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Charlie Sheen's Twins Found

Brooke Mueller has been hospitalized for evaluation

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen's 7-year-old twins are safe, and his ex-wife is in the hospital. Brooke Mueller, was apparently on the run with the kids in Utah this week, but the trio has since been found. Sources told TMZ that Mueller showed up at a Utah bar with them and a... More »

Sheen's Porn Star Ex: He Didn't Tell All Sex Partners About His HIV

Bree Olson says she was in the dark

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen claims he told all his sexual partners about his HIV status, but Bree Olson—one of the actor's porn star "goddess" galpals during his 2011 meltdown—says that's not true. On Howard Stern's radio show Tuesday morning, an absolutely livid Olson said she was... More »

Charlie Sheen's Father's Day Fun: Twitter Rant

And Oliver Hudson wasn't having a happy day either

(Newser) - Just because we haven't heard from Charlie Sheen in a while doesn't mean all is well in his world. Yesterday, Sheen celebrated Father's Day by tweeting, apparently about ex-wife Denise Richards—mother of his two daughters—"D Richards is a heretic washed up piglet Shame pile.... More »

10 Celebs Who Lived Through Drug ODs

One even lived through 6 of 'em

(Newser) - Disturbing news came out last week about Michael Jackson's overdose: Before he died, Jackson hadn't gotten real sleep for 60 days, an expert testified during the wrongful death trial. That's because propofol, which he was on for two months, blocks REM sleep. But not all stories like... More »

Sheen's Ex: 6 ODs in 2 Years

Brooke Mueller is in rehab for 20th time, sources say

(Newser) - We've known for a while now that Brooke Mueller is in a dark place, but Radar today reveals just how dark: Sources say that over the past two years, she's overdosed six times and has been hospitalized on every such occasion. And her current stint in rehab (at... More »

Charlie Sheen's Ex Gets His Other Ex's Kids

Denise Richards awarded temporary custody of Brooke Mueller's twins

(Newser) - It doesn't get much more convoluted than this: Officials removed Charlie Sheen's twin sons from the home of their mother, Brooke Mueller, and awarded temporary custody ... to Denise Richards, Sheen's other famous ex-wife, a source tells Radar . "Social workers felt that Bob and Max weren’t... More »

6 Celebrity Moms Who've Been Arrested

Bet they wish their kids would never know...

(Newser) - It's always embarrassing to have a mug shot in your repertoire, but we imagine it's even more embarrassing if you have kids who will forever be able to toss said mug shot back in your face. The Stir rounds up six celebrity moms who are, sadly, in that... More »

5 Celebs Who Pay Tons of Child Support

Linda Evangelista wanted $46K a month, but some have paid more

(Newser) - We don't know how much child support Linda Evangelista is getting now that she's settled with babydaddy Francois-Henri Pinault , but we know that she wanted $46,000 a month. That sounds like a lot, but the AP finds five more celebrities who found themselves paying quite a bit—... More »

Sheen's New Sitcom Is Official

'Anger Management' announced, but still no network

(Newser) - Yep, this is happening : Charlie Sheen was officially announced as the star of new sitcom Anger Management yesterday. Sheen will have "a significant ownership stake" in the show, loosely based on the 2003 Jack Nicholson-Adam Sandler movie of the same name. "While it might be a big stretch... More »

Sheen Wages Docked for Child Support

Who's winning now? Brooke Mueller, apparently

(Newser) - A judge has ordered Charlie Sheen's former bosses to garnish $55,000 a month for child support from any payments they make to the former Two and a Half Men star. A Los Angeles judge on Friday approved a request by Brooke Mueller Sheen to garnish any payments Warner... More »

High-Speed Sheen Escort Gets Cops ‘Transferred’

DC cops play 'musical departments' in a mass transfer after Sheen incident

(Newser) - Two District of Columbia police officers assigned to the unit that provided a high-speed escort to actor Charlie Sheen have been transferred. Sheen not only tweeted about the escort, he also included a photo of a car's speedometer registering about 80mph. An internal police document obtained today by the... More »

Sheen Teaching Kids New Word: 'Rehab'

Twins Max and Bob are 2

(Newser) - In his relentless pursuit of Father of the Year honors, Charlie Sheen is giving his 2-year-old twins vocabulary lessons. "I am teaching them words, because they're speaking now," Sheen tells TMZ. But not just any old words: "I'm teaching them the word 'rehab' so... More »

Charlie Sheen Loses Custody Battle

Brooke Mueller to retain primary custody of twins

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen isn't winning anymore. The actor failed yesterday to win sole custody of his twin sons from estranged wife Brooke Mueller in a Los Angeles court, sources tell ABC News . Mueller—who has reportedly returned to rehab for treatment of a drug problem—will maintain primary custody of... More »

Sheen Irks 9/11 Truthers

Plus, Brooke Mueller is back in rehab

(Newser) - Weird news from the land of Charlie Sheen: The troubled actor has managed to irk a group of 9/11 truthers, which is now threatening to protest in front of his live shows. Members of the 9/11 Truth Movement, who believe 9/11 was a conspiracy, feel Sheen has betrayed them. Sheen... More »

Police Raid Charlie Sheen's Mansion

Still 'winning,' Sheen tweets

(Newser) - Police raided Charlie Sheen's house last night after receiving an alarming tip that the troubled actor was armed and threatening to hurt himself, reports TMZ . Cops found a rifle from the 1800s and "a few bullets," according to Sheen's attorney. They confiscated the gun, but left without arresting... More »

Sheen Must Stay 100 Feet From Twins

He threatened to 'cut off my head,' says estranged wife Brooke Mueller

(Newser) - Wacked-out actor Charlie Sheen has not only lost custody of his twin toddler sons , but he's under a restraining order demanding he stay at least 100 feet away from them. New details of the rapidly unraveling personal life of the off-the-rails actor emerged in a court action filed by... More »

Cops Take Twins From Charlie Sheen's LA Mansion

Off-the-rails actor fighting for full custody

(Newser) - California police have removed Charlie Sheen's twin sons from his Los Angeles mansion, the increasingly erratic actor has revealed. "This is not the America I grew up in," he told NBC News last night. The boys, Bob and Max, who turn 2 this month, were returned to their... More »

20 Unhealthiest Celeb Couples

Tiger Woods' top placement not at all shocking

(Newser) - Thanks to David Arquette’s neverending oversharing , his troubled union with Courteney Cox seems pretty bad—until you compare it to, say, the troubled union of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller. Calculating data from the past 10 years, the Daily Beast considered number of breakups, rumored affairs, restraining orders, lawsuits,... More »

Charlie Sheen Files for Divorce

Seeks joint custody of twins after 2 years of marriage

(Newser) - It's not exactly today's most shocking story: A week after his naked hotel antics, Charlie Sheen has filed for divorce from his estranged third wife, Brooke Mueller, citing irreconcilable differences, ABC News reports. The pair married in 2008; Sheen is seeking joint custody of their 1-year-old twin boys. Sheen and... More »

Female Cop 'Outraged' by Sheen's Sentence

'This sends wrong message to victims'

(Newser) - The female cop who busted actor Charlie Sheen after he busted up his wife said she's appalled he got off with a quickie visit to a Malibu rehab center. “I wish that the judge could have seen what Mrs. Sheen looked like that Christmas Day and felt the terror... More »

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