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Knut to Be Stuffed, Displayed

Famous polar bear will go to Berlin museum

(Newser) - Knut spent his life on display in the Berlin Zoo, and in death he'll move to a museum. The famous bear will be stuffed and exhibited in Berlin's Natural History Museum, the New York Post reports, citing the Times of London. Even as veterinarians examined Knut to determine a cause... More »

Baby Dolphin Die-Off in Gulf Grows

Officials say it's too soon to blame the oil spill

(Newser) - More and more young bottlenose dolphins are turning up dead in the Gulf, and scientists aren’t entirely sure why. The number of dead dolphins has swelled to 80, according to National Geographic , with about half of them being calves. Speculation is running rampant that the deaths are connected to... More »

Dead Dolphins Washing Up Along Gulf Shore

Four babies collected since Monday; total for year is 28

(Newser) - More sad news from the Gulf: Four baby dolphins have washed up on the shores of Mississippi since Monday—adding to a growing tally. The Sun Herald reports that 18 stillborn or infant dolphins, some not even three feet long, have been collected this year. They're washing ashore at 10... More »

10K Stray Dogs to Be Shot

Kyrgyzstan says it can't afford to build shelters for them

(Newser) - From bad to worse: Last year, Kyrgyzstan shot 5,000 stray dogs, unable to afford the $300,000 it would have cost to build shelters for them. This year, that figure is depressingly higher: Officials in the capital city of Bishkek say budgetary woes are forcing them to shoot the... More »

1K Roosters Put Down After Cockfighting Bust

Creatures had to be euthanized due to aggressive nature

(Newser) - There are mysterious animal deaths , and then there are just tragic ones. In California, the weekend bust of a cockfighting ring led to the deaths of about 1,000 roosters. The Ventura County Star reports that the roosters had to be euthanized due to their aggressive nature. Two men were... More »

Here's What Killed Those Dead Cows

Toxic sweet potatoes were included in their feed

(Newser) - The latest mass animal death mystery has been solved: The 200 cows that dropped dead in a Wisconsin pasture two weeks ago were killed by, of all things, moldy sweet potatoes. The farmer who owned them originally suspected disease, but investigators ruled that out and determined the cows were likely... More »

Arkansas: Here's What Officially Killed Those Birds

Findings on mass deaths released

(Newser) - Wildlife officials in Arkansas say that they still have no idea why more than 100,000 fish washed up dead along a stretch of river last year, but they have a theory on why thousands of blackbirds fell from the sky . The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission—echoing earlier findings... More »

USDA: We Poisoned Those 200 Dead Birds

Mass animal death in South Dakota has less-than-mysterious cause

(Newser) - The latest mass animal death—hundreds of dead birds found Monday in South Dakota—is no mystery, reports the Huffington Post : The US government killed them. When more than 200 starlings turned up dead, cold weather was initially suspected as the culprit. But now the USDA has admitted to poisoning... More »

South Korean Monks Pray for 1.9M Culled Animals

Foot-and-mouth disease outbreak worst in country's history

(Newser) - Buddhist monks in South Korea held a massive memorial service today for the more than 1.9 million animals killed in a desperate attempt to halt the country’s foot-and-mouth disease outbreak. Surrounded by the faithful, the monks bowed before photos of the culled animals, offering them chrysanthemums as a... More »

More Animal Die-Offs: 200 Cows Dead in Wisconsin

Farmer thinks a virus is probably involved

(Newser) - First it was birds, then fish, then more fish. Now, it's 200 cows lying dead in a Wisconsin field, reports the Rapid-Tribune. But this mass die-off might be a little less murky: The farmer reportedly told local officials he suspected the animals died of one of two viruses common to... More »

Thousands of Fish Dead Along Chicago Lakefront

This type of herring is particularly sensitive, says biologist

(Newser) - Yet another mass animal death : Along the Chicago lakefront, gizzard shad—a type of herring—are dying off in large numbers. Thousands, maybe more, are dead and frozen or floating in Lake Michigan, the Sun-Times reports. Geese and ducks are feeding on the dead and dying fish. Gizzard shad are... More »

Italian Birds 'Ate Themselves to Death'

Flying gluttons suffered 'massive indigestion,' says expert

(Newser) - Here's the latest in dubious explanations for the recent massive bird die-offs: Italian turtle doves ate themselves to death, says one scientist. Some 1,000 of the birds fell dead or dying from the sky last week in the village of Faenza with blue stains on their beaks, and "... More »

9 More Creepy, Mysterious Animal Deaths

Giant squids, a beloved swan, and ... suicidal cows?

(Newser) - Massive animal die-offs are totally normal —but that doesn't mean they're all free of mystery. On the heels of the Arkansas bird deaths that started it all, the Daily Beast reminds us of 9 other recent (sometimes suspicious, sometimes creepy) animal deaths:
  • John Boy Walton, the much-loved
... More »

Experts: Bird, Fish Die-Offs No Mystery

Similar wildlife die-offs happen all the time, 'under the radar'

(Newser) - Recent mass deaths of birds and fish around the world have been getting plenty of press, but these die-offs are nothing out of the ordinary, let alone a sign of the apocalypse, experts tell AP . Federal records show that mass wildlife die-offs happen about every other day, and experts believe... More »

Thousands of Turtle Doves Drop Dead in Italy

With strange blue stains on beaks

(Newser) - Thousands of turtle doves have fallen dead in the small town of Faenza in Italy, with some of them tragically caught in tree branches like "tiny Christmas balls." Many of the birds had a mysterious blue stain around their beaks, reports the Huffington Post quoting GeaPress . That could... More »

Here's What Officially Killed Those Birds in Arkansas

'Impact trauma', fireworks, blamed for deaths

(Newser) - If you’ve been searching for a simple explanation for what caused the deaths of thousands of birds in Arkansas, veterinary pathologists have one: they all ran into something. “It was impact trauma,” the chief of disease investigations at the National Wildlife Health Center in Madison tells the... More »

Birds Drop Dead in Sweden, Kentucky

40K crabs wash ashore in UK as mass die-offs stump experts

(Newser) - Birds are continuing to drop from the sky in a mounting, now global, mystery. Up to 100 jackdaws fell dead in a small town in Sweden. Investigators have roped off the area in an effort to determine what killed the birds, who showed signs of serious trauma, officials said. "... More »

2M Dead Fish Appear in Chesapeake Bay

Latest in string of animal deaths

(Newser) - And the dead animals keep coming and coming and coming . The latest: an estimated 2 million dead fish in the Chesapeake Bay. State officials investigating the fish kill believe winter temperatures are to blame. The majority of the dead fish are adult "spot," which a Maryland Department of... More »

Now There Are Dead Birds in Louisiana, Too

Five hundred found on highway

(Newser) - Okay, this is just getting creepy: An estimated 500 red-winged blackbirds were found lying dead or dying along a quarter-mile stretch of Louisiana highway yesterday, the Advocate reports. A number of the bodies have been shipped to labs in Georgia and Wisconsin for testing, but the rest were left lying... More »

In the Case of Thousands of Dead Birds, a Culprit?

Birds likely crashed after flying low to avoid fireworks, say investigators

(Newser) - Investigators probing the mysterious death of thousands of birds in a small Arkansas town believe New Year's Eve fireworks were likely the cause. Residents of Beebe say loud explosions were heard shortly before more than 3,000 blackbirds began falling from the sky, the BBC reports. The few that survived... More »

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