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David Stern's 'Most Humane' Act Was Supporting Magic
This Was David Stern's
'Most Humane' Act

This Was David Stern's 'Most Humane' Act

NBA commissioner embraced Magic Johnson after HIV diagnosis, 'figuratively and literally'

(Newser) - The current NBA commissioner says his predecessor , David Stern, turned the basketball league into "a truly global brand." But the legacy that Stern, who died Wednesday at age 77, should be most hailed for is his support of Magic Johnson after the basketball great was diagnosed with HIV,...

David Stern Is Dead at 77
David Stern Is Dead at 77

David Stern Is Dead at 77

'The entire basketball community is heartbroken,' says the National Basketball Players Association

(Newser) - David Stern, the basketball-loving lawyer who took the NBA around the world during 30 years as its longest-serving commissioner and oversaw its growth into a global powerhouse, died Wednesday, the AP reports. He was 77. Stern suffered a brain hemorrhage on Dec. 12 and underwent emergency surgery. The league said...

Former NBA Commissioner Suffers Brain Hemorrhage

David Stern was rushed to NYC hospital

(Newser) - Former NBA Commissioner David Stern underwent emergency surgery Thursday after suffering a sudden brain hemorrhage, the league says. The 77-year-old was rushed to the Mount Sinai West medical center from a Manhattan restaurant on Thursday afternoon, ESPN reports. Stern, a former lawyer, became NBA commissioner in 1984 and oversaw a...

North Korea Didn't Pay Us: Ex-NBA Star

Charles Smith: 'I am astute enough' not to take Pyongyang money

(Newser) - Paid by North Korea for a little basketball diplomacy? Not at all, says Charles Smith, a retired NBA veteran who joined Dennis Rodman and other former players on a trip to Pyongyang . "Absolutely not," Smith told CNN in an exclusive interview. "I think I am astute enough...

NBA Chief's Tough Love: Obama Not Great at Hoops

'He's not as good as he thinks he is,' says David Stern

(Newser) - David Stern said this week that he's retiring as NBA commissioner in 2014, but some comments about President Obama's basketball prowess might be getting more attention. "He's not as good as he thinks he is," Stern told Reuters in an interview picked up at Bleacher...

NBA Players Reject Offer, Begin to Disband Union
 Players Reject Offer, 
 Begin Disbanding Union
nba labor dispute

Players Reject Offer, Begin Disbanding Union

David Stern's ultimatum called 'extremely unfair'

(Newser) - NBA players rejected the league's latest offer today and began disbanding the union, likely jeopardizing the season. "We're prepared to file this antitrust action against the NBA," union executive director Billy Hunter said. "That's the best situation where players can get their due process....

No. of NBA Games in November: 0

 No. of NBA Games 
 in November: 0 
NBA lockout

No. of NBA Games in November: 0

Commissioner David Stern cancels all games next month

(Newser) - The NBA will play a shortened season—if it plays at all—after negotiations to end the lockout again stalled over how to divide the league's revenue. Commissioner David Stern canceled all November games today, the 120th day of the lockout. "It's not practical, possible, or prudent...

NBA Cancels First 2 Weeks of Season

Both sides are 'very far apart on virtually all issues' says David Stern

(Newser) - NBA Commissioner David Stern canceled the first two weeks of the season tonight after owners and players were unable to reach a new labor deal and end the lockout. Top negotiators for both sides met for more than seven hours today, returning to bargaining about 14 hours after ending talks...

NBA Set to Cancel Games
 NBA Set to Cancel Games 

NBA Set to Cancel Games

Barring a last-minute deal before Monday

(Newser) - The rest of the NBA preseason is officially canceled, and the first two weeks of the regular season will be as well if players and owners can’t work out a deal by Monday, Commissioner David Stern announced yesterday, after negotiations to end the league’s lockout fell apart. Players'...

NBA Suspends Arenas, Crittenton for Season

Pair admitted bringing guns into Washington Wizards locker room

(Newser) - Washington Wizards teammates Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton were suspended without pay for the remainder of the season—38 games—today by NBA commissioner David Stern, who said guns in the workplace "will not be tolerated." Both admitted taking guns into the Wizards' locker room, a violation of...

