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Introducing ... the 'Prom-Posal'

High-schoolers getting elaborate with invites

(Newser) - It's like an arms race out there when it comes to prom invites, apparently. They're getting so elaborate that the Des Moines Register says they're called "prom-posals." It rounds up local examples, including one kid who paid for an airplane banner to ask his girlfriend...

Schools Crack Down on Risqué Prom Dresses

As gowns get more provocative, schools implement new procedures

(Newser) - Ahhh, prom memories: posing for pictures in your front yard, taking a limo to the dance, being asked to hold a ruler up to your leg to ensure your dress is no shorter than three inches above the knee. Yes, high school proms have apparently gotten a bit more risqué...

Principal to Teen: No Porn Star Prom Date

Mike Stone can't bring Megan Piper after all

(Newser) - Mike Stone, who scored a porn star as his date to prom after sending some 600 tweets, has apparently been thwarted by the powers that be. The superintendent of his Minnesota school district told Fox News that Megan Piper cannot attend because doing so would be "inconsistent" with two...

Thanks to Twitter, Teen Gets Porn Star as Prom Date

Michael Stone, 18, tweeted nearly 600 adult film stars

(Newser) - Michael Stone is nothing if not perseverant: The Minnesota high-schooler had no prom date, so he started tweeting to every porn star he could think of, asking if anyone would accompany him. Almost 600 tweets later, the 18-year-old had two takers: Megan Piper, 19, and Emy Reyes. "I thought...

Prom Cut Short Over Bad Pot Brownies

Four students got kind of a harsh buzz

(Newser) - The pot brownies that got passed around at a Massachusetts high school's junior prom did not agree with everyone. Four students got "violently ill" at the event last week, WCVB Boston reports, causing the dance to be cut short. Police don't know exactly how the students got their hands...

Drunk, Swearing Teen Dragged Out of Prom

18-year-old leaves Ohio party spitting blood at police

(Newser) - An Ohio teen expelled from her prom for being drunk and belligerent was spitting mad—spitting blood, that is, from a self-inflicted nosebleed. Jessica Halter, 18, is facing a litany of charges after refusing to take a Breathalyzer test and screaming at school administrators, "You are f---ing bitches this...

11 Famous Prom-Night Rejects
 11 Famous Prom-Night Rejects 

11 Famous Prom-Night Rejects

Well, it depends how you define 'rejects'

(Newser) - Perhaps you’re jealous of Madonna and her world-traveling, younger-stud-dating lifestyle: But at least you probably went to your high school prom, whereas the Material Girl “sat home alone” because she said she “couldn’t get a date.” The Daily Beast rounds up 10 more celebs who...

Cross-Dressing Teen Wins Fight to Wear Dress to Prom

After a fight, New Jersey high school says yes to Derrek Lutz

(Newser) - Here’s a story with a very different outcome than Constance McMillen's : Derrek Lutz’s school told him he couldn’t wear a dress and heels to the prom—but after friends started a petition and a supportive Facebook page, he was allowed in, dress and all. “Yea, I’...

Repo Man Takes Kids' Limo on Prom Night

Oklahoma promgoers thought car was being stolen

(Newser) - Prom: It’s a night you’ll never forget ... especially if your limo gets repossessed while you’re heading into the big dance. That’s what happened to a group of high school students in Oklahoma on Friday, who thought their ride was being carjacked when it was driven away...

Prom-Banned Lesbian to Head NYC Gay Parade

Constance McMillen will be grand marshal

(Newser) - Constance McMillen couldn't go the ball at home in Fulton, Mississippi, so she'll have to make do with partying in New York City and San Francisco instead. The teen—whose fight to bring a same-sex date to her high school prom led first to her prom being canceled, and then...

Teen Makes Prom Dress Out of Gum Wrappers

Elizabeth Rasmuson will sport an ensemble made from Five gum

(Newser) - Most teens don't shop for their prom dress at Walgreens. Then again, Elizabeth Rasmuson won't look like most teens at her prom. The Iowa junior will be sporting a gown handmade from gum wrappers on the big night. "I heard about somebody making a dress out of duct tape...

'Fake Prom' Held for Lesbian Teen

Event was for show while others attended 'real' dance

(Newser) - An "alternate" prom welcoming a lesbian and her date after their high school canceled the official dance rather than let them attend apparently turned out to be a fake event attended by only 7 other students. A judge ruled that a Mississippi high school violated Constance McMillen's constitutional rights,...

Local Hate, National Love for Gay Teen in Prom Flap

Dance fight made Constance McMillan famous, and an outcast

(Newser) - Constance McMillen became a national hero after her school canceled the prom rather than allow her to take her girlfriend as her date, and she sued the school district. Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres have offered to fund the prom, she’s been given a $30,000 college scholarship, and the...

Lesbian Loses Bid to Hold Banned Prom

But judge rules school violated her free speech rights

(Newser) - A high school lesbian who went to court after her school canceled prom rather than let her attend has lost a bid to force the school to reinstate the dance. A judge ruled that Constance McMillen's First Amendment rights were violated, but that she failed to prove that ordering the...

18-Year-Old's YouTube Plea Yields Dream Prom Date

'Better than my own,' says Maxim model

(Newser) - While YouTube is full of requests from fans for their celebrity crushes, reality isn’t exactly full of said requests being granted—so extra props to a Denver-area high school senior for landing his dream prom date, in the form of Maxim model and Ultimate Fighting Championship eye candy Arianny...

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