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Lara Logan Tweets: Media Must Learn to Forgive Nir Rosen and Others for One-Time Mistakes, Writes Michelle Goldberg
Nir Rosen Should Be Ashamed—but Not Ruined 

Nir Rosen Should Be Ashamed—but Not Ruined

Lara Logan tweets were disgusting, but media must learn to forgive

(Newser) - Nir Rosen’s thoughtless tweets about Lara Logan were “grotesque”—but they shouldn’t “eclipse an often-heroic career” of “intrepid” war reporting, writes Michelle Goldberg in the Daily Beast . Indeed, today’s media “has an awful way of reducing us all to the worst thing...

Rick Sanchez on Jewish Dig: Give Me a Break

'It was 5 seconds of my life,' says axed anchor

(Newser) - Onetime CNN anchor Rick Sanchez is heading back to the air after getting axed for controversial remarks about Jews, and he's pleading with the media to give him a break. "I tried to be real, to be honest, to be passionate, so wish I still could. Wish media would...

Rick Sanchez Apologizes for 'Tired' Words

Says he has no hard feelings toward CNN or Jon Stewart

(Newser) - Rick Sanchez wants everyone to know that he meant no offense with his comments about Jews running the media , that he bears no ill will toward CNN or Jon Stewart, and that you can still buy his book. "On October 4th, I had a very good conversation with...

Hitchens: Rehire Rick Sanchez
 Hitchens: Rehire Rick Sanchez 

Hitchens: Rehire Rick Sanchez

And what's so terrible about calling the Jewish lobby powerful?

(Newser) - Rick Sanchez is out of a job and apparently sorry about it, but exactly what is the problem with pointing out the obvious power of the Jewish lobby, asks Christopher Hitchens over at Slate. Washington's elite plainly swoon before pro-Israel group AIPAC, Hitchens writes, and the author's own "overlapping...

Stewart Bids Adieu to Rick Sanchez
 Bids Adieu 
 to Rick Sanchez 
plus: sanchez apologizes

Stewart Bids Adieu to Rick Sanchez

'I'm not even sure Sanchez believes what he's saying'

(Newser) - Jon Stewart hasn't got Rick Sanchez's Rick's List to poke fun at anymore, but the Daily Show host showed some old clips while bidding the CNN anchor an almost-fond farewell. The host compared Sanchez— fired for calling Stewart a bigot and suggesting Jews control the media —to The Office's...

Jon Stewart to Sanchez: Say Sorry, We'll Hire You Back

Comic takes swing at out-of-work CNN anchor

(Newser) - If Rick Sanchez wants his old job back, "All he has to do is apologize to us, and we'll hire him back," Jon Stewart said last night in his first jab at the former CNN anchor. "If you went on radio and said the Jews control the...

CNN Fires Rick Sanchez
 CNN Fires Rick Sanchez 

CNN Fires Rick Sanchez

He's canned a day after comments about Jews running the network

(Newser) - CNN has had enough of Rick Sanchez. The network fired the afternoon anchor today, a day after he made controversial comments about Jews and Jon Stewart during a radio interview, reports the Huffington Post . A terse company statement: “Rick Sanchez is no longer with the company. We thank Rick...

CNN's Rick Sanchez Calls Jon Stewart a 'Bigot'

Then suggests Jews run all the networks

(Newser) - This one may not die quietly: CNN's Rick Sanchez yesterday called Jon Stewart a "bigot," though he later changed that to "prejudicial" and "uninformed." Then he seemed to suggest that CNN and other networks are run by Jews: "I'm telling you that everybody who...

CNN's Screen Crawl Gets Anti-Semitic

Whoops! No one at the network appears to edit Twitter captions

(Newser) - CNN’s attempt to keep it real by running viewers’ Twitter comments on its screen crawl got a little too real yesterday. During a discussion about US-Israel relations between Wolf Blitzer and Rick Sanchez, the bottom of the screen ran tweets—replies to Sanchez's Twitter feed—that included “Israel...

Jon Stewart: Rick Sanchez Is Like a Coke Freak
 Jon Stewart: 
 Rick Sanchez Is 
 Like a Coke Freak 
'over-caffeinated control freak'

Jon Stewart: Rick Sanchez Is Like a Coke Freak

CNN anchor a bit too intense...not to mention incorrect

(Newser) - After Rick Sanchez testily asked an expert to translate nine meters into “English,” it was only a matter of time before Jon Stewart weighed in. “CNN: The most trusted name in over-caffeinated control freaks,” Stewart said last night after showing clips of Sanchez aggressively directing the...

Rick Sanchez Doesn't Know What 9 Meters Is

In tsunami report, testy CNN host asks what that is 'in English'

(Newser) - While reporting on the earthquake-induced tsunami yesterday, CNN talking head Rick Sanchez testily asked an expert what a 9-meter drop in ocean levels was "in English." The blogosphere erupted in response, with Newsbusters incredulously noting his need for translation, while Gawker labeled his comment "exponentially more assy...

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