trump will meet tonight in New York City. Sources tell ABC News Palin reached out to the Donald, and they will meet at his Fifth Avenue...

Vets Rally: Sarah Palin 'Not Invited'

Organizers decry Rolling Thunder appearance as 'big distraction;' event emcee says he invited her

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is launching her East Coast bus tour tomorrow during a motorcycle rally to honor veterans, but some organizers aren't happy about it. "She wasn't invited," Rolling Thunder organizer Ted Shpak tells MSNBC. "She's not invited to speak. We're not endorsing her...

Rudy Giuliani Leads Latest CNN Poll Among Republican Hopefuls
 Rudy (?!) Leads CNN Poll 

Rudy (?!) Leads CNN Poll

Republicans not at all excited about their options

(Newser) - How unhappy are Republicans with their 2012 hopefuls? Well, let’s put it this way: The guy leading the latest CNN poll doesn’t even appear to be running. Rudy Giuliani topped the field with 16% of the vote, followed closely by Mitt Romney at 15% and Sarah Palin at...

Sarah Palin's New Arizona Neighbors Offer Advice

Mind the snakes, Scottsdale residents tell Alaskan moving from tundra to desert

(Newser) - Sarah Palin will like life in Scottsdale, Arizona, just fine ... so long as she can cope with the sun and steer clear of snakes and scorpions, say the Alaskan's new neighbors. Palin—whose purchase of a house in the desert community is being taken as a sign that she...

Romney, Palin Lead New Gallup Poll

Recent dropouts put familiar names on top

(Newser) - Gallup has crunched some new numbers given the spate of GOP candidates who have dropped out, with Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin leading the new poll . (Unless you count candidate "no opinion" at 22%.) Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump led the last month's. Of note: Newcomer Herman...

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