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A 'Worrisome' Development: Iran 'Has a Pathway to a Bomb'

IAEA reports say Iran's low-enriched uranium stockpile has tripled

(Newser) - When the Trump administration took the US out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, the idea was to instead impose sanctions to pressure Iran to stop developing its nuclear program. Now, "the numbers suggest a different reality"—that Iran "now has a pathway to a bomb,"...

Site Meant for Research Has Been Enriching Uranium: UN Watchdog

It looks like Fordo underground facility is in violation of 2015 nuclear deal

(Newser) - The United Nations' nuclear watchdog has confirmed that Iran is now enriching uranium at its underground Fordo facility, a move prohibited by the 2015 nuclear deal. That's according to a confidential quarterly report that was distributed to member states and seen by the AP on Monday. Iran invited inspectors...

Iran Breaches Uranium Limits
Iran Breaches Uranium Limits

Iran Breaches Uranium Limits

It's now enriching uranium to 4.5%

(Newser) - Iran on Monday began enriching uranium to 4.5%, just breaking the limit set by its nuclear deal with world powers, while it is still seeking a way for Europe to help it bypass US sanctions amid heightened tensions between Tehran and Washington. The acknowledgement by the spokesman of the...

Iran Had an 'Unwelcome Milestone.' Now, a New Defiance

Uranium enrichment will be 'as much as we want it to be,' President Hassan Rouhani says

(Newser) - Iran announced an "unwelcome milestone" this week: It has 660 pounds of low-enriched uranium stockpiled, a violation of the 2015 nuclear deal the US pulled out of last year. The Washington Post notes that reserve on its own doesn't bring the country much closer to being able to...

Iran Rolls Out 2 New Nuclear-Linked Projects

Uranium mine, processing plant opened after talks fail

(Newser) - Iran has inaugurated two key nuclear-related projects just days after another round of talks with world powers seeking to limit its atomic program ended in another stalemate. Operations are now under way at Iran's biggest uranium mine and a uranium ore concentrate production plant, according to state media. Neither...

Iran's Nuclear 'Plan B': Plutonium

Until now, international powers have been focusing on uranium

(Newser) - The Telegraph has details today of what it calls Iran's "Plan B," a second path to creating a nuclear bomb: New satellite images show that Iran has activated its Arak heavy-water production plant; heavy water could eventually power a nuclear reactor that would produce plutonium for bomb-making....

Feeling the Heat? Iran Floats 9-Point Plan to Stop Nukes

US says it's a non-starter, but it could be a sign ayatollah is worried: NYT

(Newser) - Iran is pushing a new nine-point plan to stop enriching uranium, but the US views the terms as so ridiculous—sanctions go away with little guarantee that Tehran will make good on the promise—that it looks to be a non-starter, reports the New York Times . This false start holds...

Iran: Israel Won't Actually Launch 'Stupid' Attack

Officials dismiss threats as baseless

(Newser) - Israel keeps talking about attacking Iran, but Iran says it's not exactly sweating it, AFP reports. "Even if some officials in the illegitimate regime [Israel] want to carry out such a stupid action, there are those inside (the Israeli government) who won't allow it because they know...

Ahmadinejad: We May Stop High-Grade Enrichment If...

...we get 20% enriched fuel from other countries

(Newser) - The latest in Iran's see-sawing over uranium enrichment : President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad implied the country would halt its high-grade enrichment, as demanded by the US, as long as it was still provided with the fuel it needs. "From the beginning the Islamic Republic has stated that if European countries...

Iran: We're Building a Nuclear Sub

Project can be used to justify nuclear enrichment

(Newser) - Iran says it has begun building a nuclear submarine—a move which conveniently gives it an excuse to enrich uranium to above weapons grade. An Iranian rear admiral announced the project in Iran's state-run Fars News Agency yesterday, and went out of his way to remind reporters that powering...

US Might Allow Iran Some Uranium Enrichment

Concession would come in exchange for increased inspections

(Newser) - Iran might be allowed to continue enriching uranium up to 5% purity, the high end of civilian usage, if it allows unrestricted inspections and strong supervision of its nuclear program, reports the LA Times . The deal would be a major concession by the United Nations and United States, and Iran...

Iranians Head to the Polls
 Iranians Head to the Polls 

Iranians Head to the Polls

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei urges high turnout

(Newser) - Iran's supreme leader urged Iranians to vote in large numbers as the country holds parliamentary elections today, saying a high turnout would send a strong message to the enemies of the nation amid the nuclear standoff with the West. The balloting for the 290-member parliament is the first major...

Israel, Iran Terrorists Are Killing Scientists: Officials

Mossad funding, training People’s Mujahedin of Iran, sources confirm

(Newser) - As Iran has long claimed, Israel is indeed behind the assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, providing financing, training, and weapons to the Iranian terrorist group that carries out the attacks, US officials confirm to NBC News . Five Iranian nuclear scientists have been killed since 2007, reportedly by the People’s...

Car Bomb Kills Iranian Nuke Expert

Israel suspected in hit on Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan

(Newser) - Yet another Iranian nuclear scientist has been murdered, this time after two assassins on a motorcycle attached a magnetic bomb to the 32-year-old chemistry expert's car. The death of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan comes almost exactly two years to the day since another nuclear professor was killed. Roshan, a...

Iran: We're Enriching Uranium Underground

Hardline newspaper claims Fordo enrichment site now active

(Newser) - Another day, another claim of nuclear advances from Iran: Just a week after saying it had produced its first nuclear fuel rod , Iran is now claiming via a semi-official newspaper that it has started enriching uranium at an underground site protected from possible airstrikes. The Kayhan daily says it has...

Blast Reported in Iran Nuke City

Officials downplay explosion in Isfahan

(Newser) - A "huge explosion" is being reported in the Iranian city of Isfahan, home to one of Iran's primary uranium-enrichment facilities, reports the Telegraph . Reports are conflicting—ranging from an explosion at a gas station to a military exercise—but coming only two weeks on the heels of a...

Iran Nuclear Talks Recess Without Progress

Little hope for finding a consensus during remainder

(Newser) - Talks between Iran and six world powers recessed today with no sign that Tehran was ready to discuss UN Security Council calls to curb its nuclear activities, an official at the negotiations said. While the two sides were scheduled to meet again tomorrow, the official's description of today's meeting gave...

Iran: We Can Process Our Own Uranium

Claims independence in nuclear cycle a day ahead of Geneva talks

(Newser) - Iran is processing its first batch of home-grown uranium, the nation's nuke chief said today, claiming total independence in the nuclear fuel cycle just a day ahead of Geneva talks meant to dissuade the country from its nuclear program. "Today, we witnessed the shipment of the first domestically produced...

Ahmadinejad Wants Nuke Talks
 Ahmadinejad Wants Nuke Talks 

Ahmadinejad Wants Nuke Talks

Tells West, 'All right, we will negotiate with you'

(Newser) - Usually when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad opens his mouth the West cringes, but today the Iranian leader is calling for renewed international talks about its nuclear program. Ahmadinejad gave no timeframe, but today told a crowd: "They have come and say, "We will negotiate.' We say, "All right,...

Iran's Uranium Could Fuel 2 Warheads: Inspectors

...But only if they enriched it

(Newser) - Iran’s uranium stockpile would be sufficient to build two nuclear warheads if Tehran was able to further enrich it, according to a new report from the International Atomic Energy Agency. But Iran’s enrichment activities actually appear to be slowing; it fed uranium into only about 43% of its...

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