NBA Suspends Wizards Player Over Guns

Gilbert Arenas isn't 'fit to take the court,' says league chief

(Newser) - The NBA indefinitely suspended Gilbert Arenas today for bringing guns into the Washington Wizards' locker room. Commissioner David Stern said Arenas was "not currently fit to take the court," adding that his final punishment would likely be a "substantial suspension, perhaps worse," ESPN reports.

Hey, Guys, the Fans Behind You Can't See

NBA needs to crack down on bench players blocking the view for no good reason

(Newser) - Imagine not being able to watch an NBA game because the players were in your way. That’s just what the league needs to crack down on, Mike McGraw writes in the Arlington Heights (Ill.) Daily Herald, who’s “disgusted by the lack of respect shown to fans”...

NBA Ref Starts Prison Term for Gambling

Scandal fallout continues to batter league

(Newser) - The NBA referee who admitted gambling on basketball begins his 15-month federal prison sentence today, reports USA Today. The conviction of referee Tim Donaghy, 41, has rocked the NBA, even though officials determined he didn't bet on the specific games he worked. An NBA-sponsored investigation into gambling and referees is...

Donaghy Fights NBA's $1.4M Bill
 Donaghy Fights NBA's $1.4M Bill 

Donaghy Fights NBA's $1.4M Bill

Says league wants to 'financially destroy' ex-ref for singing

(Newser) - A lawyer for Tim Donaghy, the NBA referee who bet on games he officiated, has accused the NBA of going after his client in retaliation for statements that detracted from the NBA Finals, AP reports. "The message from the NBA is quite clear: If you cooperate in a federal...

Do Feds Suspect Another Ref?
 Do Feds Suspect
 Another Ref? 

Do Feds Suspect Another Ref?

Officials report being asked about Bavetta during Donaghy probe

(Newser) - While questioning former NBA referees about Tim Donaghy, federal investigators also asked lots of questions about another ref named Dick Bavetta, ESPN reports. Commissioner David Stern, however, insisted the league has no concerns about the veteran official, who worked Game 1 of this year's finals. Stern again suggested that Donaghy's...

Full-Court Press Won't Fix NBA's Image Woes
Full-Court Press Won't Fix NBA's Image Woes

Full-Court Press Won't Fix NBA's Image Woes

Commish can point to crooked ref, but game- fixing charge sticks

(Newser) - It seems unlikely NBA commissioner David Stern would ever have arranged outcomes of important games, as disgraced former referee Tim Donaghy has claimed. But whether or not the accusations are true, the league has a Shaq-sized image issue on its hands, and strategies for dealing with the tarnish aren't in...

Gambling Ref: Don't Trust NBA Game Results

Disgraced ex-official warns of ties among players, coaches, refs

(Newser) - Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy alleged yesterday that relationships among basketball officials, coaches, and players "affected the outcome of games." He may also have passed the league information about other referees with gambling problems, and about the flow of confidential information from an official to a coach, AP...

Can Basketball Keep Agents Out of High School?

Mayo scandal shocks few, and penalties remain slight

(Newser) - The NBA can't stop agents from scurrying around high school and college basketball these days, offering illegal gifts to sign young players. Although the players are getting younger—more go pro right out of high school—punishments for players and agents alike remain slight, the New York Times reports.

Kobe, Lakers Beat Jazz; Take 2-0 Series Lead
 Kobe, Lakers Beat Jazz; 
 Take 2-0 Series Lead 
NBA Playoffs

Kobe, Lakers Beat Jazz; Take 2-0 Series Lead

(Newser) - Kobe Bryant had 34 points, eight rebounds and six assists after receiving his first MVP award, and the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Utah Jazz 120-110 on Wednesday night to take a 2-0 lead in the Western Conference semifinals. The Lakers remain the NBA's only unbeaten team in the postseason....

Kobe Will Be MVP
 Kobe Will 
 Be MVP 

Kobe Will Be MVP

NBA to make official announcement next week

(Newser) - It’s not official yet, but sources tell the Los Angeles Times that Kobe Bryant will be named this year’s MVP in a ceremony next week. The prize, decided by sports reporters and broadcasters, will be a first for Bryant, who was second in scoring this season but boosted...

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