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She Demanded White Server, Got a Yes 'Without Hesitation'

Olive Garden cans manager after encounter in Evansville, Ind.

(Newser) - The manager of an Olive Garden in Evansville, Ind., has been fired after consenting to a customer's request that her black server be replaced with a white one. Hostess Amira Donahue, 16, tells WEHT that a white female customer requested hot water during Saturday's dinner rush before demanding... More »

A Child's Face Said 'Help,' So a Kentucky Waitress Did

Police track down suspects after Facebook post

(Newser) - A waitress alarmed by a distraught child and disturbing adults flagged the group to police, helping them track down and arrest the adults. Jordan Cooper thought something was wrong as soon as she approached the table to serve the two adults and two children, one a girl about a year... More »

Olive Garden's NYE Dinner Will Cost You $400

Only in New York, kids

(Newser) - Dining in NYC can be expensive, and it's a given that on New Year's Eve, Times Square eateries will be profiting even more from the reveling crowds. That includes the Great White Way's local chain restaurants, set to charge their usual exorbitant prices for the night's... More »

Olive Garden's Latest: Breadstick Sandwiches

New take on that unlimited idea

(Newser) - Olive Garden's plan to win back customers? Take the breadsticks it's known for and make sandwiches out of them. The restaurant chain known for its unlimited breadsticks says it plans to use them for chicken parmigiana and meatball sandwiches starting June 1. The plans for the breadstick sandwiches... More »

Man Feeds Homeless With 'Random Acts of Pasta'

He bought a $100 all-you-can-eat Olive Garden pass, gave meals away

(Newser) - A man in Ogden, Utah, was among 1,000 people who bought Olive Garden's 7-Week $100 Never Ending Pasta cards this fall, and he managed to use it 125 times—but hardly any pasta went to himself, reports the Deseret News . Matt Tribe confirmed with the restaurant chain that... More »

Olive Garden: Breadstick Policy Is 'Italian Generosity'

Company defends itself against investor manifesto

(Newser) - Olive Garden has fired back in the battle of the breadsticks . The Florida-based chain's parent company says the unlimited breadstick policy—one of many things criticized by hedge fund Starboard Value—is an example of "Italian generosity." In its response to Starboard's 300-page criticism, Darden Restaurants... More »

Olive Garden Investor Slams Chain Over ... Breadsticks

294-page manifesto also complains about asparagus length, logo, pasta water

(Newser) - Everyone who was lucky enough to nab an Olive Garden all-you-can-eat pass , get ready. Starboard Value, an investor trying to wrest control from Olive Garden's parent company, submitted a nearly 300-page filing to the SEC yesterday outlining that it takes umbrage with the restaurant's unlimited breadstick policy, stating... More »

Worst New Fast Food Items

Menus at Denny's, Olive Garden, and TGI Fridays each feature diet traps

(Newser) - Happy Meals may come with fruit now , but that doesn't mean gut-busters have been wiped from menus. And while Applebee's Provolone-Stuffed Meatballs dish is the stuff of legend, the Daily Beast also ferrets out a few surprises on its list of worst new fast food:
  • California Pizza Kitchen'
... More »

Another Toddler Served Booze

This time, Olive Garden is to blame

(Newser) - After learning that Applebee's served a 15-month-old boy a margarita last week, a Florida mother reveals Olive Garden served her 2-year-old son sangria last month. Jill VanHeest says she ordered orange juice for son Nikolai on March 31. When he started acting up and his eyes turned red and... More »

Foodie Words That Leave Us Tongue-Tied

From gnocchi to pho, commonly misprounced words

(Newser) - Reacting to news that the Olive Garden and its tough-to-say specialties might be opening up overseas, the Chicago Tribune presents its top 10 mispronounced foodie words:
  • Bruschetta: Say broo-SKEH-tah, get the grilled-bread appetizer.
  • Gnocchi: the dumpling-like noodles are pronounced NYOH-kee.
  • Gyro: YEER-oh is how the Greeks order the pita-enveloped sandwich.
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