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US Has Delivered Zero on $1B Aid Pledged to Haiti
 US Has Delivered Zero 
 on $1B Aid Pledged to Haiti 
thanks to congress

US Has Delivered Zero on $1B Aid Pledged to Haiti

And most of the rest of the world has done no better.

(Newser) - Remember all that money the nations of the world generously pledged to help with Haiti’s earthquake relief efforts? It hasn’t materialized, CNN reports. Less than 2% of the $5.3 billion promised at an aid conference in March has actually been delivered to the UN, with only Brazil,...

Bush, Clinton Tour Port-au-Prince

Ten weeks after Haiti earthquake, ex-presidents visit capital

(Newser) - Bill Clinton and George W. Bush toured Port-au-Prince today, meeting survivors of the Jan. 12 earthquake at a huge homeless camp in the Haitian capital. The former presidents, who were making their first joint visit, spearheaded the American relief fundraising effort, which has drawn $37 million so far. "Our...

Obama Donates $1.4M Nobel Cash to 10 Charities

Most goes to veterans, Haiti, and education

(Newser) - President Obama has donated the $1.4 million he got with the Nobel Peace Prize to 10 charities, with a heavy emphasis on education. The most money, however, went to Fisher House, which provides care for patients at VA and military hospitals. It gets $250,000, while the Clinton-Bush Haiti...

Feeling 'Great,' Bill Clinton Gets Back to Work

Ex-president continues Haiti effort a day after heart surgery

(Newser) - Less than 24 hours after surgery to insert two stents in a coronary artery, Bill Clinton got back to work today. "I feel great," the former president said after returning to his home in Chappaqua, NY. It's "miraculous what they do with the stents," he added....

Clinton Back to Haiti to Oversee Aid Effort

Three weeks in, recovery just beginning

(Newser) - Bill Clinton is heading back to earthquake-stricken Haiti today to oversee aid efforts. The former president, now the UN special envoy to Haiti, will meet with local leaders, visit a clinic and deliver supplies, CNN reports. "More than three weeks after the earthquake, the relief efforts in Haiti have...

Clinton-Led Recovery Is the Last Thing Haiti Needs

Unofficial aid czar has a record of corrupt dealings

(Newser) - Bill Clinton's high-profile, perpetually teary-eyed presence on the ground in Haiti has snagged him the unofficial role of aid czar in the rebuilding effort, Mary Anastasia O'Grady writes in the Wall Street Journal , and that's very bad news for Haitians. As president, O'Grady writes, Clinton did plenty to show he...

Clinton, Investors Work On 'Marshall Plan' for Haiti

They're trying to create 'composite plan' to rebuild the nation

(Newser) - Bill Clinton and Ireland's Denis O'Brien—Haiti's biggest foreign investor—are collaborating on a "Marshall Plan" for the nation. The leader of Irish telecom Digicel urged companies to re-invest in the earthquake-stricken nation. "Obviously we need foreign direct investment, but on a wider front we need a Marshall...

Bill Clinton Visits Haiti
 Bill Clinton Visits Haiti 

Bill Clinton Visits Haiti

Ex-president, Chelsea tour Port-au-Prince hospital

(Newser) - Bill Clinton visited Port-au-Prince today, touring a hospital and praising the Haitian people as "heroic." The former president, who is also a UN special envoy to Haiti, helped deliver medicine and other supplies. "I'll be surprised and disappointed if 48 hours from now we're not feeding and...

Bush, Clinton: It's Not About Politics
 Bush, Clinton: 
 It's Not About Politics 

Bush, Clinton: It's Not About Politics

Former prezes underscore 'common humanity' in talk-show blitz

(Newser) - Former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton continued their push for private fundraising for Haiti today, appearing side by side on five Sunday talk shows to emphasize the humanitarian crisis over partisanship. "I'd say now is not the time to focus on politics," Bush told Face the ...

Keep Haiti Donations Coming
 Keep Haiti Donations Coming 

Keep Haiti Donations Coming

Former presidents see tremendous opportunity amid quake's devastation

(Newser) - Americans have a long track record of responding to disaster with overwhelming generosity, and the earthquake in Haiti has been no exception, write Bill Clinton and George W Bush in a New York Times op-ed. Amid the devastation, President Obama's chief fundraisers for the relief effort see incredible opportunity for...

3 Presidents Team Up on Haiti
 3 Presidents Team Up on Haiti 
new website for donors

3 Presidents Team Up on Haiti

Bill Clinton and George W. Bush join Obama at White House

(Newser) - President Obama said today that America "stands united" with the Haitian people as he thanked two former presidents for agreeing to help raise billions to rebuild the Caribbean nation. Obama met in the Oval Office with George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, and they announced a new website for...

George W, Bill Clinton to Lead US Aid Team
 George W, Bill Clinton 
 to Lead US Aid Team 
haiti earthquake

George W, Bill Clinton to Lead US Aid Team

Ex-presidents will help direct 'full-court press' on Haiti

(Newser) - In addition to pledging $100 million to Haiti relief efforts, President Obama is calling in some familiar names for help. He's asked former presidents Clinton and the younger of the Bushes to lead US relief efforts, reports Politico . Clinton is currently the UN special envoy to the nation. In other...

Haiti Quake Cleanup Is Only First Step
 Haiti Quake Cleanup 
 Is Only First Step 

Haiti Quake Cleanup Is Only First Step

Quake will delay but must not stop ongoing development efforts

(Newser) - Before “one of the great humanitarian emergencies in the history of the Americas” struck, Haiti had a "bright future," Bill Clinton writes. The 42nd president is a UN special envoy to the perennially troubled nation, where he has helped spearhead development efforts. Today, “what Haiti needs...

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