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Teachers Arrested After Student Brags of Threesome

Rachel Respess, Shelley Dufresne accused of ménage à trois with teen

(Newser) - Two Louisiana teachers have been arrested and accused of seducing a student—after the then-16-year-old boy bragged about having a ménage à trois with them. School officials heard about the teen's boasts and alerted authorities, who questioned him; he told detectives what happened and said it was all...

Famed High School Hit With 5th Teacher Sex Allegation

Teacher at 'Friday Night Lights' school commits suicide

(Newser) - Until recently, Permian High School was known mostly for football—it's the basis for Friday Night Lights. But that might be changing thanks to a slew of scandals, including one that ended in suicide last night. Police found longtime government teacher and assistant girls golf coach Mark Lampman dead...

Teacher's Ill-Advised Field Trip: to Strip Club

Plus: A teaching assistant accidentally emails nude pics to students

(Newser) - Here's an extracurricular activity that won't look so great on your kid's college applications: visiting a strip club with his chemistry teacher. Travis Lechien, 31, was fired from Indiana's Hanover Central High School on Tuesday for allegedly taking teens to a strip club to celebrate a...

On Day He Was to Marry, Teacher Charged With Rape

Not surprisingly, John Azabache's wedding called off

(Newser) - John Azabache was supposed to be getting married Friday. Instead, he ended up getting arrested for allegedly raping one of his 16-year-old students. Needless to say, the wedding was called off, but the Journal News reports that Azabache did still utter the words "I do"—when he was...

2nd LA Teacher Accused of Widespread Sex Abuse

Robert Pimentel arrested, accused of abusing 20 students

(Newser) - A fourth-grade teacher who worked for nearly 40 years in the Los Angeles Unified School District has been arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing 20 students, a year after another veteran teacher accused of molesting nearly two dozen students brought national attention to the district and the problem of classroom...

16 NY Teachers Keep Jobs Despite Sex Allegations

Court prevents New York from firing teacher who bent student over a desk

(Newser) - More than a dozen teachers accused of a range of eyebrow-raising sexual misconduct are still teaching in New York schools, thanks to arbitrator rulings that prevented education officials from firing them, according to information released today in response to a New York Daily News Freedom of Information Act request. One...

School Closing for 2 Days Over Sex Assault Arrests

Mark Berndt and Martin Springer arrested within days of each other

(Newser) - Miramonte Elementary School students won't be going to class tomorrow or the next day, after two longtime teachers were arrested last week on suspicion of sexually abusing students as young as six. Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent John Deasy is meeting with parents at a local high school...

Teacher Accused of Sex With 5 Students in 5 Months

Stacy Schuler taught gym in Ohio

(Newser) - Another tale of teacher-student sex, with a twist: The teacher in question is accused of sleeping with five students over a period of five months. Stacy Schuler, 32, taught health and physical education at Ohio’s Mason High School, and also worked as an athletic trainer for the school sports...

3 Teachers Fired for Flirting With Students on Facebook

One even posted a picture of herself kissing teen boy

(Newser) - Bad idea: Kissing your 18-year-old former student on the lips. Worse idea: Taking a picture of it. Totally insane idea: Posting that picture to Facebook. It’s just one of the crazy stories coming out of New York City, where at least three educators in the past six months have...

Teacher to Aussie Kids: Plan Massive Terror Hit
 Teacher to Aussie Kids: 
 Plan Massive Terror Hit 

Teacher to Aussie Kids: Plan Massive Terror Hit

Survivors of Bali blast that killed 88 Aussies blast assignment

(Newser) - A high school teacher in Australia who assigned her class to plan a terrorist attack that would kill as many innocent Australians as possible says she had no intention of promoting terrorism. Students in Western Australia were given the assignment last week in a class on contemporary conflict and terrorism....

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