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Rocker Adopts 'Hero' Dog Named for Him

Bret Michaels takes in canine Bret Michaels

(Newser) - Bret Michaels has a new dog, also named Bret Michaels. It's actually quite a touching story, as told by People . Firstly, it's important to know that Michaels didn't name the dog himself. The Poison frontman only heard about the 6-year-old husky after the Nebraska Humane Society announced...

Bret Michaels Abruptly Runs From Stage, Ends Concert

Singer had extremely low blood sugar

(Newser) - Bret Michaels ended a concert in New Hampshire last night after suffering a medical emergency. Guitarist Pete Evick says on Michaels' Facebook page the former Poison frontman was three songs into his set in Manchester when he rushed from the stage. A crew member says Michaels' blood sugar was extremely...

Bret Michaels Has Diva Demands, Too
Bret Michaels Has Diva Demands, Too

Bret Michaels Has Diva Demands, Too

For example: 'Sprite is not a substitute for Mountain Dew'

(Newser) - Bret Michaels is suing concert promoters for breach of contract, and the catering rider provided in the lawsuit shows that it's not just female entertainers who have " diva demands ." Of course, Michaels' requirements aren't quite as wacky as, say, Mariah Carey's ... but his rider does...

20 Ridiculously Bad Songs of 2010
20 Ridiculously
Bad Songs of 2010

20 Ridiculously Bad Songs of 2010

Train snags top spot

(Newser) - Best of 2010 lists are fun, but Worst of 2010 lists are arguably even more fun. So without further ado, the Village Voice ’s least favorite songs of the year:
  1. Train, “Hey, Soul Sister”: Inexplicably, this was the only “rock” song to make it onto the Billboard

Bret Michaels Slated for Heart Surgery

Poison frontman will go under the knife in January

(Newser) - Bret Michaels’ health challenges aren’t over yet. The Poison frontman, who recovered from a brain hemorrhage in April only to discover he’s had a hole in his heart since he was born, will undergo heart surgery to fix the hole in January. “Is he 100%? No, but...

13 Stars Who Defied Death
 13 Stars Who Defied Death 

13 Stars Who Defied Death

Guess who was nearly taken out by a disco ball?

(Newser) - An awful lot of celebrities have died over the past year—making Bret Michaels surviving an emergency appendectomy, a brain hemorrhage, and a stroke seem especially miraculous. The Frisky lists a dozen other celebrities who have cheated death:
  • Boy George: He was injured—and just inches away from being crushed—

Your New American Idol : Lee DeWyze

 Your New 
: Lee 
bret michaels performs

Your New American Idol: Lee DeWyze

Simon Cowell's last show features Bret Michaels singing

(Newser) - American Idol crowned its new champion tonight: 24-year-old Lee DeWyze, a shy paint clerk from Mount Prospect, Illinois. He beat Crystal Bowersox in the finale, which featured a surprise performance by recovering rocker Bret Michaels. (He joined Idol finalist Casey James on the Poison hit "Every Rose Has Its...

Bret Michaels Wins Celebrity Apprentice

Glam rocker gets past Holly Robinson Peete

(Newser) - After a month filled with dramatic medical news, Bret Michaels scored an anticlimactic victory in tonight's final of Celebrity Apprentice. The glam rocker, who suffered a brain hemorrhage a month ago today and a "warning stroke" last week, defeated actress Holly Robinson Peete. "Of course," notes Dalton...

Bret Michaels Has 'Warning Stroke'
 Bret Michaels Has 
 'Warning Stroke' 
back in hospital

Bret Michaels Has 'Warning Stroke'

Rocker also has hole in his heart; expected to be fine

(Newser) - Bret Michaels' quick return to the stage is looking much iffier now: He's back in the hospital after suffering what doctors term a "warning stroke." Tests also revealed he has a hole in his heart. Doctors say he's expected to make a full recovery from both and don't...

Bret Michaels to Oprah: 'It Just Exploded'

Rocker does first post-brain hemorrhage interview

(Newser) - Just shy of one month after he was felled by the brain hemorrhage that he was unlikely to fully recover from, Bret Michaels gave his first interview, which airs today, to Oprah . The rocker didn't mince words when describing his experience: "It felt like a pop. They call it...

