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Dutch Teen Sails 'Round the World

Laura Dekker completes voyage in Caribbean

(Newser) - Dutch teenager Laura Dekker sailed into the Caribbean harbor of St. Maarten to a cheering crowd today after circumnavigating the globe, the Telegraph reports. Controversies surround the 16-year-old sailor, who fled Holland in 2010 when officials tried to stop her voyage. Dekker claims to be the youngest round-the-world sailor, but...

Teen Sailor: So Far, So Good in Solo Voyage

Laura Dekker is nearly a year in, but pirates loom

(Newser) - While the 15-year-olds you know may be jonesing for a drivers' license, Laura Dekker is alone on a boat in the middle of the Pacific. Dekker set sail last August from Gibraltar in hopes of becoming the youngest woman to sail solo around the world. If all goes well, she...

Laura Dekker Sets Sail
 Sets Sail 


Laura Dekker Sets Sail

Dutch teen slips quietly out of Portuguese port

(Newser) - Fourteen-year-old Laura Dekker quietly slipped out of an undisclosed Portugal port today, beginning her controversial quest to become the youngest person to sail around the globe. The Dutch teen began her journey, expected to take at least a year, on a nearly windless day, notes the AP. "She said...

Court OKs Girl's Global Solo Sail

Dekker, 14, was made Dutch ward for protection

(Newser) - A Dutch court has given the go-ahead for a 14-year-old girl to sail alone around the world just weeks after an American teenager attempting the same goal had to be rescued at sea. Laura Dekker's plan ignited a storm of controversy about the risks younger and younger children face as...

Mom of Dutch Sailor, 14: OK, She Can Go

Laura Dekker gets greenlight for around-the-world trip

(Newser) - The mother of a 14-year-old Dutch girl who wants to sail solo around the world has given up her opposition to her daughter's planned trip. Laura Dekker's dream of becoming the youngest person to sail alone around the globe has been thwarted by a Dutch court that last year made...

Teen Sailor Can Stay With Dad
 Teen Sailor Can Stay With Dad 

Teen Sailor Can Stay With Dad

Ruling paves the way for another attempt at round-the-world sail

(Newser) - A Dutch court ruled today that 14-year-old sailor Laura Dekker can remain in her father's custody after she ran away from home and traveled alone to the Caribbean. The ruling clears the way once again for Dekker to pursue her goal of becoming the youngest person to sail solo around...

Dutch Court Mulls Removing Sailor Girl From Home

Dekker's father may lose custody

(Newser) - Runaway teen sailor Laura Dekker has returned home to a custody battle in the Netherlands. Child welfare authorities have asked a court to remove the 14-year-old from her father's custody and place her either with her mother or in foster care, Reuters reports. Dekker was reported missing last week after...

Young Sailor Laura Dekker Flies Home

But may soon be taken out of father's custody

(Newser) - Teenage Dutch sailor Laura Dekker faces the possibility of being removed from her father's custody today after returning to the Netherlands. Dekker, 14, disappeared from home Friday and flew to the Caribbean. Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant reported that the Bureau of Youth Care wants to remove her from her father's...

Runaway Sailor Laura Dekker Found Safe in Caribbean

14-year-old disappeared from the Netherlands

(Newser) - Laura Dekker, the Dutch teen sailor who apparently ran away from home, has been found in St. Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles. Police on the Caribbean island have her in custody, and she is "safe and sound," a Dutch government spokesman tells the BBC . Dekker, 14, wants to...

Dutch Sailor, 14, Goes Missing
 Dutch Sailor, 14, Goes Missing 

Dutch Sailor, 14, Goes Missing

Court had blocked Laura Dekker's attempt at round-the-world sail

(Newser) - A teenage Dutch sailor who made headlines when she went to court to fight for the right to sail solo around the world has gone missing, police said today. Laura Dekker's boat, Guppy, is still moored at its usual berth and the 14-year-old appears to have left her father's home...

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