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This 'Dirty Dozen' Are the Most Contaminated

Strawberries top Environmental Working Group list on which fruits, veggies contain the most pesticides

(Newser) - If you aim to eat as cleanly as possible to preserve that temple you call your body, you may want to cross-check what you're buying with the new list of contaminated produce items from the Environmental Working Group. The EWG ranked the pesticide levels of the fruits and veggies...

Dozens Suffer Hallucinations After Eating Spinach Products

Aussie authorities believe recalled spinach was contaminated by toxic weed

(Newser) - As far as we know, Popeye used to eat spinach for strength, not to enter a hallucinatory state. In Australia, however, more than 130 people in Australia got an inadvertent high after ingesting contaminated baby spinach, and now the nation's government is urging consumers not to try to achieve...

Scientists Get Plants to Trigger Email Alerts

'Plants are very good analytical chemists'

(Newser) - A 2016 study about scientists receiving alerts from spinach went viral this week, bringing fresh attention to the emerging field of plant nanobionics—and sparking plenty of jokes about getting email from your leafy greens. In the study published in the journal Nature Materials , MIT researchers explained that they had...

Scientists Borrow From Popeye for Heart Tissue Breakthrough

They use spinach leaf to create vascular network for beating human heart tissue

(Newser) - Popeye knew a thing or two about building muscle, maybe even more than we realized. Per National Geographic , scientists have appropriated the cartoon character's favorite snack—a spinach leaf—to help create new human heart muscle. In doing so, they circumvented a tissue issue that's plagued this type...

The 10 'Dirtiest' Fruits and Veggies

Strawberries top EWG's controversial list

(Newser) - The Environmental Working Group is out with its annual "dirty dozen" list of fruits and veggies it says have the highest amounts of pesticide residues. But take note: Protecting Your Pocket reports that the list, based on US Department of Agriculture data, has been called misleading since 99% of...

Dole Recalls Spinach Over Salmonella Risk

Sample tested from bag triggers move

(Newser) - Dole is recalling some bags of spinach because of a salmonella risk, reports Food Safety News . No illnesses have been reported, but a sample from a bag tested in Michigan turned up positive for the disease. The particulars: The bags in question are marked "Dole Spinach" and coded A27409B...

Don't Wash Your Spinach? You May Not Want to Read This

Even if you do wash, bad news for you

(Newser) - If you don't wash the pre-washed spinach you buy from the store, you may want to stop reading. Actually, even if you do wash your spinach, you still may want to stop here. According to new findings by food safety researchers out of the University of California, Riverside , bacteria...

Your No. 1 'Powerhouse' Vegetable: Watercress

 Your No. 1 

Your No. 1 'Powerhouse' Vegetable: Watercress

It tops list by researchers, ahead of Chinese cabbage, chard

(Newser) - Eat your watercress. So say researchers at New Jersey's William Paterson University who compiled a list of "powerhouse" foods based on their amounts of 17 crucial nutrients. They looked at both fruits and vegetables, but the latter dominated the list, notes the Washington Post . Watercress came in with...

Radioactive Milk a Threat —if You Drink 58K Cups

Heath officials blowing things way out of proportion in Japan: researcher

(Newser) - Japan is finding elevated radiation levels in milk, spinach, and water —scary, right? Richard Knox at NPR sits down with RPI health physicist Peter Caracappa to crunch some numbers about what those levels mean. The gist:
  • The max radiation a US nuclear worker is allowed to be exposed to

Japan Finds Radiation in Water, Milk, Spinach

But official cautions that levels not high enough to affects humans

(Newser) - Japan has detected elevated radiation levels in spinach and milk in the prefecture containing its foundering Fukushima nuclear plant and a neighboring prefecture, reports the Wall Street Journal . Milk produced roughly 30 miles away from the plant had around five times the normal amount of radioactive material iodine-131, while spinach...

Teen's Drive-Thru Spinach Prank Seriously Burns Clerk

Worker injured in joke gone wrong

(Newser) - A Nevada teen and apparent YouTube copycat has turned himself in for a bizarre attack on a Boston Market clerk. The 17-year-old tossed hot creamed spinach back at the clerk after ordering it in the drive-thru. It's similar to pranks posted on YouTube in which teens throw cold drinks—emphasis...

All That Folic Acid May Give You Cancer

Fortified cereals, breads, vitamins could overwhelm your liver

(Newser) - Health experts once trumpeted folic acid, but now warn against taking too much of a good thing, the Economist reports. For more than 10 years, aspiring mothers have been told to down double the recommended dose with vitamin pills, and some countries have added folic acid to grain products. It's...

After E. Coli Outbreaks, Food Industry Looks to Tracing Tech

Labeling system would pinpoint the source

(Newser) - In the wake of health scares like the 2006 E. coli outbreak traced to tainted spinach, the food industry is scrambling to reassure the public—and hoping to head off a congressional response, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Voluntary efforts are under way to make tracing easier. For example, one...

Farmers Hunt Wildlife to Keep Greens Clean

E. coli scare prompts extreme measures in 'America's Salad Bowl'

(Newser) - To please cautious companies, farmers have turned hunters in California's Salinas River Valley, where 60% of the nation's lettuce grows. They’re stalking wild pigs, poisoning ponds and erecting fences—disrupting wildlife and destroying habitats in the process—to avoid another E. coli contamination, the AP reports. But some question...

Spinach, Eggs Fight Blindness
Spinach, Eggs Fight Blindness

Spinach, Eggs Fight Blindness

Nutrients help ward off age-related vision loss

(Newser) - Nutrients found in spinach and eggs help stave off age-related blindness, a new study shows. Macular degeneration, the most common cause of vision loss in the elderly, was 35% less likely to develop in people who consumed the most eggs, spinach, and other leafy greens, which are rich in lutein...

Producer Recalls 68K Pounds of Calif. Spinach

Metz Fresh finds salmonella in sample during routine testing

(Newser) - A California produce company is recalling over 68K pounds of bagged spinach after a sample taken from one of the company's packing plants tested positive for salmonella, the San Jose Mercury News reports. But Metz Fresh has likely averted a repeat of last year's contaminated spinach mess, corralling 90% of...

FDA Knew About Food Dangers
FDA Knew About Food Dangers

FDA Knew About Food Dangers

Overwhelmed food-safety arm didn't follow up on peanut butter, spinach

(Newser) - The FDA knew for years about problems at the peanut butter plant and spinach farms that led to major disease outbreaks, but took minimal steps to redress them. The agency's food safety arm can't keep up with the explosion in the amount of food it is supposed to regulate, the ...

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