Bret Michaels Plans Return to Tour in 2 Weeks

He'll play in Miss. at the end of May

(Newser) - Celebrity Apprentice star and Poison rocker Bret Michaels, who survived a brain hemorrhage last month, hopes to be back on stage by the end of May, People reports. "His doctor told him to do physical therapy once a day, but he's doing it twice a day because he wants...

Bret Michaels: 'It Wasn't My Time'

Rocker's recovery has changed outlook on life

(Newser) - Bret Michaels feels “lucky to be alive” after spending 10 days in ICU, and talks to People about his recovery—and how his brain hemorrhage affected his life. His two daughters were first and foremost on his mind, and he’s thinking about marrying their mother. “What I...

Bret Michaels Leaves Hospital
 Bret Michaels Leaves Hospital 

Bret Michaels Leaves Hospital

Doctor expects '100% recovery'

(Newser) - Good news for Bret Michaels fans: The singer has left the hospital less than 2 weeks after suffering a brain hemorrhage and is expected to make a full recovery. Michaels' doctor says he is "still very sick" and continues to receive treatment at an undisclosed location, reports People . But...

Bret Michaels' Recovery Is 'Amazing'

Rocker may even return to Celebrity Apprentice

(Newser) - Bret Michaels is recovering so well from his brain hemorrhage that one friend calls it “amazing.” During a recent evaluation, he was “very aware,” “somewhat talkative,” and even in a “good mood,” the source tells TMZ . On Friday, his doctor said Michaels...

Bret Michaels Suffers Setback
 Bret Michaels Suffers Setback 

Bret Michaels Suffers Setback

But chances of full recovery still decent

(Newser) - Still in intensive care after his life-threatening brain hemorrhage, Bret Michaels has suffered a significant side-effect setback. He has developed hyponatremia, a lack of sodium in the body that can lead to seizures. But despite the dangerous turn of events, doctors remain guardedly optimistic about the former Poison frontman's chances...

An Ode to Bret Michaels

 An Ode to 
 Bret Michaels 
glam rock's most endearing star

An Ode to Bret Michaels

The glam rocker charms us, despite raunchy lyrics

(Newser) - As doctors continue to search for the source of Bret Michaels’ brain hemorrhage—they say it is probably not linked to his recent appendectomy—Peter Lauria offers a tribute to Michaels, recalling his adolescent obsession with Poison. After learning of Michaels’ hospitalization, Lauria cracked open his Look What the Cat ...

Bret Michaels: Felt Like Being 'Hit With Bat'

Rocker told a friend about his headache before hospital visit

(Newser) - Before calling an ambulance, Bret Michaels suffered a headache that felt like being “hit in the head with a baseball bat over and over again,” he told a friend. Called a “thunderclap headache” by doctors, it is a common symptom of a brain hemorrhage. “He still...

Bret Michaels Still in ICU
 Bret Michaels Still in ICU 

Bret Michaels Still in ICU

Doctors still searching for source of bleeding in the brain

(Newser) - Bret Michaels' doctors are still searching for the source of his brain hemorrhage, while the Poison singer remains in critical condition in ICU. "We are hopeful that further tests will locate the source of the bleeding, which has still not been located," says an update on his Facebook...

Bret Michaels Suffers Brain Hemorrhage

Poison frontman, 'Celebrity Apprentice' contestant rushed to hospital

(Newser) - Bret Michaels is hospitalized in the intensive care unit and in critical condition after suffering bleeding in his brain, People reports. The Poison frontman, a contestant on this season of Celebrity Apprentice, had an emergency appendectomy last week. His doctors "are running several tests," and the 47-year-old's prognosis...

Blago Will Vie for Celebrity Apprentice Title

 Blago Will Vie 
 for Celebrity 

Blago Will Vie for Celebrity Apprentice Title

Darryl Strawberry, Cyndi Lauper, Sharon Osbourne will also compete

(Newser) - Rod Blagojevich will join some adequately B-list company on the new season of Celebrity Apprentice, which premiers in March. Also appearing on the Trump spectacular: Darryl Strawberry, Bret Michaels, Sinbad, Cyndi Lauper, Sharon Osbourne, and Selita Ebanks, among others. James Poniewozik is excited, he writes in Time . The Blago-Trump faceoff...

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