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US Ambassador Blames Bias for German News Scandal

Disgraced reporter Claas Relotius could face charges

(Newser) - The American ambassador to Germany is blaming anti-American bias for a "fake news" scandal that has shaken the country's leading news magazine. In a letter to Der Spiegel, Richard Grenell accused the magazine, and the media in general, of "institutional bias" when reporting on the US, the...

He Was a CNN Journo of Year. He Made Stuff Up

Claas Relotius has resigned from 'Der Spiegel' in disgrace

(Newser) - An award-winning journalist has left Europe's top-selling news magazine in disgrace after admitting that much of his work was fiction, not fact. Reporter and editor Claas Relotius, 33, resigned from Der Spiegel after the deception was uncovered and he confessed, the Guardian reports. The German magazine says Relotius "...

Pirates Free American Held for 2 Years

Journalist Michael Scott Moore was kidnapped while researching piracy

(Newser) - A 45-year-old journalist who was kidnapped by Somali pirates more than two years ago has been freed, according to his family and a Somali official cited by CNN . Michael Scott Moore, who holds both US and German citizenship and was in Somalia researching a book on piracy, is said by...

Report: Germans Spied on Kerry, Clinton

German intelligence eavesdropped on their calls 'by mistake'

(Newser) - Germany's foreign intelligence agency eavesdropped on calls made by US Secretary of State John Kerry and his predecessor Hillary Clinton, German magazine Der Spiegel reported today. The respected news weekly reported that the agency, known by its German acronym BND, tapped a satellite phone conversation Kerry made in 2013...

NSA Can Hack Most Smartphones
 NSA Can Hack 
 Your Smartphone 

NSA Can Hack Your Smartphone

Also, the sky is blue.

(Newser) - More shocking NSA news that shouldn't be shocking to any resident of planet Earth: It turns out that the whiz kids over at the National Security Agency have the capability to access a broad range of data on most smartphones out there, including iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android devices. This...

Oops: Mag Runs Obit of 'Colorless' HW Bush

'Der Spiegel' accidentally posts incomplete obituary today

(Newser) - Reports of former President George HW Bush's demise were greatly exaggerated earlier today when German magazine der Spiegel erroneously published a partial obituary, reports the AP . Adding insult to premature death, Spiegel memorialized Bush as a "colorless politician," whose presidency only looked good when later compared to...

Chen: China's Promises 'Just Empty Words'
Chen: China's Promises
'Just Empty Words'

Chen: China's Promises 'Just Empty Words'

Dissident recounts abuses he suffered under house arrest

(Newser) - Chen Guangcheng says he's being treated well enough at the hospital where he's recuperating , but that he doesn't trust the Chinese government to continue being so kind. In an interview with der Spiegel —which the paper says was plagued by a connection that cut out multiple...

US Steels for Fallout From 'Afghan Abu Ghraib'

Publication of 'repugnant' body photos are bound to infuriate community

(Newser) - US officials are bracing for protests in Afghanistan in the wake of the publication of gruesome photos taken by a renegade "Kill Team" of American soldiers posing with a civilian corpse. Twelve members of the group face court martial charges linked to civilian murders. Three of some 4,000...

Der Spiegel Runs Photos of Soldiers With Dead Afghan

Photos reportedly show soldiers posting with corpse of Gul Mudin

(Newser) - This can't be good: Der Spiegel has published photographs that depict two US soldiers posing with the body of an Afghan man just after he was killed last year. In one photo published in a print edition of the magazine that will be distributed tomorrow, Cpl. Jeremy Morlock grins as...

Massive Records Leak Bares Chilling Afghan War Secrets
 Massive Records 
 Leak Bares 
 Chilling Afghan 
 War Secrets 

Massive Records Leak Bares Chilling Afghan War Secrets

White House furious about 92K posted documents

(Newser) - Covert operations, hidden civilian victims of the Afghanistan War and US suspicions that Pakistan is aiding the Taliban are among the shocking secrets bared in some 92,000 leaked American military documents posted yesterday on Wikileaks . The New York Times, the Guardian and Der Spiegel were given early access to...

Webcam Watcher Saves German Stranded on Ice

Floundering tourist was lost on frozen coast, but not to camera

(Newser) - A vigilant Webcam watcher came to the rescue of a feckless German tourist who wandered too far out on the frozen ocean of the country’s northern coast and became disoriented. “He didn't know where to go,” police tell Der Spiegel . “With the unbroken snow and ice,...

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