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Genghis Khan's Death May Be Less Sexy Than the Legends

New study suggests he was felled by bubonic plague

(Newser) - All kinds of legends exist to explain the death of Mongol ruler Genghis Khan 800 years ago—a poisoned arrow, perhaps? But a new study puts forth an explanation that will sound pretty familiar to people today. That is, a pandemic did him in. As Live Science reports, researchers studying...

China Tried to Wipe Words 'Genghis Khan' From Khan Exhibit

Or so claims French museum, which says China is trying to rewrite history

(Newser) - A French museum has postponed a planned exhibition about Genghis Khan, saying the Chinese government is trying to rewrite history—specifically, the part of history where Khan and his heirs conquered China in the 13th century as rulers of the Mongol Empire. The Château des ducs de Bretagne museum...

What 10K People Looking for Genghis Khan's Tomb Found

In 6 months, they spent 3.4 years poring over maps

(Newser) - If we ultimately uncover Genghis Khan's tomb, we may have outer space and about 10,000 volunteers to thank. As Smithsonian recounts, legend has it that the location of the Mongolian warrior's tomb was safeguarded by soldiers who murdered the tomb builders and were then killed themselves. University...

Unveiled: City Founded by Genghis Khan's Descendants

2 Christian temples discovered along Volga River

(Newser) - Working along Russia's Volga River, archaeologists have discovered what's left of the 750-year-old city of Ukek, headed by the descendants of Genghis Khan. The researchers uncovered the city's Christian quarter, which was often visited by wealthy people; while some Christians were enslaved, the findings suggest that not...

Genghis Khan Owes His Empire to ... Rain

Study: Unusual 15-year stretch created grasslands for his army

(Newser) - Scientists who study tree rings for a living have discovered that central Mongolia had an usually warm and wet spell from 1211 to 1225. This would probably remain of note only in tree-ring-studying circles if not for one other thing: Those dates happen to coincide with the rise of none...

Tech Team Zeroes In on 'Genghis Khan's Tomb'

But University of California experts don't want to excavate

(Newser) - Everyone from archaeologists to grave robbers have been seeking Genghis Khan's tomb for the past 800 years—and now a team of techies from California may have found it, Newsweek reports. Using satellites, radar scans, and thousands of volunteers, Albert Lin's crew at the University of California in...

Explorer Finds Lost Piece of China's Great Wall

William Lindesay got an assist from Google Earth

(Newser) - The Great Wall of China is bigger than we thought. An undiscovered stretch of the wall was located last fall by a British explorer in the deserts of Mongolia, reports the Telegraph . Carbon testing reveals the 62-mile section, made of earth and branches, has been standing since the 11th or...

The Root of All Evil: Men's Sex Drive

 The Root of 
 All Evil: Men's 
 Sex Drive 
study says

The Root of All Evil: Men's Sex Drive

Male desire for battle is deeply rooted in our genes: British study

(Newser) - Wars, brawls, defense budgets, riots: All of these aggressive male by-products are genetically rooted in men's drive to win as many mates as possible, according to British scientists. A study published this week blames the world's conflicts on this male "tribal" attitude, saying it "might not...

How You Can Join Hunt for Genghis Khan

Online volunteers examine satellite images of Mongolia

(Newser) - Armchair history buffs, take note: A University of California scientist needs all the help he can get finding the tomb of Genghis Khan. The only thing participants need to join the Valley of the Khans Project is a computer and an Internet connection, reports the Washington Post . Under the program,...

Genghis Kahn: Tree-Hugging Slaughterer?

Turns out staining the ground red meant going green

(Newser) - If environmentalists were really serious about cutting carbon, they'd just go out and slaughter about 40 million people. Or so one might deduce from a new study that finds Genghis Khan's murderous invasion actually sucked about 700 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere, reports Mother Nature Network. The trick?...

History's Greatest Sex Lives
 History's Greatest Sex Lives 

History's Greatest Sex Lives

Genghis Khan to Madonna, not just about numbers

(Newser) - Taking into account sheer numbers, global impact, and inventiveness, James Brady Ryan counts down the history’s top sex lives for Nerve . Some highlights:
  • Genghis Khan: When 8% of the population of Central Asia (which includes 17 million males) are your direct descendants, you did something right.
  • Madonna: “No

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