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After 43 Days in N. Korea Prison, a Ruined Man

One year later, Robert Park still struggles

(Newser) - On Christmas Day 2009, Robert Park crossed into North Korea, shouting "South Korea and America love you." After spending 43 days in detention, he was released . That was one year ago, but his ordeal is far from over, reports the Washington Post . The Christian missionary says he lost...

American Accuses North Korea of Sexual Abuse

Park, released Feb. 6, in a mental hospital

(Newser) - The Korean-American missionary who was released Feb. 6 after six weeks’ imprisonment in North Korea has suffered a mental breakdown due sexual abuse while he was in custody. Robert Park, 28, has been in a California mental facility for more than two weeks, his pastor tells Chosun Ilbo , after he...

US Missionary Freed by N. Korea Heads Home

Robert Park arrives in Beijing pale, silent

(Newser) - Looking pale and drawn, his eyes almost closed, American missionary Robert Park headed home today after six weeks in detention in North Korea. Park, who crossed the border from China to North Vietnam on Christmas Day to protest religious suppression, made no comment as US consular officials met him in...

North Korea to Free US Missionary

Regime claims rights-activist Robert Park has repented

(Newser) - North Korea says it will free an American missionary who entered the country to protest human rights abuses. State media said the reclusive regime had decided to "leniently forgive" Robert Park, 28, for entering the country on Christmas day because he'd shown "sincere repentance," reports the Washington ...

North Korea Detains Another Yank at Chinese Border

N. Korea fires artillery at South for second day

(Newser) - North Korea is holding an American citizen who officials say tried to illegally enter the country across its border with China this week. Officials didn't provide the man's name or any other details, and State Department officials declined to comment. This is the second American detained by North Korea in...

N. Korea Confirms American Detained

Missionary Robert Park held for entering country illegally

(Newser) - North Korean officials have confirmed that a Korean-American activist has been detained for entering the country illegally. Missionary Robert Park, 28, traveled to the communist nation to call attention to the regime's human rights abuses, according to supporters. The Arizona resident slipped across a frozen river into the country from...

US Activist 'Bringing God's Love' Heads Into N. Korea

Robert Park doesn't want Obama to try to free him, either

(Newser) - A Korean-American activist charged from China into North Korea today, yelling that he was “bringing God’s love.” Robert Park, 28, told Reuters earlier this week that he didn’t want the US government to get him out, either. “I want the North Korean people to be...

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