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'Son of Sam' Serial Killer Needs Heart Surgery

David Berkowitz, 64, is reportedly awaiting emergency operation

(Newser) - He prefers the name "Son of Hope" these days, but the serial killer known as "Son of Sam" has been hospitalized for a heart ailment, reports the New York Post . New York state prison officials didn't provide details on the problem, but they said 64-year-old David Berkowitz...

Serial Killer 'Son of Sam' Recounts His 'Walk in Darkness'

David Berkowitz says he was 'lost and confused'

(Newser) - "I didn't see it at the time," but "I was just very lost and confused," David Berkowitz says of his outlook during his killing spree in New York 40 years ago. In his first major TV interview in a decade, Berkowitz, 64, recounts shooting 13...

Detective Who Hunted Down 'Son of Sam' Dead at 99

Timothy Dowd also on NYPD team that broke apart 'French Connection' drug ring

(Newser) - Almost 40 years ago, "Son of Sam" killer David Berkowitz terrorized New York City—until he was brought down by the investigative work of the NYPD's "Operation Omega" team and a simple parking ticket. Timothy J. Dowd, the detective who led that task force, died Friday in...

Son of Sam Decries Gun Violence
 Son of Sam Decries
 Gun Violence 

Son of Sam Decries Gun Violence

'I have regrets more than words can say,' says David Berkowitz

(Newser) - Exactly 35 years after his 13-month killing spree came to an end, notorious NYC serial killer David Berkowitz, known as the Son of Sam, gave an interview to the New York Daily News in which he lamented gun violence and gave some insight into his reformed lifestyle. About 10 years...

'Born Again' Son of Sam Won't Seek Parole

'Jesus has already set me free,' says killer David Berkowitz

(Newser) - "Son of Sam" serial killer David Berkowitz isn't going to bother to seek parole because Jesus has already set him free, he says. "Jesus Christ has already forgiven and pardoned me," Berkowitz , 58, wrote in a letter to a Fox News reporter. "He has given...

‘Son of Sam’ Has Mega Fan Club ... of Christians
 ‘Son of Sam’ 
 Has Mega 
 Fan Club ... 
 of Christians 


‘Son of Sam’ Has Mega Fan Club ... of Christians

Followers of born-again David Berkowitz run a website and business for him

(Newser) - While imprisoned serial killers often attract letter-writing admirers, no other convicted murderer has amassed a following quite like the 'Son of Sam.' David Berkowitz's claims to be a redeemed born-again Christian have yielded him fans across the world who act as unpaid assistants, running the serial killer's website and...

History's Most Badass Jews
 History's Most Badass Jews 

History's Most Badass Jews

Bugsy Siegel, Kerri Strug and, of course, Jesus make the list

(Newser) - The beginning of Hanukkah gave Sam Greenspan the excuse to give us his list of history’s most-badass Jews. Some highlights:
  • The Maccabees: “Led Jewish fighters into battles against the armies of Seleucia, Syria, and Rome … and won,” leading to the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem

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