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Michael Jackson's Kid Is a College Grad

Eldest son Prince Jackson has a new degree in business administration

(Newser) - The eldest son of the King of Pop is now a college graduate, reports People . Twenty-two-year-old Prince Jackson—real name Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.—graduated Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles on Saturday with a degree in business administration and family was around to applaud him. Cousin TJ Jackson...

Paris Jackson Says Michael Was Murdered
Paris Jackson
Growing Up
With Michael
new interview

Paris Jackson Describes Growing Up With Michael

And says she believes he was murdered

(Newser) - Paris Jackson, now 18, gives an extensive and candid cover interview to Rolling Stone in which she describes what it was like to grow up with Michael Jackson as her father—and what she thinks really happened to him. "It's obvious" that he was murdered, she says. "...

Jackson Kids' Allowance: $8M a Year

And boy, do they spend it

(Newser) - As Michael Jackson's estate grows in value, the yearly allowance his children Prince, 17, Paris, 16, and Blanket, 12, share has increased from $5 million to $8 million—and it sounds like they take full advantage of it. Page Six talks to sources including former Jackson friend Marc Schaffel,...

Paris Headed to Posh School for Troubled Kids

Jackson not ready to go home, family fears

(Newser) - The next stop for Paris Jackson, who is currently still at UCLA Hospital following her suicide attempt : Diamond Ranch Academy, a treatment center/boarding school in Utah for troubled kids. Mother Debbie Rowe and grandmother Katherine Jackson don't think the 15-year-old is ready to go home, and they also want...

Behind Paris' Suicide Attempt: Family Secret

Source says she learned she, Prince don't share same dad

(Newser) - What precipitated Paris Jackson's suicide attempt ? According to a family friend, discovering she and brother Prince have different biological fathers. Paris always thought Debbie Rowe and someone—not Michael Jackson—were her and Prince's biological parents, the source explains to the Sun . But she was recently told...

16 Crazy Hollywood Custody Fights

From drunk cheeseburger-eating to bizarre affairs, accusations

(Newser) - There's nothing like a celebrity custody dispute to make Thanksgiving morning interesting in Hollywood. Radar rounds up 16 of the nastiest:
  • Who can forget the time David Hasselhoff was filmed, drunk, eating a cheeseburger off his floor, causing him to temporarily lose custody of his daughters? During his custody

Jackson Family Feud Spills Into Twitter

Prince, Paris accuse 'certain people' of hiding grandmother

(Newser) - The Jacksons' drama has spilled over into Twitter, with Paris and Prince tweeting their extreme displeasure with the family feud, reports the Los Angeles Times . Both kids seem well aware they are mostly pawns in a bigger battle over their late father's money, and are upset at how the...

TMZ: Janet Called Paris a 'Spoiled Bitch'

Michael Jackson's kids refuse to leave grandma's home

(Newser) - We know police came to Katherine Jackson's California home to investigate a reported assault . Now there's video of a confrontation between family members—and it's not pretty. Janet and 14-year-old Paris Jackson go at it outside the Calabasas home, with Janet making a grab for Paris' cell...

Jackson Kids: Michael 'Just a Normal Dad'
 Kids: Michael 
 'Just a Normal Dad' 
oprah interview

Jackson Kids: Michael 'Just a Normal Dad'

Paris, Prince, and Blanket share memories with Oprah

(Newser) - Oprah Winfrey’s highly-anticipated interview with Michael Jackson’s children aired today, allowing Prince, Paris, and Blanket a chance to tell the world all about the “best dad ever.” Paris, 12, says “no one understood what a good father he was,” and says, “He was...

Paris, Prince Jackson May Testify at Doctor's Trial

Conrad Murray thinks they'll help his case

(Newser) - Things seemed to be going pretty well for Michael Jackson ’s children, but that may not last long. Dr. Conrad Murray , who will stand trial for manslaughter in Jackson’s death, plans to call Prince and Paris Jackson to the stand. “Prince and Paris knew their dad relied...

Jacko's Kids 'Have No Friends'

 Jacko's Kids 'Have No Friends' 

Jacko's Kids 'Have No Friends'

'It's the only life they know,' says grandma

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's poor little über wealthy kids have no friends, their grandmother laments a year after her famous son's death. "They don't have any friends. They don't go to school, they have private lessons at home," she tells the Daily Mirror . "To them, it's normal, it's...

Jackson Kids Hit YouTube
 Jackson Kids Hit YouTube 
it's really them

Jackson Kids Hit YouTube

Paris and Blanket Jackson star in YouTube clips

(Newser) - Michael Jackson famously guarded his kids' privacy, you know, with the rare exception of that whole balcony dangling thing. So he probably wouldn’t be too pleased to know that Paris and Blanket are now appearing in a variety of YouTube clips. E! points to a few—watch them in...

Debbie Rowe, Worried About Jackson Kids, 'Will Take Steps'

Michael Jackson's ex wants to ensure safety of Blanket, Paris, Prince

(Newser) - Debbie Rowe hasn’t seen her children since the death of their father, Michael Jackson—but the recent stun gun news might bring her back into their lives. “Of course I’m worried” about Blanket, she tells TMZ , even though he’s not one of her kids. One of...

Lawyer: Jackson Kids Not Threatened With Stun Gun

Grandma, guard confiscated weapon from 13-year-old cousin

(Newser) - None of Michael Jackson's kids were threatened with a stun gun by one of their cousins, an attorney is insisting, even though child welfare officials are continuing to investigate. A guard stopped a stun-gun attack on Blanket by cousin Jaafar at the Los Angeles home of Katherine Jackson, Michael's mom,...

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