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Cops: Psychic's Big Scam Involved a Guy's House

Samantha Stevenson allegedly convinced a client to sell his house

(Newser) - Toronto police are dusting off a witchcraft-related law just in time for Halloween. After a year-long investigation, York Regional Police have charged fortune teller Samantha Stevenson, also known as Evanna Lopez, with fraud, possession of property obtained by crime, and pretending to practice witchcraft, reports the Toronto Star . The latter...

Erykah Badu Will Read Your Palm on Twitter

And her readings are pretty funny

(Newser) - A fan's random decision to ask singer Erykah Badu for a palm reading has led to a pretty awesome string of tweets, Time reports. The fan made the request on Twitter Monday, Badu in turn requested a picture of the fan's palm, and more palm pictures and requests...

How a Man Blew $718K on Psychics

He allegedly spent $90K for a gold bridge in another realm

(Newser) - Niall Rice met Michelle while receiving treatment for acute anxiety at an Arizona rehab clinic. "We had such a strong connection, it was unbelievable," the 33-year-old Brit tells the New York Times . "I loved her deeply." The pair broke up weeks after leaving rehab, but Rice...

Man Loses $714K to Fortune Teller
Man Loses $714K
to Fortune Teller

Man Loses $714K to Fortune Teller

Over a broken heart

(Newser) - Last year, cops in Manhattan say a fortune teller scammed a woman out of $217,000 on the pretext of getting a curse removed. Seemed like a lot of money, until this guy: Over the course of 20 months, the broken-hearted 32-year-old shelled out a total of $713,975 to...

Cops: Fortune Teller Scammed Woman for $217K

Victim was trying to have a curse removed

(Newser) - The going rate to have a curse removed is apparently $217,040. That's how much a 22-year-old woman in Manhattan paid a fortune teller over the course of about a year to be officially de-cursed, the New York Post reports. The woman finally wised up and went to police,...

Fortune Tellers Admit Fraud
 Fortune Tellers Admit Fraud 

Fortune Tellers Admit Fraud

8 of 9 in one Florida family have now confessed

(Newser) - Three members of a Florida family of fortune tellers confessed this week that they weren't really communicating with Michael the Archangel and other divine spirits as they took in a staggering $25 million from customers, reports the Sun Suntinel . Their guilty pleas mean that eight of the nine family...

Shamans in Peru: Obama's Got It

But astrologers say Mercury Retrograde could make things messy

(Newser) - Forget the pundits and statisticians : To find out who's really going to win the election, some are turning to shamans and psychics. In Peru, shamans have called a winner: President Obama. They came to the conclusion after chewing coca leaves, drinking a hallucinogenic brew called ayahuasca, and putting flower...

Bangladesh Man Beheaded to Redden Bricks

Fortune teller calls for human sacrifice

(Newser) - A Bangladeshi man was beheaded in a bizarre ritual to improve a local brick business. When owners became concerned that bricks in a northern village were losing their sought-after reddish hue, a fortune teller encouraged a human sacrifice. Four laborers, following owners' orders, killed a 26-year-old fellow worker and baked...

8 Stories
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