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First 'Prostidude' Leaves Brothel, Returns to Porn

'Markus' saw total of 10 clients, Shady Lady Ranch madam says

(Newser) - The country's first legal male prostitute has left the gigolo business, and the Shady Lady Ranch is temporarily turning away female customers. They weren't a large segment of the customer base anyway: The Nevada brothel owner says "Markus," who started work in January—and compared himself to Rosa...

Don't Do It, Ladies: First Male Hooker Isn't Worth It

'Markus' is more like a 'bad second date'

(Newser) - Save your money, women of America. The nation's first legal male prostitute just isn't worth it, writes New York Post dating columnist Mandy Stadtmiller. She flew to Vegas undercover for an encounter with "Markus" and left underwhelmed. Important caveat: She didn't have sex with the "dorky college dropout,...

Nation's First Male Hooker: I'm Just Like Rosa Parks

'Markus' begins work at a Nevada brothel

(Newser) - The nation's first legal male prostitute is about to set up shop at a Nevada brothel, and he tells Details that this is no trivial matter. "It's just the same as when Rosa Parks decided to sit at the front instead of the back," says 25-year-old Markus (his...

Men Win Right to Be Hookers in Nevada

Brothel lobbyist predicts 'Pearl Harbor' for industry

(Newser) - Gay marriage may have taken a few steps backwards this year, but male hookers just won the right to work in Nevada brothels, and they can choose to accept male or female clients, just as female prostitutes can. Men can now be employed as well as women, thanks to a...

4 Stories