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Tiger Woods Fantasized About Men: Tell-All

Alleged mistress's promised book is finally hitting shelves...

(Newser) - Alleged Tiger Woods mistress Loredana Jolie finally got a buyer for the tell-all she’s been shopping since January and, as promised , the book will include details about the golfer’s fantasies about other men. “I would make him fantasize,” she writes in an excerpt obtained by the...

Mistress Dishes on Tiger Woods' All-Night Romps
 Mistress Dishes 
 on Tiger Woods' 
 All-Night Romps 

Mistress Dishes on Tiger Woods' All-Night Romps

Call girl Loredana Jolie says sex rehab won't cure golfer's addiction

(Newser) - Loredana Jolie, the very same alleged mistress who claimed Tiger Woods engaged in some gay romps , doesn’t think the golfer’s stint in sex rehab will help his “abnormal” sexual appetite. “He would engage in sex from 9pm until the sun came up the next morning,”...

2 Stories