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7 Stars Who've Allegedly Shoplifted

These celebrities got caught red-handed

(Newser) - Even the most famous among us sometimes have a past: SheFinds rounds up celebrities who've been caught shoplifting. A sampling:
  • Lindsay Lohan was caught on video leaving a store wearing a $2,500 necklace she hadn't paid for—LiLo said she just borrowed it , but she ended up

Ke$ha in Rehab for Eating Disorder

Singer, 26, checks in for 30 days

(Newser) - Ke$ha has checked into a 30-day rehab clinic for an unspecified eating disorder, reports TMZ . The 26-year-old singer didn't divulge much in a statement: "I'm a crusader for being yourself and loving yourself, but I've found it hard to practice. I'll be unavailable for the...

Malaysia Cancels Concert by Ke$ha

It would be a religious and cultural insult, declares government

(Newser) - Malaysia has deemed Ke$ha unfit for public consumption. The government yesterday declared that her concert planned for today in Kuala Lumpur won't take place after all because she's too risque for the mostly Muslim country, reports AP . Promoter Livescape said Ke$ha had promised to be a little less...

5 Celebrity SAT Scores
 5 Celebrity SAT Scores 

5 Celebrity SAT Scores

Did you score higher than Scarlett Johansson?

(Newser) - Want to feel bad about yourself? Consider this: If Ke$ha is to be believed, she scored 1500 out of 1600 on the SATs. That's probably better than you got, right? But all is not lost: You may have scored above some of the others on this list rounded up...

And 2010's Top Musical Artist Is...
And 2010's Top
Musical Artist Is...

And 2010's Top Musical Artist Is...

Lady Gaga, says Billboard

(Newser) - Lady Gaga was Billboard ’s top new artist last year, and this year she’s moved on to snag the top artist-of-the-year honors. That’s the fastest any woman has moved from one category to the other since Whitney Houston managed the feat in 1985-86. (Chris Brown managed to...

AMA Fashion: the Good, the Bad, the Wacky

We've got really long trains, super wide shoulder pads, and more

(Newser) - Yeah, yeah, yeah—Justin Bieber took home the top prize last night at the American Music Awards. But more importantly, who looked hottest on the red carpet? Radar offers up a list of the best, worst, and wackiest fashions. Browse through a sampling in the gallery or click here for...

Our Biggest Conservative: Perez Hilton

Gossip blogger may not look the part, but he's America's 'morals cop'

(Newser) - Somehow, Perez Hilton—a flamboyantly gay gossipmonger whose “favorite hobby is drawing dribbles of semen on pictures of celebrities”—has become “our leading morals cop.” He’s quick to deem Miley Cyrus “trampy” and Sienna Miller “slutty,” and this week—after posting a...

Simpsons Ditches Opener, Sings Ke$ha

Bart, Lisa, et al do their best rendition of 'Tik Tok'

(Newser) - If you're going to break a 20-year tradition, you do it for a really good and brilliant reason, right? Maybe. The Simpsons canned its longstanding show-opener yesterday and replaced it with a musical rendition of Ke$ha's "Tik Tok." It's a fun cover of sorts, though Steve Avalos notes...

Ten Dumbest Ke$ha Lyrics
 Ten Dumbest Ke$ha Lyrics 

Ten Dumbest Ke$ha Lyrics

She's no Bob Dylan.

(Newser) - Ke$ha's name may isn't exactly poetry in motion, and her lyrics aren't exactly, either, writes Matt Stopera on Buzzfeed . But here's a list of the creme de la creme:
  • "I threw up in the closet and I don't care."
  • Boots n' boys/They bring me so much joy/I wear

John Mayer: Still 'Vulgar,' 'Slimy'

 John Mayer: 
 Still 'Vulgar,' 
plus: jessica simpson responds

John Mayer: Still 'Vulgar,' 'Slimy'

Despite apologies, singer acts like 'a sleaze,' say sources

(Newser) - John Mayer continues his apology tour, promising at his recent New York shows to be “clean” from now on—then apparently went right out acting “vulgar.” Mayer was “drinking and saying vulgar things to the girls at the bar,” a source tells the Daily News...

Meet Ke$ha: The New Britney Spears
 Meet Ke$ha: The New 
 Britney Spears 

Meet Ke$ha: The New Britney Spears

And, by the way, it's pronounced 'Kesh-a'—not 'Kee-sha'

(Newser) - Who the heck is Ke$ha? She’s the decade’s first No. 1 artist on Billboard’s Hot 100, and just had the biggest-selling week of all time, for a female, on iTunes. There's a good chance you've heard the catchy if not lyrically impressive song "TiK ToK", but...

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